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Through the generous support of individuals, businesses and foundations, RFS Scholarships helps college and high school students, pursuant to academia, achieve their goal of graduating from an institution of higher education. Your gift allows us to provide scholarships and services that keep all involved in the Regional Fight Sports of New England on the path to higher education by providing these scholarships. 



There are many convenient ways for you to support our mission. Remember that Regional Fight Sports is a 509(a)(2) nonprofit organization however your contributions are still tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.. Be sure to seek advice from your tax adviser. 


We recognize that you, as a donor, want to be respected and have confidence in the organizations you support. Regional Fight Sports adheres to the   Donor Bill of Rights

Write a check

The simplest way to donate is to mail a check to Regional Fight Sports, 550 Branch Avenue, Providence, RI 02904.



Give through your group or organization

If you belong to a club, social or religious group, union or other organization, or if you lead a youth group, suggest that your group consider Regional Fiight Sports as the beneficiary of a fundraising event.

Make a Donation if you own a Business and get your Business more advertising in return


Dear Potential Donor,


RFS Scholarships is a newly formed non-profit organization based out of Rhode Island serving the Northeast region by providing fight sports media coverage to provide academic scholarships to martial arts student athletes pursuing higher education. In doing so we also provide community awareness events for families and children of all ages. 


We are currently seeking in-kind donations for certain items in order to facilitate our operational needs. These items include: Professional camera equipment, twenty two custom t-shirts,money for operating expenses, and most importantly funds to support our goal of providing three five hundred dollar or more scholarships.


In return for your generous donation you will receive advertising opportunities for your business on our website, and social media outlets. Plugs in our video interviews we conduct with fighters and match makers, and once our non-profit status is deemed final a tax write off for your business. Thank you in advance for your support.




Tom Evans CEO & Founder







550 Branch Ave, Providence, RI 02904 E-mail: scholar@rfscholarships.org Tel: 401-749-8248