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Toe 2 Toe 3 Fight Review

Fernando Lopez vs Jimmy Jackson

150lb Amateur

Jackson came out with a leg kick and Lopez flurried, unafraid to exchange with the veteran fighter. Jackson dropped for a single and got a high crotch slam, but Lopez was fast to pop up, kneeing to the body and holding his opponent against the cage. Jackson dropped for double but couldn’t get it, being turned against the cage with double unders; Lopez snapping shots into the body. Jackson turned and dropped for the single again but was rebuked, instead switching tactics and trying to set up a body lock takedown. Lopez broke out and the two flurried wildly, Lopez egging on his foe who was smarter than to trade, dropping for a double that he nailed. Lopez was fast on the attack, locking on an armbar but unable to straighten out as Jackson held posture and kept his foe against the cage until the bell.

The second started with Jackson working a kicking game before hitting a scoop slam against the cage, Lopez working off his back and going for a high guard. Jackson passed but lost position in a heartbeat, Lopez turning for a single but Jackson standing against the cage. The Young’s fighter reversed and hit another takedown into guard, Lopez hunting for the armbar again but Jackson wise to the attack. Jackson worked to pass but Lopez hips were active keeping his opponent corralled and owning all the offense on the mat thus far. Another fast armbar snagged Jackson’s limb but he fell to a hip and tried to kick his opponent’s hand away, ebbing away the pressure enough to survive to the end of the round yet again.

The final round began with Lopez charging hard, Jackson hitting sharp counters and diving for a double leg that planted his foe. Jackson tried a fast pass to mount but Lopez walked up the cage and flipped into his opponent’s guard, losing position to drop punches before walking way to restart the action standing. Jackson came in with a pair of hooks and hit the takedown again, Lopez going for the armbar again but not securing the limb; Jackson spinning through the hold to land in a contentious mount. Lopez found the sweep after kicking off the cage, but was unable to mount anything significant as the fight came to an end.

Jimmy Jackson wins via Split Decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29)

Rachel Joyce vs Christine Brothwell

130lb Amateur

Two debuting females on a card stacked with WMMA talent, Brothwell and Joyce engaged in a grueling clinch war, Joyce using superior strength to control much of the action. While Brothwell was present to snap punches inside and work a pressure game, Joyce was a sniper with her crosses, working well off the back foot and tagging the chin any time the space presented itself. With the fight moving into the second round, Brothwell turned up the pressure, but the constant pursuit opened her up for a pair of sharp counters that sent her staggering, giving the Team Irish battler the well-deserved win.

Rachel Joyce wins via 2nd round KO (punches)

John McAndrews vs Frank Dellasala

170lb Amateur

Dellasala came out pumping straights early, McAndrews looking to counter before coming in for a takedown into half guard. Dellasala worked to stand against the cage, McAndrews keeping pressure on the clinch and kneeing to the body, dropping his foe to the mat yet again. Dellasala looked to frame up a guillotine but had no position to do so, McAndrews passing to side control and keeping his weight high as Dellasala cage walked to sweep. McAndrews rode the attempt into mount and stayed heavy again, punching to the body and dropping hammerfists, flurrying hard but running out of time to finish out the fight before the bell.

The second started with Dellasala coming out to bang, missing on a pair of rights as McAndrews looked for a counter KO, tagging his opponent with a body kick, head kick and side kick. Dellasala was game to throw but McAndrews was the far sharper technician, rocking Dellasala and sending him to the mat with a stunning left hook for the KO.

John McAndrews wins via 2nd round KO (left hook)

Jeannette Pomales vs Hilary Cooledge

135lb Amateur

Pomales took center cage and worked a jab, Cooledge trying to cut an angle and attack with hooks and body jabs. Pomales landed a nasty leg kick and kept her right hand loaded to smash anything Cooledge left exposed as Cooledge ducked for a takedown that was stalled. Pomales landed a one - two and found her range, avoiding Cooledge’s offense and launching conservative shots.

