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Cage Titans 26 Fight Review

Jared York vs Tim Hagan

125lb Amateur

The first fight of the night started off with the pair meet at center, York throwing a series of low kicks as Hagan flurried in close, bringing a pause to the action with a low blow. York skipped in with an uppercut and was caught with a counter right; firing a superman punch and spinning heel kick that came up short. Hagan cracked with a low kick and York answered with a jump knee, Hagan landing two shots inside and coming forward as he put his foe off balance. The two reset and Hagan landed a right hand and another, York slipping on a body knee though Hagan let him come back up to the feet. York walked in with a three and three -two, that landed, but Hagan went full hockey fight, blasting with inside strikes and body knees that dropped his foe. York went for a leglock and tripped his opponent as he stood over him Hagan slipping the leg lock and calling his opponent back to the feet, vintage Cro-cop style. Upon standing, Hagan unleashes a firestorm of ripping hooks, backing his opponent into the cage with pin-point accuracy and crumpling him in the pocket for the win.

Tim Hagan wins via 1st TKO (punches)

Alex Dolan vs Derek Trahan

155lb Amateur

Trahan pumped a jab early, Dolan landing a stiff counter and being taken down off a spinning backfist. Dolan sprang up and was scooped and grounded immediately, Trahan landing body knees from side control where Dolan rolled to escape. Trahan was fast on a vice-like guillotine, ripping his opponent off the mat to standing and hanging him for the victory.

Derek Trahan wins via 1st round Submission (Standing guillotine)

Cooley Rodriguez vs Rob Rios

135lb Amateur

Rodriguez stared with a pair of nasty body kicks, Rios coming in with long punches but Rodriguez fading away. Rios charged again and Rodriguez landed a counter straight that stopped his momentum, resetting to center cage to chip with low kicks. Another counter straight smashed Rios and Rodriguez went on the offensive, knifing punches through the guard and punctuating the combinations with a crisp left kick. Rios came in to land his own shots but couldn’t find purchase, Rodriguez throwing a check hook to arrest movement. Even still, Rios came in hard and backed Rodriguez up to the fence, landing a right hand that bounced Rodriguez off the cage, though a groin kick from Rios paused the action and killed the momentum. The fight restarted with ten seconds left, Rodriguez throwing a left body kick to close out the round.

Rodriguez came out with jabs and a front kick early, Rios looking for a driving hook but dropping to his haunches off a counter form Rodriguez. Up in a flash, Rios came forward and ducked a spinning backfist, missing his counter and landing a body kick as he tried to work into his own range. Rodriguez darted around the outside of the cage, slipping punches and showing smooth movement as Rios kept it simple and efficient. Rios landed a body shot and Rodriguez a body kick and hard round kick to the leg as he slid away, Rios keeping his foes back to the cage now, though another groin kick halted the flow yet again. Rodriguez pawed with his left as Rios fired a body kick and missed on a hard right, backing Rodriguez up and forcing him to move off the cage. A right hand and spinning backfist landed for Rios and the two traded to close out the round.

The final round in a strong showing for both, Rodriguez came on hard with punishing jabs and a body kick, hitting a takedown as Rios overcommitted on a punch. Rodriguez worked into guard as Rios got his bottom game going, kicking Rodriguez off, though the fighter dove back in before thinking better of it. Rios charged and landed furious punches, backing Rodriguez up and working well in his own range. Rios landed a knee to the body and a right hand, Rodriguez taking another right as he tried to evade but finding the cage lacked the room to make his footwork sing. The pair traded power punches as Rios pursued, the two unloading with short time to close out a stellar fight.

Cooley Rodriguez wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27x3)

Jessie Pires vs John Payne

135lb Amateur

This fight started with Pires NOT having an obviously broken foot, the two moving to center and Payne throwing a crisp right hand from an old school boxer stance. The older man shot for a hard double and got the takedown, Pires looking for a sweep quickly as Payne tried to stay heavy on top. Payne loosened up and threw some token punches as Pires went for a kimura and guillotine, snaking his arms in but Payne breaking the hold with pressure. Pires went for a butterfly sweep and came to standing, closing out the round against the cage.

Pires fired a mid kick to start the second round, going high and then low again with more kick offense. Payne pawed with a jab and went for a body lock takedown, being reversed and Pires landing in half guard where Payne looked to sweep. Pires maintained position and flurried but attack gave Payne space to roll his foe, settling into Pire’s guard. Pires tried to frame up a triangle but Payne kept safe, working light offense from within guard. Pires worked a slippery set-up for the triangle this time and caught Payne unawares, the grizzled fighter powerbombing his adversary but falling deeper into the choke where he was forced to tap out.

