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Cage Titans 33 Results

135 AM Jordan Brown (0-0, Warrior Warehouse) vs Chris McDonnell (0-0, SSSF) Winner by unanimous decision- Jordan Brown who improves to 1-0 125 AM Mrack Kpuih (0-0, Team Phoenix vs Wayne Galvin (0-0, Connors MMA) Winner by TKO in Round 3 due to Ref Stoppage (strikes)- Wayne Galvin who improves to 1-0 150 AM Mike Albert (0-0, UFC Gym) vs Collin Donnelly (1-0, SSSF) Winner via submission due to RNC in Round 1-Collin Donnelly who improves to 2-0 160 AM Ryan Dunn (0-1, Indy) vs Moises Soto (0-1, Get Right) Winner by decision- Moises Soto who improves to 1-1 150 AM Jose Atiles (0-2, Brazilian Top Team) vs Mike DiNella (1-0, SSSF) Winner by decision- Mike DiNella who improves to 2-0 Heavyweight AM Jon Gruber (1-1, Pro Fitness) vs Petros Hologitas (0-0, Team Trifecta) Winner by TKO Ref Stoppage (strike) in round 3- Jon Gruber who improves to 2-1 155 AM Quentin Harris (1-0, Indy) vs Antoine Caparotta (2-1, SSSF) Winner by TKO due to Ref Stoppage in round 1 (Strikes)- Antoine Caparotta who improves to 3-1 155 AM Rich Szeligowski (0-0, Forge Martial Arts) vs Chris O’Brien (0-0, SSSF) Winner by knockout in Round 1- Chris O'Brien who improves to 1-0 125 AM TITLE Laneisha Vinson (Warrior Warehouse) 4-1 vs. Kylie O'Hearn (Juniko) 2-1 Winner by TKO in round 2 #andnew 125 AM Cage Titans Female Champion the explosive Juniko Star Kylie O'Hearn 155 AM TITLE Zach DiSabatino (SSSF) 3-0 vs. Brian Cosco (BTT) 3-4

Winner via submission by rear naked choke in Round 2- Zach DiSabatino #andnew Cage Titans Male 155 AM Champion who improves to 4-0 150 PRO Ryan DiBartolomeo (Team Link NH) 0-2 vs. David Espino (Trifecta) 0-1 Winner by unanimous decision-Ryan DiBartolomeo who improves to 1-2, Congratulations on your first Pro win! Jim Manning (SSSF) 2-0 vs. Kevin Schroder (Team Pheonix) PRO DEBUT Winner Jim Manning via TKO in Round 1 Ref Stoppage. Jimmy "The Tooth" Improves to 3-0! 170 PRO Jay Ellis (Team Knockout) 13-63 vs. Joe Giannetti (SSSF) 3-0 Winner via RNC in Round 1- Joe Giannetti who improves to 4-0 135 PRO Johnny Campbell (SSSF) 12-9 vs. Raymond Yanez (Lashley Training) 4-9 Winner by submission due to a RNC in Round 1- Johnny Campbell who improves to 13-9 and makes it 2 wins in a row! 155 PRO Frank Sforza (SSSF) 5-0 vs. Spencer Higa (Hawaii) 5-7 Winner by unanimous decision- Frank Sforza who improves to 6-0 and looks to stay more active this year


135 PRO Tony Gravely (Tech MMA) 8-3 vs. Manny Bermudez (SSSF) 8-0 Winner in round 1 by Armbar- Manny Bermudez who improves to 9-0 and looks to take the #1 spot at 135 in the region. This was a huge win!

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