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Combat Zone 57 Review

James Palmer vs Kevin Flanagan

130lb Amateur MMA

Flanagan started the match with a high kick, answered by Palmer’s blazing low kick and a single leg attack that was stopped. Palmer threw the superman punch and Flanagan threw hands, his opponent jumping under the flurry to plant him with a bulldozer double leg. Flanagan went for a rubber guard and punched with his free hand, Palmer bouncing his opponent off the mat but not able to shake the control position from bottom, the bout stalling out till the bell.

Flanagan landed a stiff toe kick to the belly to start the second round, Palmer coming in with hand strikes and taking a series of uppercuts from Flanagan before breaking to center. Palmer tried to back his opponent up with a long jab and side kick, rifling a nasty leg kick home and forcing Flanagan to come in with wild power punches. Flanagan bounced his fists off his opponent’s noggin and Palmer went for the shot, rebuked and pounded again before reshooting and getting Flanagan to the mat, holding position to the bell.

The final round kicked off with the pair trading kick attacks, Palmer slamming a front kick home before Flanagan shot, reversed by Palmer briefly before the two returned to their feet, Palmer’s cheek laid open with either an accidental headbutt or a nasty punch in close. Flanagan threw and Palmer went down, the Burgess fighter going for the finish but being reversed into guard. The referee returned the bout to standing and Flanagan went after Palmer, dropping him with a short hook and going for the finish but being reversed yet again by the superior wrestler, unable to free himself as the fight closed out.

James Palmer wins via Unanimous Decision (29-28x3)

Fernando Lopez vs Brandon Marotte

145lb Amateur MMA

Marotte came forward in his debut with a heater, throwing a flurry that was returned before closing with a front kick and stiff leg kick. Lopez missed on a hook and another, Marotte attacking the leg again and throwing right hands; Lopez grabbing a body lock for a quick takedown. Marotte sprang up and Lopez took the back standing, working a body triangle and wrenching on an RNC that had Marotte staggering to the cage. Marotte made a last ditch effort to peel his foe off his back but ran out of steam, dropping to the mat and tapping out.

Fernando Lopez wins via 1st Round Submission (RNC)

Devin Powell vs Jeff Anderson

155lb Professional MMA

The first professional bout of the night started off with a head kick by Powell followed by two more, Anderson falling for the bait of that leg bouncing off the shoulder and taking him down into Powell’s expert guard. A triangle was on immediately but Anderson remained surprisingly calm, keeping his arm from being pinned and gutting out the choke until Powell moved for the armbar, extracting himself and staying on top. Powell framed up another triangle and Anderson wedged his hand into the choke, Powell switching to an armlock as Anderson slammed his way out. Powell switched over to elbows from guard and hunted for the submission again, angling for an awkward triangle variant he couldn’t secure. Anderson kept composed as Powell rammed elbows into his head, staying tight and keeping out of submissions by inches until the round ended.

After an extensive pony tail adjustment, the second round started with Anderson throwing hands and Powell swinging kicks again, Anderson dropping for a takedown as Powell elbowed his trapped head, going to the mat into guard. Powell went for a guillotine but lost it as Anderson punched to the body, trying to keep Powell stacked against the cage. Powell worked for a guillotine and tried to butterfly sweep in the process but couldn’t move Anderson, going for a short armbar that just barely missed. Powell again framed up the triangle and elbowed his opponent’s prone head, losing the hold though Anderson offered no offensive movements from top. Powell locked up a guillotine and lost it in a roll to mount, the two coming to standing and Powell throwing long kicks again as Anderson retreated. Powell came in with punches and got the better of the exchange, dropping for a single and switching to a double to bring Anderson down right before the end of the second round.Fire burn and caldron bubble.

Fillet of a fenny snake,

In the caldron boil and bake;

Eye of newt and toe of frog,

Wool of bat and tongue of dog,

Adder's fork and blind-worm's sting,

Lizard's leg and howlet's wing,

Double, double toil and trouble;

Fire burn and caldron bubble.

Fillet of a fenny snake,

In the caldron boil and bake;

Eye of newt and toe of frog,

The final round started with a mid kick and head kick from Powell that landed, Anderson pawing with a burnt out jab before going for a double leg slam into Powell’s guard, where he was swept. Powell went for a guillotine and Anderson powered back into guard, Powell looking for the triangle but unable to secure it. Anderson tried to pass for the first time and found himself in an armbar, Anderson flipping and escaping the hold. Anderson came to standing and took an upkick, moving back to guard and passing to side control briefly before Powell reguarded, landing elbows and keeping busy. Anderson dropped a hammerfist and tried to pass again, Powell hooking the triangle but unable to make it work yet again, Anderson closing the round out trying to turn the corner on a single leg.

Devin Powell wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27x3)

Brett Oteri vs Nuri Shakir

180lb Professional MMA

A battle of elder warriors started off with Oteri throwing chopping leg kicks, Shakir moving lightly and pawing the air. A side kick from Oteri put Shakir off balance but he recovered, Oteri shooting a power double that Shakir stopped with a hanger and quick turn, the pair coming to their feet again. Oteri kept working kicks and Shakir landed a right hand, Oteri pushing for clinch, Shakir holding underhooks and kneeing to the body. Oteri slammed a knee into the legs as the pair traded blows before Shakir circled out. Oteri landed a low kick and Shakir let his hands go, looking for openings to slam home rock-solid hands, a left straight finding the mark. Another left and body knee landed for Shakir as Oteri bullied his foe around in the clinch, trying to find the body lock. Shakir hit a hip throw and landed in side control, Oteri trying to get his hips back under him but Shakir jumped mount briefly before Oteri found half guard, Shakir standing up and blasting his foe to the body with knees as the round came to a close.

The second started with Oteri using probing strikes, Shakir countering and looking for the kill shot. An inside kick for Oteri landed and he shot, Shakir shutting it down and throwing him into half guard where he worked short punches as the fight stalled out, the referee returning them to standing . Oteri threw low again, Shakir lancing a right hand into his foe and another that dropped Oteri, Shakir backing out to allow him to stand. Oteri threw a side kick but Shakir had the timing down, landing a right and left, flurrying and slamming home a knee to the head with supreme confidence. Another left hand landed for Shakir and a vicious left that saw Oteri drop for the single, Shakir bowling him over into top half guard, mounting as the round ended.

The final round began with a hug between battle-hardened veterans before Shakir came forward and smashed his foe with a right hand and knee, putting a few body shots in as Oteri began to dissolve in a fight quickly turning against him. Shakir kept a low output on the hunt for kill shots, but a finger found Oteri’s eye. After much deliberation, the fight going to a technical decision due to Oteri being unable to continue.

Nuri Shakir wins via Technical Decision (20-18x3)

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