Jessie Pires wins via 2nd round Submission (triangle)

Sean Bettencourt vs Sean Stone

185lb Amateur

A fight between monsters began with Stone shooting for a hard takedown, Bettencourt underhooking and throwing his foe into the cage, though he was still on the legs. Stone ripped him off the cage with a hard double and looked to pass, winding up in guard as Bettencourt tried to work a sweep. Stone passed to half and found himself in a guillotine, Bettencourt working a leg in and trying to hit a sweep. Stone kept heavy and broke out of the choke, sliding into mount and going for an armlock as Bettencourt went out the back door. Stone stood up from bottom as he took heavy punishment, driving for the takedown again and seemingly mangling Bettencourt’s leg on the way down into side control where the round ended, though Bettencourt walked it off well enough.

The second round started off with a chipping low kick from Bettencourt, but Stone was on the takedown right away again, forcing his way into mount but being rolled with over aggression. Bettencourt flurried and slipped the armlock that came from Stone again, quartering his opponent and uppercutting as they came to the cage. Stone swiveled his hips and tried for a reversal but Bettencourt’s base was solid, working lightly from top as Stone went 100% from bottom. Stone looked to power into a kimura but couldn’t find it, Bettencourt using the awkward positions to level strikes and close out the round.

The third round began with Stone shooting hard as Bettencourt waited to land a counter, smashing Stone as he charged in and dropping him face down to the mat. Stone survived and grabbed for a knee bar, Bettencourt staying composed and floating through the position, trying to stand up, but Stone’s sheer physicality crumpling his foe’s sprawl like a tin can, finding himself in half guard. Stone framed up an Americana and hopped to mount, Bettencourt once again rolling out of the position as Stone kept coming for the leg, getting the takedown again. Bettencourt tried to take the back from a back ride that was 90% lost, Stone trying to gain superior position but stuck oddly until the round ended.

Sean Bettencourt wins via Majority Decision (29-28x2, 28-28)

Rich Santiago vs James Palmer

125lb Amateur

The pair started with Santiago coming forward and Palmer dancing on the outside, the two landing hooks inside where Palmer drove for an armdrag takedown but couldn’t find it. Santiago landed a hook and a combination inside, snatching the back as Palmer threw a spinning backfist, and locking on a gable gripped RNC. Palmer survived and came to standing, Santiago coming in with an uppercut and catching a kick to the body to take his opponent down. Santiago slid into mount and took the back, Palmer again rolling but this time Santiago staying with him to sink hooks hard once the back came up again. An RNC was on like a flash and Palmer was stuck, tapping out to the veteran grappler.

Rich Santiago wins via 1st round Submission (RNC)

Aaron Hughes vs Joe Smith

145lb Amateur

Hughes came out with flashy footwork, landing a leg kick as Smith came in for a takedown; Hughes grabbed the framework of a guillotine and putting it together piece by piece. Smith gutted out the hold and pulled his head out to unload strikes on the mat, trying to pass guard but being stuck by a body triangle. Smith swarmed from top but Hughes swiveled hips well and kept threatening from bottom, Smith passing to half guard in the final seconds of the round.

The second started with a head kick from Hughes and a stiff jab, Smith charging for a takedown as the two spun wildly against the cage, culminating with a double leg slam from Smith. Hughes worked for an armbar from guard as Smith sat heavy, trying to keep Hughes against the base of the cage and using limited offense when it presented itself. Hughes hit a fast triangle and Smith went for the slam, dropping Hughes on his head but not able to extract himself from the hold. Hughes switched to an armbar and back to the triangle but couldn’t get all the slack out of the hold, Smith surviving to the end of the round.

Smith ducked in with a winging punch to start the round, Hughes flurrying but not able to put enough on Smith to keep from being slammed again. Hughes kicked off the cage and reversed position, but Smith reset and pushed his foe over back into guard, punching away as Hughes worked to find purchase from bottom with a sweep or submission. Hughes rolled hard but couldn’t quite buck his adversary, Smith staying heavy. Hughes kicked his opponent off briefly but couldn’t get the space to take to his feet, Smith barreling in to secure top position to close out the fight.

