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Fight of the Night- (KO KNEE) ANDRE "The Asian Sensation" SOUKHAMTHATH (Champion)- (Woonsocket, R.I.) 11-3, 7 KOs Vs. KIN "Kong" MOY (Cambridge, Mass) 8-3, 2 KOs

Submission of the Night- (Heel Hook) MATT "The Mangler" BESSETTE (Stafford Spring, Conn.)20-7, 5 KOs Vs. Joe "Lights Out" PINGITORE (Johnston, R.I.) 6-2-1, 2 KOs

Knockout of the Night- (Flying Knee) MIKE RODRIGUEZ (Quincy, Mass.) 4-1, 1 KO Vs. STEPHFOND EWINS (Scranton, Pa.) 3-4-1, 3 KOs

CES MMA Bantamweight (135 lbs.) Championship

ANDRE "The Asian Sensation" SOUKHAMTHATH (Champion)- (Woonsocket, R.I.) 10-3, 6 KOs Vs. KIN "Kong" MOY (Cambridge, Mass) 8-2, 2 KOs


Moy is the first to strike landing a nice Leg Kick, Andre steps into a a right hand that grazes Moy's left side. Both fighters exchange punches missing. Moy hunts for the body with a hook and Andre defends. Andre lands a nice left hook but again Moy pushes forward. Moy attempts a lead leg head kick. Moy throws a nice punch combination and finishes with clean leg kick. Moy catches a knee and Andre falls. Andre has his bag against the cage and uses it to get back up and defend. Moy lands a clean left hook. Andre counters back with a night right hand. Moy pushes forward with a front kick that causes a nice exchange of punches from both.

Moy 10-9

Round 2-

Moy attempts a leg kick and eats a nice left hook from Andre. Both fighters exchange again and Andre find a home for his jab. Kin again looks for the body with a nice left hook. Andre counters a leg kick with a nice right hand. Both fighters circle, Both fighters clinch and ANDRE LANDS A KNEE IN THE CLINCH TO THE FACE AND KIN IS OUT!!!!

Winner-#ANDSTILL CES MMA BANTAMWEIGHT CHAMPION ANDRE "The Asian Sensation" SOUKHAMTHATH by KO 2:32 in Round 2! Soukhamthath improves to 11-3

Vacant CES MMA Featherweight (145 lbs.) Championship

MATT "The Mangler" BESSETTE (Stafford Spring, Conn.)19-7, 5 KOs Vs. Joe "Lights Out" PINGITORE (Johnston, R.I.) 6-2-1, 2 KOs

Round 1-This fight is intense right from the walkouts, cross training partners fighting for the Vacant Title! The Jeffrey brothers in the corner for Joe and Matt's Underdog coaches in the corner for Matt. The crowd is very pro Matt Bessette tonight. Fighters touch gloves and Matt attempts a front kick. Joe moves throwing a jab. Joe comes forward and lands a nice 1,2 that backs Matt up and JOE swarms Matt and lands a BOMB that drops Matt. Joe is on Top of Matt throwing bombs like he stole his lunch money. Matt gets the fight back to his feet and both fighters circle the cage. Joe ducks under a kick thrown by Matt. Joe throws a jab and attempts a take down that is stuffed by Matt, Matt lands a solid knee hurting Joe and lets him off the ropes. Joe attempts a flying knee that misses the mark. Kicks thrown by each fighters and it is Joe landing nice jabs to end the round as he adds a spinning back kick. The crowd is on their feet!

Round 2- Both fighters land nice leg kicks to start the round. Joe is getting the better of the jab, Bessette lands 2 nice punches that stagger Joe. Ping throws a right hand that catches the glove. Matt comes back throwing hard and backs Joe up. Matt is bleeding pretty bad at this point. Joe catches a kick and lands a kick of his own. Both fighters exchange and Matt lands another solid leg kick. Matt catches Joe in the chin with a grazing head kick. Both fighters exchange again and circle the cage throwing shots but it is Joe who rocks Matt again with the right hand, dropping Matt but landing in a triangle that is defended. Joe gets some nice punches in and Matt smartly/ swiftly grabs a heel hook and gets Joe to tap. WOW!

Winner- #ANDNEW CES MMA Featherweight Champion MATT "The Mangler" BESSETTE by Heel Hook 4:38 in Round 2!

