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Fighter Talk- World Champion Chip "The Surgeon" Moraza-Pollard

Fighter Talk with Chip “The Surgeon” Moraza-Pollard

Male World Lion Fight Muay Thai Cruiserweight Champion- professional fighter- 10-0

29 years of age

Gym: Sityodtong. Boston MA

Hometown: Plymouth, Massachusetts

Hey Champ, Tom Evans here from Rfsscholarships.org here to congratulate you on your big match-up at Lion Fight Promotions June 8th at what seems to be the land you are building- Foxwoods Resort Casino in CT!

Undefeated and fought all over the world, what type of experience has this been for you?

Response- Eh fought fighters from all over the world more like haha, so far I've only fought in London and LA but it's been awesome I'm thankful for it all.

How'd you get in to martial arts?

Response- [1] I started with USA Goju karate when I was 6 or 7 years old taught by Hanshi Dave McConnell at Dragon Horse dojo in downtown Plymouth which is still up and running to this day. But I loved the martial arts even before then.

What does it mean to have the opportunity to fight a Thai former Champion in Kongjak (160-72-8)?

Response- I'm really looking forward to it. At some point every farang (foreign) muay thai fighter who's serious about the sport has to test and prove himself against the Thais. It will be a great opportunity for me to showcase to the world what I can do.

What do you think of Kongjak as an opponent and what are you expecting from the famous Thai veteran?

Response- Obviously he's super experienced and a very crafty veteran of the major stadiums of Thailand and so poses a unique challenge from everyone I've faced so far. I think it'll be a very technical but exciting fight that will display the beauty of high level muay thai.

What happens from here?

Response- They tell me who I'm fighting next once they know and we do it all over again haha.

Regardless of the outcome of this fight, what are your goals in this sport?

Response- I'd like to make a name for myself in the global muay thai world. I think people sleep on what we're doing here in the US and at Lion Fight a bit but years from now when people list the best nak muay to ever come out of America my I'd like for my name to come up in the discussion.

What is your educational background (High school, College, Trade Etc.)?

Response- I graduated from Plymouth North high school in 2006

What advice can you give to young upcoming Muay Thai martial artists?

Response- Find a good gym or a good coach who actually knows the game, respect the traditions, train hard, but remember it's fun and you do it because you love it.


Favorite Food to eat right after a fight- Everything. Ha I always hit Cinnabon the next day though.

What will be your walkout song- we'll see still up in the air on that one.

Favorite Candy- Reese's cups or watermelon sour-patch kids. I'm more of a baked sweets guy though.

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up- A ninja/street fighter character/ super hero/ gladiator so I think I did pretty well by my young self ha

Favorite Martial arts strike- I'm known for my jab and leg kick but I just enjoy finding the chink in your armor and exploiting it.

Any Sponsors, Managers or people in your life you would like thank leading up to this bout?

My team friends and family. Kru Massey for the rounds of pads we grind out in the basement, my man Hristo Kalkanis for always looking after me, Kru Mark Dellagrotte for being the Don, my mom for making it all possible, and my students from the Underground.

How can supporters buy Tickets- Time is running out for tickets but I'll have them up until weigh ins Friday morning so contact me @chipthesurgeon on Instagram or Facebook to get yours!

Would you be interested in signing autographs to children in RI at our Family Fun day event August 3rd?

As long as I'm not stuck working I'd be happy to!

Thomas M, Evans- President of Operations for #RFS #DIDYOUKNOW




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