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CES Boxing Delomba vs. Williams

We arrived at the packed Twin River Casino and made our way to the event center. It was a very easy check in for us as staff were very pleasurable and were happy to have Regional Fight Sports here tonight. We have a stacked card ranging from professional debuts to championship bouts. What a night.

143lb Junior Welterweight (4x3 rounds)

Jonathan Figueroa (Hartford, CT) vs. Miguel Ortiz (Springfield, MA)

Round 1: Figueroa comes out to display dominance with fast combos but Ortiz quickly shows him that he has more power than expected. The boxers battle it out. In the final 30 seconds Figueroa attempts to land a body shot, but instead eats a hard strike to the head. Figueroa finishes off with payback with a cross that was heard across the room.

Round 2: The boxers come out blazing, until Ortiz throws an illegal groin strike. Figueroa comes back with vengeance. Right body hook to head hook by Figueroa. Shortly after he gets dropped as Ortiz lands a clean left hook to the head.

Round 3: Ortiz backs Figueroa against the ropes. He lands yet another harsh left hook to the head. Figueroa is now relying on his head movement to save him here. Fighters square up and exchange shots.

Round 4: Figueroa winds up against the ropes once more, where Ortiz continues to land his strong hooks. Once the fighters break the action really picks up. Both men are fighting for their lives now, strike after strike.

Winner via unanimous decision Miguel Ortiz (39-36, 38-37, 39-38)

141lb Junior Welterweight (4x3 rounds)

Christobal Marrero (New London, CT) vs. Sidney Maccow (New York, NY)

Round 1: Maccow is controlling the inside. Marrero attempts to get on the outside. Finally, Marrero gets on the outsides and lands some shots.

Round 2: Marrero controlled the outside and continued with left hook to right hands to take the round.

Round 3: Maccow was leading with his head most of the round which raised the judge’s eyes due to illegal head butts. Marrero did a great job keeping away by landing harsh body shots.

Round 4: Marrero kicks off the final round with big, clean punches. He controlled the inside and the outside.

Winner via unanimous decision Christobal Marreroa (38-38, 39-37, 39-37)

145lb Junior Welterweight (4x3 rounds)

Artie Lopes (Marshfield, MA) vs. Marqus Bates (Taunton, MA)

Round 1: Bates drops Lopes. Lopes gets back up to rock his opponent with a crisp left hook. Good head movement by Bates as Lopes attempts to throw hard shots. Bates then backs Lopes against the ropes and finishes his opponent.

Winner via KO at 2.03 in Round 1, Marqus Bates.

145lb Welterweight (4x3 rounds)

Khirty Todd vs. Adriano Moraes

Round 1: Both boxers come out and exchange shots. Good feel-out round. Ready for some action in our second round!

Round 2: Nice exchange of shots throughout the round. Moraes finishes off the round with a quick left hook, right hook.

Round 3: Moraes came charging in with strikes and Todd caught him with a right hand.

Winner via knockout at 1.53 of Round 3, Khirty Todd

Todd comes out of this fight with a perfect 3-0 record, with 3 KOs. We are looking forward to a bright career out of this fighter!

167lb Super Middleweight (6x3 rounds)

Kenrick Ball Jr. (Worchester, MA) vs. Zachary Christy (Providence, RI)

Round 1: Both fighters exchange shots. Chisty attempts to get on the inside and land some harsh body shots. Ball has a HUGE height advantage n this fight

Round 2: Christy gets on the inside and lands left, right body hooks. Ball then keeps him away with his long jab. A hard left hook by Christy.

Round 3: Christy starts off the round strong, trying to rock his opponent. Ball comes back like fire. Fighters are now exchanging power shots. Ball lands a crisp right body hook to finish the round.Top of Form

Round 4: Ball backs Christy against the ropes and lands some shots. Fighters then square up. Left body hook, left head hook, right head hook landed by Christy. Right uppercut, left hook landed by Jr. to stun Christy. This slug fest brings the crowd to their feet in excitement.

Round 5: The fighters come out battling. Ball drops Christy with an insane left hook. Jr. puts the nail in the coffin with thundering left hooks to seal the deal. Christy displayed a lot of heart and he definitely gained fans tonight. But Ball came on top with great boxing technique.

Winner via KO at 1.19 of Round 5, Kendrick Ball Jr.

Women’s 147lbs Junior Middleweight (8x3 rounds)

Aleksandra Magdziak Lopes (Marshfield, MA) vs. Paty Ramirez (Aguascalientes, Mexico)

Round 1: Lopes keeps her opponent away her hard jabs. Body landed by Lopes to also keep Ramirez away.

Round 2: Lopes comes out a lot stronger this round. Kicks of the round with a double jab. Ramirez is persistent though and keeps coming forward, attempting to land hooks.

Round 3: Ramirez comes out swinging for the fences but misses on 4 different attempts. Lopes stays composed and works jabs to both the body and the face. Lopes is doing a good job controlling the center with a Perry Right hand counter defense. Not many significant strikes landed for either fighter this round.

Round 4: Lopes lands a nice jab, cross that finds its mark to begin the round. Both fighters exchange a volley of punches, none really doing much damage. Lopes again works the jab and finishes with nice solid right hand to end the round.

Round 5: Both women are exchanging punches. Ramirez continues to attempt to get on the inside, while Lopes keeps her away with her jab. Very back and fourth this round.

