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Combat Zone 56 Fight Review

Marvin Castro vs Kevin Flanagan

125lb Amateur Kickboxing

The vicious scrap started with Castro hurling nasty head kicks and lunging hooks, finding the mark frequently and chopping the leg out early for a knockdown. While Flanagan was there with his own well-timed offense, Castro’s meticulous hands and feet chewed his foe up in the first round with two knockdowns scored in that opening stanza. The second saw Flanagan coming out with some of the riddle of his opponent decoded, snaking punches through the defense consistently and starting to zap Castro at center cage. The Wai Kru buzzsaw wasn’t one to be deterred though, throwing a pendulum-esque hook, hook, low kick that hacked his foe’s base to bits. Likely behind on the cards, Flanagan came out heavy in the third, throwing jumping knees and pressuring with his hands, walking down his resilient foe that appeared to be tiring from his heavy output. A thunderous left hand was Flanagan’s best punch of the fight, but Castro’s razor-sharp low kicks were still on point to close out the bout.

Marvin Castro wins via Unanimous Decision (30-26x2, 29-27)

Alex Sinprasith vs Dan Ward

145lb Amateur MMA

A check hook from Sinprasith tagged Ward coming in as he hunted for a takedown, Sinprasith snatching a guillotine but not having the power to stop the notoriously serviceable Ward. Sinprasith released the hold and ducked under a hook to hit a takedown, sliding into side control and going for an americana, using the move to mount. Ward turned and Sinprasith took the back, looking for an RNC that he couldn’t find as Ward rolled for the back door escape; Sinprasith trying for an armbar and transitioned into a triangle. Sinprasith compressed the neck while Ward punched his way out; Sinprasith switching back to the armbar but not having space to extend and complete the submission.

The second started with the pair attacking at center cage, both ripping low kick and punch combinations. A body kick from Ward caused Sinprasith to snatch a body lock and take Ward’s back standing, the duo hitting the mat as Sinprasith went for the choke again. Ward ignored the choke and stripped hooks, Sinprasith transitioning to mount and attacking with an arm triangle but not getting it, instead grabbing a guillotine as Ward swept into guard. Sinprasith threw up a triangle but was on the wrong side, instead using it to sweep to a short-lived mount; Ward slipping out to take top half guard in the last seconds of the round.

The final round saw Ward come out fresh as ever, trying to work his muay thai game and avoid the pitfall of the ground he’d faced thus far. Sinprasith kept tight, perhaps spent from his furious grappling exchanges, keeping to single punches and low kicks. Ward backed him into the cage and landed a combination, hitting a stiff jab and keeping the pressure on with an overhand and uppercut. Sinprasith dropped for a takedown and Ward grabbed a guillotine but didn’t commit, instead working dirty boxing against the cage til the bell.

Alex Sinprasith wins via Unanimous Decision (29-28x3)

Gerald Meuse vs John McAndrews

170lb Amateur MMA

A bout with title implications saw McAndrews close in a hurry, Meuse swinging a leg kick and McAndrews dropping for a takedown he couldn’t find. Meuse used a body lock to take down his foe, McAndrews getting his guard going with some axe kicks to the butt, before kicking his foe away. The two came to standing and Meuse kept the pressure up with clinch control and body knees while McAndrews stomped the foot with old school fervor, locking down a double overhook and trying to turn his opponent. The pair traded hooks in close and Meuse went for the body lock takedown again, switching to a single, but McAndrews framed up a guillotine on the way down, crushing down on his opponent, though he extracted his head as the round ended.

The second round began with McAndrews trying to bait a slug fest, coming in with stiff punches while Meuse landed a snappy body kick. McAndrews went for the takedown but lost position on a low shot, the two standing and returning to center. Meuse landed a body kick and McAndrews closed hard with a punch, being reversed on the cage where he went for an Uchi Mata. Meuse rode through the move and tried to get hooks in, being shaken off as McAndrews used shoulder pressure to pin his foe to the mat and fire short punches. Grabbing the back in a scramble, McAndrews went for the RNC but couldn’t find it, Meuse rolling violently but unable to shake his adversary, though he survived to the bell.