The second started with the two taking center, Cooledge shooting but being tossed to the mat where she went for a leglock game from x-guard. Cooledge tripped her opponent to the mat and tried for a short kneebar, but Pomales turned out, coming to her feet and forcing a striking engagement again. Cooledge went for a body lock but Pomales landed a sharp right and another, her arm working like a piston and slamming Cooledge at arm’s reach. Pomales landed a mid kick and leg kick, sapping her foe with a triple set of rights as the bell sounded.

Cooledge started with a takedown attempt that she couldn’t find, Pomales working her right hands and throwing her foe to the mat, pursuing with driving shots. Cooledge again flipped for a knee bar but couldn’t find purchase, Pomales staying calm and working out of the hold, the fight resuming on the feet. Pomales used footwork and range control to pin her adversary at range, Cooledge charging in the final seconds but unable to get anything going.

Jeannette Pomales wins via Unanimous Decision

Pat Casey vs Nash Roy

185lb Amateur

The bout began with a flurry from Casey, Roy shooting under the onslaught but being sprawled out on. The duo came to standing and Casey tagged his opponent with a set of hooks, Roy against shooting before being thrown to the mat off a sprawl. Casey landed hammers and kept in arms reach, jagging around the mat and giving Roy zero respite from the attack. The two coming to standing where Casey pinned Roy to the cage with punches before teeing off, dropping his adversary to the mat and swarming with ground strikes, forcing the referee to step in to save Roy from further punishment.

Pat Casey wins via 1st round TKO (punches)

Jon Deupree vs Shawn Bettencourt

185lb Amateur

The pair met at center, Bettencourt getting his hands working with a fast jab to keep the wrestler at range. Deupree fired off a leg kick and faked level changes, gauging his opponent early as the two played at feints. Deupree went for a low single and took Bettencourt to the cage, hitting a slam into side control. Bettencourt turned out of the position and Deupree went for a guillotine, being scoop slammed himself, though the position was short lived. A fast transition saw Deupree zip into mount and unload, getting some offense home but Bettencourt posturing out and surviving the attack, the two exchanging in the final seconds of the round.

The second started with Bettencourt being more active with the jab, Deupree being knocked back as he went for a leg kick. Bettencourt used head movement to come inside and bait an exchange, but Deupree shot and worked his foe to the mat, Bettencourt working a cow catcher but unable to hold his opponent off. Deupree worked from half guard and tried to pass, pounding the body with right hands before moving to side control. Bettencourt turned onto his hip and moved to stand, trying a counter shot but being caught in a standing guillotine. Deupree put it together piece by piece, pushing his foe to the cage and wrenching the hold for the finish.

Jon Deupree wins via 2nd round Submission (guillotine)

Jordi Gallart vs Ernesto Ornelas

115lb Professional

The first pro fight of the night began with Ornelas pawing a jab and firing a low kick, Gallart slipping punches and countering. Ornelas landed a right and a combination, Gallart leg kicking but being staggered with a right hand. The two clinched and Ornelas kneed to the body, the pair breaking to center where Gallart threw a spin kick. Gallart came in with punches and was smashed with a left hand, Ornelas backing his foe up to the cage with offense. Ornelas landed a right hand that dropped Gallart to the mat, Ornelas swarming to punish his foe with ground and pound, though he couldn’t hold position as the two came to standing. Gallart tried to get his game going with dirty boxing but a left from Ornelas hurt him and Ornelas pressed the action, landing a crushing right to the body and dominating the exchange before hitting a body lock takedown. Gallart locked up an inverted armbar and Ornelas escaped, thought Gallart’s hips were still working to snatch something off his back. The referee broke the action to check a cut. The two restarted standing and Ornelas landed a lancing left hand, Gallart having issue with the range of his taller foe though he landed a spinning back kick to the body, the pair clinching to close out the round.

