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Lion Fight 38 Live Results

Main Event- Super Middleweight Tile (5 Rounds)

Matous Kohout (39-9) Regian Eersel (46-4)

Prague, Czech Republic vs. Amsterdan, Holland

Light Heavyweight (5 Rounds)

Juan Jackson (9-1) Elijah Clarke (6-1)

Tacoma, Washington vs. New York, New York

Cruiser-weight (5 Rounds)

Timothy Woods (8-1) Brett Hlavacek (17-5)

Ridgeland, Mississippi vs. Brooklyn, New York

Lightweight (5 Rounds)

Jonathan George (2-1-1) Jafar Toshev (1-0)

Woodbridge, Virginia vs. Brooklyn, New York

Super Cruiserweight (5 Rounds)

Robert Morow (Pro Debut) Steve Walker (1-0)

Country Club, Illinois vs. Boston, Massachusetts

Super Middleweight (5 Rounds)

Cris Mims (Pro Debut) Brian Bogue (1-0)

Foley, Alabama vs. Cranston, Rhode Island


Super Lightweight (5 Rounds)

Jessi Hackett (Pro Debut) Yeison Berdugo (2-3)

Lynchburg, Virginia vs. Providence, Rhode Island


Light Heavyweight (3 Rounds)

Hector Andres Acosta J. Lucky Henry

Boston, Massachusetts vs. Boston, Massachusetts

Round 1: Luck starts with a nice jab and leg feeling teeps. Both fighters clinch and Lucky lands nice knees in the clinch. Fighters seperate and Hector comes charging in landing knees in the clinch. Luck lands a nice hook from the break followed by leg a leg kick and Hector counters with a punch kick combo.

Lucky 10-9

Round 2: Luck establishes himself in round 2 with jabs and a nice controlling clinch landing lots of points with knees. Hector does what he can to defend and counter.

Lucky 10-9

Round 3: Luck wins the clinch to start as Hector comes out hard. Lucky lands a nice head kick in which gets hector a count from Ref Brian Minor. Lucky lands a nice jab. Lucky lands a nice inside and head kick combo. Hector lands a good left hook right hand right kick combo. Lucky ends the fight with a barrage of punches that has Hector against the ropes.

Lucky 10-9

Winner by Unanimous Decision 30-26 J. Lucky Henry

Middleweight (3 Rounds)

Nalton McLaughlin Shawn Ellis

Freeport, New York vs. New York, New York

Round 1: Nalton starts the action with a nice inside leg kick and both fighters work the jab, Nalton lands a nice lead upper cut leg kick combo. Shawn finds his range however is swept by Nalton. Both fighter exchanges nice placed punches. Shawn catches a round kick and then gets the sweep to end the round.

Mclaughlin 10-9

Round 2: Both fighters are landing left hooks and following them up with kicks. Both fighters clinch but Ref Tom Scunzo stops the clinch due to inactivity. Both fighters punch again into the clinch and it is Shawn who gets the better of the exchange.

Ellis 10-9

Round 3: Both fighters clinch and separate, Shawn lands a nice a teep kick but Ellis follows up nicely with kicks to counter. Nalton attemps a muay thai jump kick but is met with Shawns Lefthook.

Ellis 10-9

Winner by unanimous decision Shawn Ellis 29-28, 30-27, 30-27

Middleweight (3 Rounds)

Shaun Shubert Miguel Cadiz

Holbrook, Massachusetts vs. Worcester, Massachusetts

Round 1: Both Fighters touch gloves and start fast. Miguel lands some good knees to the body from the clinch multiple times. Miguel is landing knees at will usiig his size and reach. Shaun gets a nice sweep and down goes Miguel. Shaun lands another sweep buts east a nice long one 2 punch combo for his troubles. Fighters clinch and again Miguel lands more knees using both of his legs. These knees are scoring massive points.

Miguel Cadiz 10-9

Round 2: Shaun gets another sweep to start the round. Miguel comes back with more knees. Shaun lands an overhand right on the tall fighter and starts jabbing the body. Miguel clinches again and lands more knees from the clinch. Big Dan separates the fighters and Shaun misses with a teep kick as Miguel charges forward landing a nice 1,2 punch combo and more knees.

Miguel Cadiz 10-9

Round 3: Miguel comes out using long punches as now Shaun works the clinch, Miguel again uses knees and Shaun gets a nice defensive leg hook to force the seperation. Shuan misses with a spinning backfist and Miguel lands 2 nice leg kicks. Shaun throws a side kick that lands and both bothers begin using the legs. Shaun jabs to the body and throws a leg kick side kick that lands low. Actions tops, resumes and with 19 seconds to go both fighters go for it. Great fight

Shaun Shubert 10-9

Winner 30-27 Miguel Cadiz

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