Round 6: Lopes controls the ring. Left hook landed by Lopes followed by left, right body shots by Ramirez.

Round 7: Nice, long jab landed by Ramirez to kick start the round. Ramirez is becoming more confident in her jab. She then lands a big right hook to Lopes. Lopes is now ready to kick it up a notch. 1-2-3 landed by Lopes.

Round 8: The last and final round has now begun. Lopes tries to take the fight by hard 1-2-3 combos. Ramirez doesn't back down though. At under 30 seconds left, Lopes lands a clean 1-2 to back her opponent up. The rounds comes to a finish with a left hook by Lopes.

Winner via unanimous decision, Aleksandra Magdziak Lopes (80-72, 80-72, 79-73)

135lb Lightweight (4x3 rounds)

Jamine Ortiz (Worchester, MA) vs. Gelnn Mitchell (Steubenville, Ohio)

Round 1: Ortiz comes out swinging for the finish. Many body shots followed by head shots. Ortiz is controlling the round with heavy artillery. Left, right, left body hooks by Ortiz to back up Mitchell.

Round 2: Body, body, head by Ortiz to begin the second round. More heavy shots by Ortiz this round. Mitchell is remaining calm and trusting his skills. Ortiz finishes off the round with a bang and backed up his opponent with devastating strikes.

Round 3: Ortiz drops Mitchell with a left body hook. Mitchell rises for battle but Ortiz decided to put his foot on the gas pedal and finish it. 4 punch combo to drop Mitchell again.

Winner via TKO at 1.13 or Round 3, Jamaine Ortiz


Zack Ramsey (Springfield, MA) vs. Divante Jones (Augusta, GA)

Round 1: Jones kept Ramsey in the corner and forced Ramsey to fight off the ropes.

Round 2: Ramsey controls the rounds with counter left hands. However, Jones had cleaner punches.

Round 3: Jones controls the round with good head movement and power shots.

Round 4: Jones stunned Ramsey with many power hooks. Ramsey rises up for the ultimate upset with a big right hand, body shot followed by head shots to finish his opponent.

Winner via KO at .58 of Round 4, Zack Ramsey

154lb Junior Middleweight (6x3 rounds)

Ray Oliveira Jr. (New Bedford, MA) vs. Casey Kramlich (Portland, MA)

Round 1: Fighters comes out exchanging shots. Oliveira with many power hooks, body, body, head combos.

Round 2: Oliveira is landing the cleaner of the shots. Oliveira with a knockdown just before the final 30 seconds.

Round 3: Oliveira's confidence is boosting and he is beginning to outbox Kramlich.

Round 4: Punches are exchanged between fighters. Oliveria with the cleaner and stronger punches.

Round 5: Kramlich kicks it up notch and lands some harsh body hooks. Oliveira hands those power shots right back.

Round 6: And the final round begins... Kramlich rocks Oliveira and backs him up against the ropes. Kramlich fights for the finish by dropping bombs on his opponent, but Oliveira was not willing to give up. And now we are to the judge's decision...

Winner via unanimous decision Casey Kramlich (57-56, 57-56, 56-56)

Ceo Tom Evans does not agree with that decision from the judges


Nick Delomba (Providence, RI) vs. Jimmy Williams (New Haven, CT)

Round 1: Williams comes out with a hard right hand to start the round. Williams drops bombs throughout the entire round. Williams with a knockdown. Delomba was saved by the bell. Delomba finishes the round hurt.

Round 2: Williams starts of the rounds with my hard shots. Delomba starts firing back this round but Williams had more clean, damaging shots.

Round 3: Williams stuns Delomba with a left hook. Delomba backs away as Williams takes charge.

Round 4: Williams lands the majority of the effective punches this Round. Delomba again shows heart and grit as he takes what Williams has and does his best to fire back.

Round 5: Williams starts the round walking forward with straight punches as Delomba is able to cut the angle and take the center. Both fighters clinch against the ropes and land body punches. Upon the break, fighters jock again for position against the ropes as the ref breaks them up multiple times. Williams peppers Delomba with jabs and Delomba forces another tie up. The round end with Delomba landing a flurry of body punches. Nick is starting to get back into this fight and again his heart is on display.

Round 6: Both fighters work the jab and force a tie up. Both fighters are now in each other’s faces. Williams lands a good right hand. Delomba is has his hands up tight looking to counter, his attempts however are missing. Fighters tie up multiple times with Delomba getting the better of it this round. We see it 4-2 Williams at this point

Round 7: Williams lands a big right hand as Delomba was coming in. But Delomba shakes it off and is still ready to fight. Williams backs Delomba into the corner. Williams lands a harsh right hand to Delomba. Delomba is hurt. Williams continues to back Delomba onto the ropes. Delomba digs deep to get himself out of the round but he suffers alotod damage.

Round 8: Going into round 8, we think that Delomba needs the big knockout to win. As Delomba comes in, Williams lands a hard right hand. Williams backs Delomba to the corner. Williams finish off the round with quick combos. Delomba is pushing through though.

Round 9: Williams is controlling the round as he is picking apart his opponent. Delomba is showing a lot of heart here as he is really digging deep to keep fighting back.

Round 10: Williams is controlling the round from the inside. Delomba begins to let loose with body to head shots. Both men are fighting for it all night. Delomba leaves it all on the line, but it just wasn't enough to finish Williams off.

Winner via unanimous decision, Jimmy Williams (98-91, 97-92, 97-92)

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