The pair took center to start the second round, Ornelas working a variety of long punches as Gallart kicked at the legs and tried to box inside. Gallart clipped his foe with a hook inside but was rebuffed with a one-two, Ornelas landing a digging front kick to the body. Gallart slung a looping right and a side kick, having gotten his head movement on point to slip more shots than he took in the second round, though Ornelas was still active as ever in trying to stick his foe. A left hand rattled Gallart’s cage and Ornelas switched stance to confound his foe, though Gallart was there to land tight hooks when the two came together. A jumping spin kick from Gallart saw him hit the mat on a slip, the round closing with Ornelas swarming to get in some offense on the mat.

The final round of a hectic fight, Ornelas plinked with a jab and Gallart came in with three punch combinations to try and tear up his foe’s body. Ornelas landed a mid kick and series of jabs before changing up the game, shooting and getting a takedown into half guard, with Gallart trying to hit an armbar off a fast transition, but the fight stalling out against the cage before the referee restarted standing. Ornelas again shot into full guard, working his opponent to the cage where Gallart spun for the armbar again; missing the hold and moving for a kimura but Ornelas stayed heavy and shouldered his foe to the mat, the two bashing away until the final bell.

Ernesto Ornelas wins via Unanimous Decision

Andrew Tripp vs Michael Cora

170lb Professional

A pair of professional debuts for this one, Cora started the action with a right kick, Tripp charging in but not finding purchase with his punches. A lunging one - two had Cora backing up and returning fire with body kicks, darting in with a left hand as the two circled. A hard shot from Cora dropped Tripp momentarily and the pair traded nasty body kicks, a left from Cora grazing Tripp, who went for a takedown. Tripp went for a single and switched to a double that landed, Cora spinning and launching back to his feet right away, yet Tripp hit the inside trip and grounded him again. Cora tried to turn out he hit the mat, but Tripp was heavy on his foe’s back, Tripp unleashed a stream of shots that shattered his opponent’s resolve, the young battler slumping to the canvas under the ceaseless attack.

Andrew Tripp wins via 1st round TKO (punches)

Jamie Driver vs Erin Harpe

Harpe came out with a jab and was sucked into the clinch game, Driver landing a body knee but being hurled to the mat with a single leg. Harpe found herself in a loose half guard and tried to pass, hitting mount and going for an americana, holding position as Driver tried to sweep. Harpe went for a high mount and punched away, flattening her foe before posturing up to crush elbows down into her opponent’s skull. Driver tried to sweep but was completely stuck, Harpe going for broke and Driver turning onto her side, but unable to avoid the continuous punishment.

Erin Harpe wins via 1st round TKO (punches)

Buck Pineau vs Terry Janowski

185lb Professional

Janowski took center cage to start the fight, Pineau launching a leg kick and landing a front kick to the mouth, Janowski charging with punches that came up short as Pineau faded around the outside of the cage. A spinning heel kick from Pineau landed on the mouth and sent blood cascading down his opponent’s jaw, Janowski trying to corner Pineau but unable to close distance . A stunning knee landed for Pineau as Janowski came in for a takedown, getting a quick double into half guard. Janowski threw left hands as Pineau grabbed wrist control from bottom, pinned to the base of the cage and with no easy escape in sight. Janowski landed a series of lefts and Pineau shrimped to get out of the deep half guard, creating space and looking for full guard. Janowski threw a set of lefts and Pineau grabbed on, looking for a kimura but Janowski exploding out and jumping for an ankle lock. Pineau rolled through the hold and the two came to standing a stepping stool kick smashing Janowski in the face to close out the round.

The second started with Pineau landing a sharp leg kick and another front kick that landed to the face, a nasty leg kick following and an oblique kick as Pineau got into his rhythm. Janowski looked to defend and time a shot but was turning into a bloody mess, Pineau jabbing and front kicking with perfect accuracy. Janowski came in with a combination but couldn’t make anything of it, Pineau leg kicking and fading from a flurry, though Janowski got inside with a right hand. Pineau landed another leg kick and tried for a superman off the cage, faking out his adversary and landing another front kick to the jaw. A spinning heel kick went off the arm and Janowski came in with chopping hook, shooting for a double that he found; Pineau threatening a kimura before moving into full guard and using his height to avoid ground and pound. Janowski came forward and Pineau turned for an armbar, but couldn’t find it as the bell rang.