CES MMA Middleweight (185 lbs.) Bout

CHUCK "Cold Steel" O'NEIL (Bridgewater, Mass.) 16-8, 5 KOs Vs. ROY JONES (Waterloo, Iowa) 7-4, 3 KOs

Round 1- "Cold Steel" walks out with UFC Vet, Eric "The Dream-Catcher" Spicely, Dave Keefe and BJJ Ace, Black Belt Tim Burrill. The bell rings and O'Neil lands a nice leg kick and drives Jones into the fence. Both fighters clinch against the fence. O'neil gets the takedown as Jones holds onto the neck really tightly, landing into half guard. O'Neil is able to defend and transition into full mount and land nice elbows and punches from top until Ref. Kevin Macdonald has seen enough and puts a stop to the beating.

Winner- Chuck "Cold Steel" O'NEIL by TKO in under 3 minutes.

CES MMA Middleweight (185 lbs.) Bout

PAT MCCROHAN (Berkely, Mass.) 2-0, 1 KO Vs. RUSLAN MELIKOV (Fairfield, N.J) 3-1

Round 1- Melikov has landed 2 nice take downs to begin he round, Bur Pat lands a nice knee to release. Pat attempts a front leg round kick, both fighters exchange and Melikov drives forward with another takedown. Melikov has very good wrestling as he drags Pat to the mat once again. Melikov is able to get full mount and land nice punches but Pat is able to defend and force a stand. The ref stops the bout due to a loss of mouth guard.

Round 2- Melikov agains begins the round with another takedown landing in side control and landing nice ground and pound. Melikov attempts a Americana submission and then lets it go and continues to pound on Pat. Pat stands and then Melikov again drags Pat to the mat. Melikov is all over Pat again but Pat is able to stand, turn but then is slammed to the mat again. Melikov works a head an arm choke, then transitions to full mount. Melikov lands nice shots from the top and forces Pat to turn his back, but the shots continue. Melikov gets a nice Choke to finish this grueling fight.

Winner- Ruslan Melikov by modified rear naked choke 4:47 in Round 2, Ruslan improves to 4-1

Vacant CES MMA Heavyweight Championship

GREG "Ribz" REBELLO (Providence, R.I.) 20-6, 12 KOs Vs. ASHLEY GOOCH (Scottsdale, Ariz.) 9-4-6, 6 KOs

Round 1- The night starts off on AXS TV with the CES MMA HEAVYWEIGHT WORLD TITLE ON THE LINE! Will is be Grit or Power and Skill that wins all the marbles? This fight should propel someone into the National MMA Scene! (UFC, Uncle Dana should call) Kru Mark Dellagrotte, Kru John Johnson, Pete Jeffrey, Dave Keefe all in Greg's Corner.

Fighter circle the cage sizing each other up. Both fighters look very hesitant to engage as they are aware this is as a 5 round fight. Rebello lands an inside leg kick and again fighters circle. Rebello lands a nice left hand, and another this time with much more behind it. Rebello with a pawing jab followed buy another big left hand that misses the mark.The action seems to be picking up as Gooch now engages landing a right hand of his own. Rebello lands a nice 1,2 again and avoids any further damage. Gooch however becomes frustrated and drives Rebello into the cage but Rebello is able to defend and end the round with head head kick and nice exchange.

Round 2- Gooch comes out with a leg kick to start the round. Gooch drives Rebello to the cage and Rebello again is able to defend . Gooch again pushes forward and both clinch against the cage. Fighter separate, exchange and clinch again. Gooch misses with a left hook right hand and Rebello lands a backing up jab. Fighters clinch once more and separate momentarily before clinch again and Gooch getting a take down landing on top but Rebello is able to get back to his feet quickly. Rebello lands a nice 1,2 punch combo and Gooch drives forward again. Rebello attempts a spinning back fist, but then lands a nice 1,2 combo followed by more punched which has Gooch on his heals to end the round. Close round, Gooch with the takedown but Rebello with the damage.

Round 3- Gooch begins round 3 pushing his jab, Rebello lands a nice left hand that gets an OOOO from the crowd. Gooch however returns a nasty right hand as Rebello was attempting a kick that sends Rebello crashing to the mat.

