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RFS- Fighter Talk- CES MMA 51- Jacob Bohn

Hey Jacob, Stephen Domenico here from Regionalfightsports.org here to congratulate you on your big matchup at CES 51 and your most recent win back in May at CES NY.

"Thanks man I'm really excited to get back in there and put on another great show. It was a fun fight against a tough durable dude. I did some good stuff in there that really is going to add to my game. That fight was definitely my break through fight you could say."

How was that experience fighting for the first ever CES MMA event held in your home state?

"Where the event was held it was still a seven hour ride for me but it was fun fighting in New York and an honor to be matched on the first ever CES NY card"

What stood out about that fight that motivates you for your next appearance on August 3rd?

"I'd have to say my all around game. I've really been working with my boxing coach Jeff Pier on a lot of basics. It's really improved my balance, foot work and not rushing my techniques. My Bjj is always evolving with coach Curtis Moseley and my kickboxing/strength and conditioning coach has really tightened up a few of my kicks. The dude is killing me with some awesome workouts. And I can't go without mentioning my assistant coach Ian Boxhorn who's helped the team out big time with tons of MMA knowledge."

How'd you get in to martial arts and you mentioned you have your own school?

"Yea I've had my own school called Bohns MMA for about three years. I got into MMA after wrestling in college for a few years at Brockport. I started with BJJ then martial arts took over from there. I was always a good wrestler but I'm definitely better at fighting. I love the sport and how challenging it is. I'm always seeing growth and learning every day. Meeting new people and seeing new places along the way is always cool too."

You'll be taking on Lewis Corapi on August 3rd, in Lincoln RI at CES 51. What do you think of Lewis as an opponent?

"Moving to lightweight I feel so much better, I'm strong and fast for this weight class. Lewis looks like a game opponent and that's all I want in a fight someone that brings it. I really don't care about records, rankings or who beat who. It's a different fight everytime you step in that cage."

You'll be fighting in front of a lot of Lewis's fans in Lincoln RI; Does that motivate you more to put on a great show in someone else's territory?

"Crowds are crowds i say and as long as people come out to support us I don't care. Boos or cheers it's all motivating to me. Being the main event in Canada against their home guy back in my career was a fun time, and the crowd wasn't to bad once we starting scrapping. Fighting in Rhode Island won't be any different."

Any last words you like to say to New England?

"All I can say is don't miss this fight! I put on a great show, always leave it in there and I'm looking to make a statement in the lightweight division. On August 3rd, at CES 51 I'm making that statement!"

Stephen M Domenico- Senior Media Director for #RFS

Get tickets today ➡ www.CESMMA.com

Twin River Casino, Lincoln Rhode Island

7pm- Tickets starting at $44

Call: 401-724-2253

All Ages Event- Bouts Subject to Change

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