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Combat Zone 55 Fight Review

Tori Debenedetto (0-1) Boneyard vs. Danielle Bartlett (1-0) FAF

150lb Amateur Kickboxing

Bartlett showed up to the match with a jab - cross - leg kick that she spammed in search of a quick finish, but quickly found Debenedetto to be made of harder stuff than expected. As the tempo of the fight moved towards the realm of “unsustainable” for Bartlett, Debenedetto picked off shots with her gloves and lined up big mid kicks off the back leg, throwing a hard right behind that slammed home with regularity. As the fight went into deep water, it was clear Bartlett couldn’t swing the hammer hard enough to crack Debenedetto’s chin and the fact wasn’t lost on the Boneyard fighter, lining up one killshot after another and dumping her foe to the mat with a crisp head kick late in the final round. The late rally would seal the deal for Debenedetto, though the mysterious split decision would have her sweating more than the fight itself.

Tori Debenedetto wins via Split decision (29-28x3, 28-29)

Kurt Daniels (0-2) F5 Fight Team vs. Dan Lynch (1-4) Spero's MMA

145lb Amateur

Our match started off with the two pawing at center cage, Lynch looking for a monster right hand and putting a left on his foe’s chin in close. Daniels hit the takedown where Lynch went for a guillotine, fighting his way to standing but unable to stop the follow-up takedown. Lynch held onto the guillotine and cinched it high; Daniel’s consciousness giving out before Lynch’s arms during the herculean squeeze.

Dan Lynch wins via 1st Round Submission (guillotine)

Dwight Barahona (0-0) Chang's TKD vs. John McAndrews (1-1) Gate City MMA

170lb Amateur

Our bout began with McAndrews circling, Barahona working his front hand and trying to unload combinations on his opponent; backing him into the fence but not finding purchase past the gloves. Closing distance, McAndrews put a stop to the flashy footwork and slung murderous hooks in close, a pair of right hands catching Barahona flush behind the ear and sending him toppling to the mat for the quick finish.

John McAndrews wins via 1st Round KO (punches)

LJ Scarcella (1-1) BMAC vs. CJ Kevlin (0-2) LRVT

155lb Amateur

A battle of Combat Zone veterans started with Kevlin backing his foe up with kick attacks, driving for a left hand that seemed to wobble his foe, who pulled an awkward guard. Scarcella tied up his opponent from bottom and looked for the sweep, Kevlin posturing up to strike but being shoved off, where the two met at center cage. Kevlin darted in with the same left hand again, Scarcella shooting a double but stalling out against the cage as Kevlin underhooked hard. Kevlin turned his foe to the fence and kneed to the body, Scarcella returning the favor but being taken down in the final seconds of the round.

The second began with Kevlin landing a two piece and pair of hard lefts, moving into clinch and working shots to the body. Scarcella found himself pinned to the cage and at a loss, Kevlin mixing his offense well, but not well enough for the referee who restarted the bout at center. Kevlin threw a winging right and backed his foe up again, Scarcella landing a right hand but being stifled inside. Scarcella turned his foe to the fence and managed to trip him to the mat, though he was swept immediately, going for a half butterfly as Kevlin stayed heavy on top until the end of the round.

The final round started with kicks from Scarcella, Kevlin closing distance and landing power shots that drew a cheer. Scarcella went for a takedown but was caught in the clinch, a knee from Kevlin straying low and bringing a pause to the action. Kevlin came in hard with punches but Scarcella slipped inside and threw a few bombs of his own, bobbing and weaving in a display of fundamental boxing, pitted against the fast hands of his adversary. Scarcella drove for a takedown and got a trip into half guard, being swept again. Scarcella went for a butterfly sweep but lost position as Kevlin hopped into mount and stayed heavy, slinging punches to close out the fight.

CJ Kevlin wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27x3)

Shawn Bettincourt (0-0) Victory vs. Jon McNeil (1-0) Triumph

200lb Amateur

The fight started with McNeil closing distance to chop with a leg kick; Bettincourt throwing a shot down the center that dropped McNeil to his hip. The Triumph fighter fought his way back to standing and exchanged madly with his foe, but another right hand knifed through the flurry and dropped McNeil hard to the canvas; the referee calling the fight.