Winner- ASHLEY GOOCH by KO 1:10 #ANDNEW CES MMA Heavyweight Champion

CES Catchweight (199 lbs.) Bout

MIKE RODRIGUEZ (Quincy, Mass.) 3-1, 1 KO Vs. STEPHFOND EWINS (Scranton, Pa.) 3-3-1, 3 KOs

Round 1- Round begins with both fighters circling and Rodriguez attempts a right hand and both fighters exchange. Rodriguez gets the better of the exchange finishing with a nice body kick. Ewins is able to get under some strikes and drive Rodriguez to he fence, Rodriguez defends and causes a separation. Rodriguez faints a jab and lands a left FLYING KNEE putting Ewins Lights out, Ewins crashes to the mat immediately!

Winner- MIKE RODRIGUEZ by KO with a Flying Knee in Round 1

CES MMA Bantamweight (135lbs.) Bout

MARQUIS BREWSTER (Providence, R.I.) 1-0 Vs. ROOSEVELT ARCHIE (Turtle Creek, Pa.) 0-1

Round 1- Archie " The Ninja Turtle" is coming from Team Turtle in Turtle Creek, Pa wearing Ninja Turtle MMA shorts! The round begins with Brewster working inside leg kicks. Archie has the high is in fight for sure. Brewster is able to work the big Tarkenton and get "The Ninja Turle" on his shell. Brewster is on top working punches from the full mount position. Brewster lands a nice elbow and Archie look like a turtle on his back not really looking to escape position. Brewster presses Archie against the fence and lands some more nice elbows and punches. Brewster stands and is able to pass guard position and lands into Side Control. Archie is doing his best to defend as he lays on the mat, Archie is able to get to half guard but is met with Brewster's fists as the round comes to an end.

Round 2- The round ends and Archie attempts 2 kicks that miss the mark. Both fights briefly clinch and Archie misses a knee. Brewster lands a nice right hand. followed by a clinch in which both fighter exchange knees to the body with Brewster using that to get a take down and land into full mount once again. Brewster is landing nice shots from top which causes Archie to defend, in the process Brewster is able to secure in a nice Arm Triangle choke for the finish!! As Western-Mass MMA friend Travis Sinclair just said "He chocked the Ooze out of him"

Winner- MARQUIS BREWSTER by Arm Triangle 2:17 into he round. Brewster improves to 2-0

CES MMA Featherweight (145 lbs.) Bout

DYLAN LOCKHARD (Derry, N.H.) Pro debut Vs. MAK KELLEHER (Seldon, N.Y.) 1-2

Round 1- Both fighters circle the cage with pawing jabs. Lockhard catches Kellehers kicks and get the take down into guard position. Lockhard is able to pass and a scramble ensues, Lockahrd is able to take the back of Kelleher and work a rare naked choke while pressuring with strikes. Kelleher is able to reverse position and get back to guard. Kelleher is met with some elbows from Lockahard as he works to pass. Kelleher is able to scramble and get the action back to its feet. Kelleher lands a nice 1,2 punch combo followed by a body kick and then drives Lockhard into the cage as the round comes to an end.

Round 2- Kelleher lands a leg kick to start the round. Both fighter exchange and force a tie up against the fence. Fighter separate and now it is Kelleher landing nice kicks. Lockhard counters with a beautiful right hand right on the chin to wobble and stun Kelleher to the mat. Lockhard dives in but Kellehe defends. Lockhard is relentlessness with the pressure against the fence and works hard for a take down mixing in some dirty boxing. Lockhard is all over Kelleher like a spider-monkey landing punches from a body triangle. Lockhard get Kelleher to the mat and finishes the round attempting a choke.

Kelleher is down 2 rounds!

Round 3- Kelleher again starts the round with kicks but Lockhard catches one and runs the pike for the take down. Kelleher is able to get back to his fight and attempt to defend the body lock. Kelleher is unable to defend and Kelleher drags Kelleher down to the mat. Kelleher is able to defend and scramble, taking top position for the first time in this fight. Kelleher begins to user strikes and top heavy position trying to work a choke. Lockhard is able to role through and defends forcing a scramble and winning the exchange landing in side control looking for a D'arce choke. Both fighters end the fight working hard and get a great ovation from the fans here at the TWIN RIVER Event Center.

Winner- Unanimous Decision 30-27 and 30-26 Dylan Lockhard- Congratulations on winning his PRO MMA DEBUT!

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