The final round began with a set of front kicks to the body from Pineau, an oblique kick and front kick landing as Janowski stood stunned into indecision against such an unorthodox foe. A chopping leg kick from Pineau landed and another, Janowski throwing a right hand and Pineau slipping but coming back to lance a jab home. Pineau chopped at both sides of the lead leg, Janowski throwing hooks but coming up well short against an elusive foe. Another leg kick landed and Janowski shot, looking for the double and getting the fight to the mat, where Pineau again threatened with a kimura. Janowski blocked the submission and the sweep that came after, settling into half guard where Pineau hammered away at his legs with elbows off his back. Janowski dove for the heel hook and Pineau rolled to avoid the late submission, closing out the fight with the pair punching from the awkward 50/50 position.

Buck Pineau wins via Unanimous Decision

JA Dudley vs Jon Fain

265lb Professional

Dudley charged early to start the fight, whipping hooks and going for a single leg, where Fain tried for a guillotine that his foe pulled out of as they came crashing to half guard. Dudley dropped a set of left elbows as Fain worked to regain guard, going for an armbar, though Dudley kept his arms tight. Fain rolled for a knee bar and Dudley wedged a hand inside the hold, creating enough space to stay safe, dropping for a leg lock of his own that he couldn’t find. Fain moved into side control and tried to lock on an americana, Dudley slipping the hold but stuck on bottom as Fain dropped elbows and hammerfists. Dudley rolled and grabbed for a single as they stood, Fain bouncing elbows of his opponent before setting up a guillotine. Dudley tried to hit a body lock but was bowled over into mount, Fain smashing home elbows and catching Dudley as he rolled, but losing the back in a transition. Fain worked to set up an armlock but Dudley’s short powerful limbs were proving to be difficult picking for the black belt, the round ending before he could turn for the armbar.

The second round started with a mid kick from Fain, but Dudley gave him no space, landing a running punch and going for a double as Fain dropped elbows to the head. Fain broke down his posture and turned him against the fence, dropping for a takedown of his own, tripping his opponent to the mat into side control and framing up an arm triangle that he couldn’t find stuck against the fence. Dudley turned away and managed to pull Fain under him, posturing up from half guard and landing elbows, using all his girth to grind away at the BJJ ace and make it a nightmarish fight. Dudley looked for an arm-in guillotine but thought better of it, moving back to half guard and landing heavy elbows, Fain rolling but being pinned against the base of the cage, Dudley on constant attack and wearing his foe down blow by blow.

Between rounds, the fight was waved off as Fain was unable to continue due to exhaustion, giving Dudley a richly deserved victory.

JA Dudley wins via 2nd round TKO (referee stoppage)

Lucas Cruz vs Ryan Sanders

155lb Professional Title

The first Toe 2 Toe title fight began with Sanders smashing a head kick home, closing distance with a flurry and clinching up with his opponent. Cruz reversed and landed a knee to the body, hitting a trip into half guard. Sanders got his hips going and tried for a quick sweep but was locked down, shrimping towards the fence as Cruz passed to side control. Sanders wall walked and Cruz cut him off, Sanders rotating but Cruz moving for a mount. Sanders worked his legs into the equation and regained half guard, getting a butterfly in for a sweep that nearly landed, but Cruz was fast in his transitional work, skipping back into guard and keeping the pressure on. Cruz landed shots to the body as Sanders kept moving on bottom, forcing Cruz to keep pace, elbowing from bottom and going for an armbar as the round came to a close.