Joe Smith wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28x2)

Zeal McGrew vs Rob Brown

265lb Amateur

The heavyweight affair began with the two circling, McGrew dropping for a low single and getting the inside trip into the cage, though he couldn’t hold Brown down for long. The two came back to standing and McGrew shot again, Brown stuffing with an underhook and keeping the duo standing. McGrew pawed with some offense and hit a single, spinning to the back quickly but unable to keep the bigger man on the mat for any period of time as Brown forced his foe to the cage. McGrew pushed out and hit the single again, Brown deadlegging out as the round came to an end.

The second round started with Brown coming in with a flurry, McGrew shooting but catching a nasty body knee that sapped the life out of him. Brown kept the pressure on, smashing away with knees to the body and dropping his foe to the mat, finishing with strikes for the TKO win.

Rob Brown wins via 2nd round TKO (knees and punches)

Stephen Langlais vs Antoine Caparotta

170lb Amateur

Caparotta came out fast in a faux Kung-Fu stance but Langlais was unimpressed, walking forward as Caparotta shot in for a single and planted him. Langlais dogged a guillotine as he went in the air and refused to release, working his guard up and trying to squeeze the life out of his foe, though Caparotta slipped out and moved into side control. Caparotta locked up a crucifix and went for the americana, Langlais verbally submitting in the rough spot.

Antoine Caparotta wins via 1st round Submission (americana)

Julio Martinez vs Carlos Valladares

140lb Amateur

Martinez threw a low kick and overhand, followed by a front kick to start us off, Valladares landing a low kick of his own as the two showed fleet feet early. A low kick from Martinez cracked home and a quasi-overhand right landed as he continued with his unique offensive move. Martinez ducked for a takedown but was stuffed, Valladares spinning out and to center where he landed a mid kick. A low kick from Martinez landed and his mid kick was caught, Valladares not able to find a takedown, though he did bully into the clinch. Martinez tried to break out with a plum clinch and shoved away, missing with the overhand and again, being takedown down with a hard double by Valladares to close out the round.

A mid kick landed for Martinez in the second, both fighters with smart movement being reduced to limited purchase on their offense, though Martinez’s Pacquiao-esque overhand landed clean. Valladares went for the clinch and pushed his foe into the cage, hitting a takedown into side control where Martinez tried to rock his foe and sweep. Valladares sat heavy and hit a pass to mount, catching Martinez with both hooks as he rolled, taking the back. Valladares worked short punches and tried to get under the chin, going for a twister with short time but not finding the low percentile move.

The final round began with a snappy low kick from Valladares, returned by Martinez, but Valladares was on the takedown again, working a high half guard and looking to mount. Martinez worked his legs back into the fight and found guard, punching from his back as the two used short strikes. Martinez exploded with a kick to the hips that sent Valladares flying, jumping on his foe in a hurry to steal the fight back, though time wasn’t on his side to get the job done.

Carlos Valladares wisn via Unanimous Decision (29-28x3)

Bobby Baker vs Dan Napolitano

155lb Amateur

The pair closed with jabs, Baker landing a sharp one-two and blocking a takedown, getting one of his own, though short lived, before the two settled into a clinch against the cage. Napolitano backed out and looked to box, taking a hard round kick to the leg, Baker clipping the chin with sharp punches; landing one-twos cleanly. Napolitano darted in to find a home for an overhand but was rebuked; Baker’s simple boxing doing the trick. Baker took a poke to the eye and drove for a takedown to buy himself some time, getting it but unable to keep the fight on the mat as Napolitano hopped up and started punching away. Baker pushed into the clinch and Napolitano tried to grab a guillotine but couldn’t find it before the end of the round.

The two started boxing early, both landing hard power shots before Baker hit a power slam that couldn’t keep his foe grounded. Coming to the feet Napolitano looped an arm under the neck for the guillotine but couldn’t finish it, instead breaking out and punching Baker across the cage where he drove him to the mat. Napolitano postured up for stiff ground and pound from side control, Baker walking up the cage and looking for an inverted triangle but losing out to his opponent’s positioning. Napolitano looked to frame up an arm triangle but Baker rotated out, Napolitano going for a kimura briefly before electing to unload on his young opponent instead, staying tight in side control to close out the round.

The two came together fast in the third, smashing each other with sharp boxing before Baker went for a superman punch and sacrifice throw, the gambit failing as Napolitano came into mount and smashed away with punches. Baker survived and rolled, losing his back briefly and again being mounted as he rolled, Napolitano unleashing another stream of blows from top that caused the referee to halt the bout.