The final round began with a two piece from McAndrews followed by a counter left hook, backing Meuse to the fence. Meuse shot and was sprawled out on, though he managed to get his foe to the fence, botching a hip throw that saw the two returning to standing. McAndrews landed a stiff straight and sharp right hand, backing his opponent up and breaking him down with the ferocity of his offense. McAndrews jabbed to the body and took a front leg head kick, ducking for a single and getting it into half guard where he kneed the body and slipped into mount, taking the back as his foe rolled. McAndrews went to flatten him out but sat too high, Meuse slipping out and taking top position, McAndrews shrimping to escape as the bell rang.

John McAndrews wins via Unanimous Decision (29-28x3)

Cj Kevlin vs Brian Cosco

155lb Amateur MMA

Kevlin came in with a hard punch that seemed to graze Cosco, who dropped but turned the move into an opportunity to wrestle. Kevlin swept but Cosco was there to overpower his opponent, working into guard where Kevlin went for a gogoplata but couldn’t work the slack out of the submission, Cosco staying heavy from top and looking to pass. Kevlin used the forward pressure to sweep and take the back as Cosco rolled, slamming punches home and trying to set up an RNC with short time, Cosco surviving the round.

The second round started off with Cosco shooting but being stuffed, Kevlin going for a body lock takedown but Cosco hitting a reversal that saw him land in guard. Kevlin rolled and found his way to the top again, pressing steadily towards mount but not able to extract himself from top half guard as the round ground away within the positional battle.

The final round saw Cosco looking for the takedown but Kevlin clipping him with punches to keep him at bay, breaking down the takedown attempt and landing in half guard again. Cosco got his legs working and spun for the ankle lock but Kevlin turned out of it, going for a guillotine as he rotated around his opponent, Cosco falling to his side where Kevlin dropped left hands and mounted. Cosco rolled hard but gave his back, Kevlin unloading and going for the RNC and trying for a last ditch armbar before time ran out.

CJ Kevlin wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27x2, 29-28)

Dylan Lockard vs Chris Mehu

155lb Amateur MMA

The pair jabbed at center cage to start the match, Mehu slinging a low kick ad Lockard looked to counter as Mehu darted in an out. A long right landed on the chin for Lockard and Mehu fired to the body in retaliation, the two landing solid shots in the early going. Lockard landed a hard right and staggered Mehu, following it with another right that bounded Mehu off the cage and to the mat. Lockard swarmed and a series of follow-up shots forced the referee to halt the action, keeping Lockard’s undefeated streak alive.

Dylan Lockard wins via 1st Round TKO (punches)

Ralph Johnson vs Tim Caron 185lb Professional MMA

The fight started off with the two mega hitters meeting at center cage, Caron getting his vicious leg kick going and Johnson coming in with a two piece that saw Caron shooting for a takedown. Caron landed in half guard as Johnson tried to make it to his feet, Caron passing to side and north south, using short punches as Johnson spun under his foe. Caron framed up a kimura and went for a head scissor with the armlock for good measure, forcing Johnson to tap.

Tim Caron wins via 1st round Submission (bear trap)

Lewis Corapi vs Jeff Anderson

155lb Professional MMA

The pair probed and danced at center, Corapi looking to angle in with a venomous right hand as Anderson threw short hooks to keep his foe at bay. A stiff right landed for Corapi and a front leg head kick bounced off the arms, the two slipping each other’s punches at close range. Corapi slung a sweet right hand and Anderson waved him on, bobbing against the cage but missing on his counters as they fired fast hands. Corapi landed a leg kick and a slip –hook-hook that drew a pop from the crowd, Corapi showing he was in control as the round moved on. Anderson jabbed but couldn’t find anything to follow up on, Corapi landing another chopping low kick. Anderson closed distance fast and tried to throw Corapi with a body lock but found his opponent’s hips formidable, buckling during the attempt and taking Anderson’s back where he worked at an RNC, Anderson shaking him at the last second of the round.