The second round began with a head kick and jumping knee from Sanders, Cruz coming in with tight boxing and landing a left hook while running for a clinch and trying for an outside trip. Sanders backed out and started with knees and elbows in tight, looking for any space he could get before getting taken down again by Cruz with the trip. Cruz worked elbows from half guard and framed up a guillotine, Sanders shrimping away and getting his guard back, looking for an armbar but being stuffed into the base of the cage. Sanders elbowed off his back and kept moving underneath his opponent, Cruz patiently following and going for a can opener, Sanders trying to armbar and then roll, with Cruz jumping towards mount but missing the transition. Sanders found his guard again as Cruz clipped him with left hands, trying to pin his foe to the cage but Sanders burning the energy to make it non-stop work for his adversary, the round closing out with Cruz firmly in control.

The third began with Sanders landing a five strike comb and following with rapid combination work, darting in with unorthodox entries to land on his foe. Cruz returned fire with simple boxing but was moving slower than before, Sanders hitting brilliant counter uppercuts and elbows as they came to clinch. Sanders pressured in the clinch and landed a set of body knees, further wilting his opponent’s resolve. Cruz grabbed for a plum clinch and threw a knee, Sanders breaking out and grinding again with body work, Cruz reversing against the cage and trying for a body lock takedown. Sanders worked for underhooks and Cruz again jockeyed for a trip takedown but Sanders slipped it and reversed, landing an elbow as the two spun against the fence. A crushing elbow landed for Sanders and another as Cruz tried to make the fight his own, Sanders throwing a spinning elbow that saw Cruz take his back and drag him to the mat. Sanders spun away from the hold and regained guard, the round ending on a high note for Sanders as the pair returned to their corners; Sanders fresh and Cruz with a wobble in his step.

The championship round began with a three punch combo by Sanders that snapped his foe’s head back, Cruz afraid to commit and make mistakes with limited fuel left in the tank. A front kick and head kick landed for Sanders, Cruz charging in for a takedown but missing it as Sanders shoved him away. Cruz came in with looping punches and clinched for some knees, Sanders pushing away from the cage and hitting an uppercut and lunging body knee that saw Cruz falling apart. An elbow landed and Cruz pushed his opponent into the cage, Sanders reversing and kneeing to the body before backing away. Sanders landed an uppercut and left hook, bouncing a head kick off the dome where Cruz came back with a pair of hooks. Sanders put two elbows over the top and threw hands, Cruz landing a flurry and driving for a double leg, Sanders whizzering hard and breaking away, landing a left hand and head kick. A trio of body shots landed for Sanders and a head kick, Cruz running on a lower gear as he looked for conservative offense late in the round. A stinging right hand for Sanders forced Cruz to shoot, hitting a double leg and trying to jump to mount, but Sanders turned and came to standing, landing a knee to finish the round.

The final round with glimmering gold waiting at the end of the bout for one man, the pair slung leather to start, Sanders snaking vicious shots past the gloves and darting away from the counters. Cruz jabbed to the body and landed a two - three, shooting hard and getting the outside trip into half guard. Sanders regained full guard and elbowed to the head, working himself away from the cage and trying to stand, but Cruz moved to take the back in the transition. Sanders slipped out the back door and came to his feet, Cruz trying for a follow-up takedown but missing it as they broke to center cage. Cruz baited a combination and drove under it for the double leg, Sanders getting his guard back and wall walking as Cruz looked to apply pressure but was unable to corral his foe like in previous rounds. Sanders landed a standing knee and smashed the jaw with a rising elbow inside the clinch, trying for a knee tap takedown and hitting a body lock, though Cruz scrambled to standing immediately. Cruz slammed an elbow home in the clinch and a chopping leg kick as he retreated back to center cage, Cruz shooting and hitting the double again where he tried to force the mount. Sanders wall walked in the fading seconds of the fight, throwing a final head kick to close out the battle; the best in the promotion’s short history.

Ryan Sanders wins via Split Decision (48-47x2, 47-48)

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