Dan Napolitano wins via 3rd round TKO (punches)

Melissa Infurna vs Hilarie Rose

115lb Amateur

The sole female fight of the night began with Rose landing a cutting low kick and right hand, flurrying hard and blasting her foe with knees to the body. Infurna survived the blitzkrieg and held on standing but had no answers for the hellish punishment Rose was delivering early; blood and tears streaming down her face. Infurna went for over unders and tried for a clinch takedown but took body knees and uppercuts, the referee mercifully stopping the bout.

Hilarie Rose wins via 1st round TKO (punches)

Jacob Weeks vs Joe Giannetti

155lb Amateur Title

The 155lb amateur title up for grabs, the two circled early, Weeks throwing a wide hook and head kick, Giannetti working a jab. Weeks closed in hard and locked up double underhooks against the cage, looking for a trip as he broke down his opponent’s posture, spinning Giannetti to the mat. Weeks held side control and Giannetti went for the Granby roll, Weeks taking his back in the scramble and working an RNC that Giannetti fought hard, prying his way out and again as Weeks reset the hold. Weeks jumped to a mount and looked for the arm triangle, Giannetti again escaping and working from Weeks’ guard , diving for a leg lock, but Weeks was out and up as a horn sounded.

Weeks took center to start the second, pawing with a jab as Giannetti threw a spin kick, Weeks looking for a hook but not finding it. Giannetti kept his defense tight and looked to work angles, Weeks landing a body kick and darting away from counters, landing a stiff inside leg kick and chipping away at his foe. Giannetti went for the invisible kick which bounced off the glove, Weeks chopping with another inside kick; Giannetti landing a body kick but Weeks taking him down off the move. Weeks sat high in half guard and Giannetti walked up the cage, flipping his opponent and unloading punches as Weeks gave his back and rolled to survive the assault, the horn sounding with Giannetti in back control.

The third began with a chopping low kick from Weeks, Giannetti trying to work at range but having trouble getting his shots off. The two clinched and Weeks jockeyed for position, pushing his foe to the cage and dropping for a single. Giannetti grabbed a standing d’arce choke and dropped like a sack of rocks, ripping his foe to the canvas and wrenching on the pressure for the submission win and title.

Joe Giannetti wins via 3rd Round Submission (d’arce choke)

Sean Nichols vs Devin Carrier

155lb Professional

Our first professional fight of the night started with Nichols bouncing a head kick off Carrier’s gloves, Carrier closing for the clinch but Nichols backing out to keep striking. Nichols threw an axe kick and Carrier lined up a one-two and duck under, stalling out his takedown and being reversed by Nichols on the cage. Nichols drove for the single and Carrier snatched a guillotine but couldn’t get it, letting go and dropping for a body lock as the two traded low knees against the cage. The pair swung wild hooks at center cage but couldn’t find their elusive targets, Carrier moving into clinch and kneeing to the body before being reversed, the pair bounding out to center cage. Carrier threw a head kick that grazed his foe and again went for the takedown, kneeing to the legs and looking for the outside trip but unable to pitch his foe to the mat. Carrier faked a shot and threw a head kick and Nichols threw the axe kick again, chopping with a leg kick and pair of hooks. Carrier charged for the takedown and was reversed, Nichols looking for the outside trip but not finding it before the horn.

Nichols started the round with a side kick and low kick, looking to uncork some old school kickboxing but being stifled by Carrier driving for the clinch. Carrier tried for a hip throw but couldn’t budge his opponent as they moved to center. Carrier landed a hard right hook and went for a high crotch, Nichols breaking the posture and reversing to hit a double leg. Carrier sprang up and framed up a guillotine, Nichols escaping but finding Carrier waiting to pounce, smashing his foe with punches and a knee to the head before the two jockeyed in the clinch. Carrier pushed forward and landed a pair of shots, going for a single but not finding it. The two came to center and Carrier landed a left hand, Nichols charging in and landing a left of his own, Carrier coming forward and swinging away. Nichols landed a pair of shots and an axe kick, Carrier swinging a left hand that socked Nichols as the horn sounded.

The final round of the professional fight saw Carrier charge forward with punches and move into the clinch, Nichols kneeing to the body and reversing against the cage. Carrier locked up the plum clinch and broke away from the cage, taking a hard punch but returning fire with a knee and combination, driving for a single but losing it as Nichols kneed to the body. Nichols went for an outside trip and reversed direction, pulling Carrier to the mat but he was up in an instant, Nichols putting punches on his foe and looking to take the fight away from his young opponent. Carrier dropped for a takedown but couldn’t find it as the battle wound down, Nichols in charge as Carrier’s endurance seemed to ebb away in the final minutes. Not willing to give up so easy in his debut, Carrier countered a low kick with a murderous three-two, sending Nichols staggering as Carrier chased after him and blasted away in the waning moments of the round, the two having left it all out there.