The second began with Anderson closing distance but being gun shy from Corapi’s laser-accurate counters, the pair feinting heavily. Corapi fired a two piece to the body under a wide punch from Anderson and bounced a kick off the ribs, following with another. A double jab set up an overhand that narrowly missed for Corapi and the SYT fighter launched a series of front leg high kicks before going low to the thigh on the other side. Anderson fired a pair of right hands but found no purchase, Corapi jabbing quickly but neither fighter getting an elusive kill shot in a defense-heavy bout. Corapi threw a hard body shot and mid kick, stuffing a stiff jab home as Anderson over-pursued. A solid shot landed for Corapi and he glided away from all the follow-ups as a frustrated Anderson plodded into the third round.

The final round began with the two jabbing hard, Corapi throwing ripping body hooks that found their home. A mid kick from Corapi landed and he put two shots on the jaw of Anderson who waved him on, none-too-impressed. Corapi obliged and grabbed plum clinch for a crushing knee to the head that had Anderson seeing stars, though Corapi backed out and lined up another body shot, his opponent calling him onward . Anderson jabbed but missed the mark, Corapi’s own jab setting up a solid set of hooks to the body. Corapi missed a check hook and ducked under Anderson’s long right hand, Corapi front kicking to the body and evading numerous counters. Corapi shot and hit a bulldozer takedown, pushing Anderson to the cage and landing elbows to close out the fight.

Lewis Corapi wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27x3)

Vince Ciotoli vs Shawn Melanson

155lb Amateur MMA Title

The title bout started with Ciotoli throwing a low kick and Melanson missing with a head kick, coming back with a two piece and landing a right hand and body knee. A leg kick and head kick from Melanson landed and he ducked under a wide punch by Ciotoli to hit a belly to back slam. Melanson took the back and sank his hooks but transitioned to a head and arm as Ciotoli stripped hooks and rolled. Ciotoli rolled again and Melanson set up a triangle, snaring his opponent on the way around, trying a few combinations of hip pressure and underhooking the leg to get the tap.

Shawn Melanson wins via 1st Round Submission (triangle)

Danny Abad vs Michael Scapicchio

135lb Amateur MMA

The non-title fight started with Abad throwing a head kick and low kick, Scapicchio charging for a takedown and throwing a front kick. A spinning backfist from Abad landed but Scapicchio walked it off, throwing a superman punch and front kick that missed. Abad went for the Brazilian kick and Scapicchio dumped him off balance with a right hand, Abad was up in a hurry and hitting a quick takedown into butterfly guard. Scapicchio looked for a guillotine but Abad remained composed from top, trying to pass and keeping on the legs as Scapicchio shrimped back to standing. Scapicchio went for the guillotine again and Abad slipped out and threw a low kick, Scapicchio blitzing with a series of punches that came up short as Abad retreated. The two clinched up and Abad hit a short trip as the bell sounded to close out a fast-paced first round.

The second round started with a long bomb from Scapicchio and a mid kick from Abad, both missing as they clashed together. Scapicchio tried to get a trip but botched it, Abad jumping for a guillotine that looked nasty, using it to mount but losing position as the two came to standing. Scapicchio landed a pair of right hands and tried for a superman punch, Abad ducking under for a body lock and trying to throw his adversary, settling for a control position against the cage. Scapicchio landed knees to the body and Abad looked to set up a guillotine, kneeing to the body but not able to cinch the hold. The two traded body knees and Scapicchio got a takedown in a rushing exchange, taking the back standing and looking to secure an RNC with no hooks, the bell betraying the gambit.

The final round in the non-title affair began with a winging right from Scapicchio and a short low kick that chopped Abad’s leg out, though his retaliatory punch dropped Scapicchio to the canvas. Abad went to the mat and found himself in an inverted triangle, though he was able to slip it and secure side control where he elbowed the body; Scapicchio slipping to the cage and moving to stand as Abad tried to take the back. Abad sank one hook and went for the choke, Scapicchio sliding out but Abad resetting and getting a full back ride with the RNC, Scapicchio stripping hands to keep from being choked out. Scapicchio scrambled and tried to shake out of the back ride but Abad was meticulous, flattening him out and pinning the arm to strike, Scapicchio turning and rolling in the final seconds to close the fight out mounted.

Danny Abad wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27x2, 29-28

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