Shawn Nichols wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28,29-27)

Roger Brackett vs Ralph Johnson

190lb Professional

Johnson came forward and the two slung wide shots, the pair collapsing into clinch and rolling across the cage, where Brackett hit the body lock takedown. Johnson tried to shove out of mount quickly and Brackett rode the movement into a picture perfect triangle, getting the tap for the quick win.

Roger Brackett wins via 1st round Submission (triangle)

Scott Gorgone vs Manny Bermudez

145lb Professional

Gorgone came out with a chopping low kick and head kick that landed, Manny barreling forward and hitting a knee tap into mount where he dropped an elbow, Gorgone spinning and standing up, but Bermudez grabbed the back in a wild scramble and grabbing a hookless RNC. Gorgone slipped it and moved to guard where Bermudez first pinned the right arm with a body triangle before throwing up a triangle on the exposed head and arm, alternately elbowing and looking for the armlock, tapping Gorgone with the leg pressure alone.

Manny Bermudez wins via 1st round Submission (triangle)

Sean Lally vs Will Santiago

170lb Professional Title

The power hitter duo took center cage, Lally jabbing as Santiago looking to unload his mega right hand, dumping Lally briefly to the canvas when they came together. Santiago threw his hammers but came up short, Lally kicking low and plugging a right hand into the ear that sent Santiago skating away. The two came back up and the tension was thick with each looping shot, Santiago throwing a pair of horrid uppercuts and moving into clinch and landing another before breaking out. A running uppercut by Santiago landed and Lally threw low, looking to time a counter and ducking for a takedown he couldn’t find. Lally smashed the leg with a hard low kick that seemed to injure his foe, the leg going stiff. Lally drove for a takedown and ate an uppercut that put him down, Santiago swarming with punches on his badly wounded foe before grabbing a guillotine, forcing Lally to tap at the tail end of a brutal beating.

Will Santiago wins via 1st round Submission (guillotine)

Tateki Matsuda vs Johnny Campbell

125lb Professional

The main event started off with Matsuda taking center cage as Campbell started his game of feints and slips, dancing along the outside. A double jab and leg kick grazed for Campbell, Matsuda patient with lining up a counter, coming in for a clinch and pair of elbows to the jaw. Campbell kneed to the body and Matsuda drove another elbow home, keeping his posture and controlling the clinch work early. Matsuda went for the outside trip but couldn’t find it, Campbell landing a body knee and hitting a hip throw that Matsuda whizzered out of, dipping for a single and Campbell going for a standing guillotine that looked venomous, though Matsuda tripped his foe and was able to work out. Matsuda hit a quick double and pounced on the mount but Campbell was up in a heartbeat, the two clinch wrestling at a furious pace. Matsuda dropped for a double and was swept, Campbell landing in mount and going for an armbar he missed, Matsuda rocking from half guard and finding his way to standing, grinding til the bell.

The second started with the pair coming to the center and pawing with long shots, Matsuda chopping at the leg while Campbell threw a side kick to the head that came up short. A front kick and head kick from Campbell missed and Matsuda charged but found nothing but air. Matsuda threw kick attacks and a rushing overhand right – left hook that found the mark, Campbell moving well but having trouble getting his offense going. Campbell missed with his varied arsenal, the only thing finding the home a low kick answered by a right hand, though a follow up kick from Campbell blew Matsuda’s legs away and put him down for a split second. Matsuda darted in and out, trying to line up a combination and cracking Campbell with a pair of left hands; Campbell driving for a low single seconds before the horn but not being able to pitch his foe to the mat.

Third and final round of fringe world powers; Campbell slung a head kick and attacked the legs, landing a mid kick and dancing away from the counter. Matsuda came in hard and bounced fists off his adversary’s face, lacing a mid kick and right hand before pushing Campbell to the cage and going for a takedown. Campbell tried to break his foe’s posture but Matsuda powered through it, hitting the double and moving into half guard to punch at the body. Campbell worked for a sweep and nearly threw his opponent but Matsuda was sticky on top, pushing for mount and dropping punches. Matsuda looked to isolate the arm and hit an armlock, ultra heavy on the head and keeping his legs working against Campbell’s attempts to sweep, holding position to the end of the fight.

Tateki Matsuda wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27x2, 29-28)

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