Shawn Bettincourt wins via 1st round KO (punches)

George Demers (0-0) Team Fury vs. Jordan Faulkner (1-0) Spero's MMA

185lb Amateur

The battle of middleweights began with Demers closing fast with a punch, tagging his foe who dropped for a double. Demers grabbed onto a guillotine and shoved Faulkner to his haunches, the choke looking tight but Faulkner patient. Faulkner worked his way to standing and lifted his opponent off his feet to slam him to the mat, repeating the process, but catching an illegal knee to the head that paused the action. Faulkner came out and dove for the takedown, getting a slam to side control but losing out position to his foe’s hips. Faulkner threw punches to the body and postured up to land to the head; Demers tying up from bottom and looking for an armbar. Demers kicked his foe away and caught the neck when he reshot, the guillotine not finding purchase as Faulkner came back to standing and again hit a double into top half guard. Demers shrimped to the cage and took to his feet, going for the guillotine but not having anything as Faulkner completed another takedown to close the round.

There was a pause of several minutes as a slam from Faulkner has broken welds on the cage frame, causing a sag in the corner that needed to be addressed with some jury rigging.

The second started with Demers closed fast to start the round, the pair slamming fists home before Faulkner shot for a double, Demers going for the guillotine again but not having it as they fell to the mat. Faulkner worked to pass the guard, kneeing his opponent’s butt to break the guard before posturing up to strike. Faulkner backed out and Demers closed with a body kick, Faulkern hitting a turn and moving into side control. Demers sagged with a weak guillotine that was lost before his back touched the mat, Faulkner punching while stacking his opponent in guard. Demers tried to shrimp away from the cage but was held fast til the end of the round.

Between rounds Demers refused to answer the bell, giving Faulkner the TKO win.

Jordan Faulkner wins via 2nd round TKO (retirement)

Kerri Kennison (0-1) Team Linki Hooksett vs. Hannah Murello (2-0) Triumph

125lb Amateur

The solo female fight of the night began with Murello closing fast but Kennison getting underhooks to drive her foe to the cage. Kennison would dip for a takedown, hitting a trip but being reversed on the way to the ground where she framed up an armbar from bottom that looked tight, but Murello managed to spin out, losing her back in the process. Kennison went for hooks and applied a gable gripped choke, Murello again survived a submission and came to her feet, turning into the cage and looking to pick a single that she couldn’t find; the two burning crazy energy in the first round. Murello went for the double leg and found it, dropping into half guard and passing to mount, though she was swept in the final seconds of the round.

The second round began with a low kick by Murello that saw her off balance, Kennison chasing her to the mat where Murello snatched a fast armbar, cranking it but unable to get the tap. Kennison came up into the guard and dodged a triangle, punching away as Murello rolled and the pair came to their feet. Murello dropped for the double but was swept as they hit the canvas, again going for an armbar that Kennison defended; shoving her foe against the cage to take away her space to extend. Murello rolled to go belly down but lost position, Kennison moving into guard but being swept. Kennison went for an armbar of her own but Murello stood up out of it, grabbing the neck in a scramble but unable to finish the guillotine before the bell.

The two ladies collided to start the round, blasting away with abandon in an exchange that went Kennison’s way. Murello dropped for the double but was broken down, Kennison tripping her adversary to the mat, but standing up rather than deal with the guard again. Kennison kicked at her downed foe’s legs as Murello worked an X-guard and came to standing, Kennison smashing her with a pair of lefts before pushing her to the cage. Murello went for a trip but was stifled and Kennison drove her to the mat, gaining momentum and slamming fists home. Murello rolled and tried to draw Kennison into her guard, but the fighter backed away, the two coming to standing where Murello closed distance and the duo slugged it out. Murello threw knees to the body and tried to wilt her opponent, Kennison hitting a trip into half guard before the final bell.

Kerri Kennison wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28x2)

Pete San Antonio (1-0) Mohawk Valley vs. Connor Barry (0-0) IND

155lb Professional

The main event of the evening began with the two moving to center, Barry attacking at a run and catching a right hand from San Antonio. Barry tried for a trip, San Antonio tying him up and working at underhooks where he hit a takedown into guard. Barry tried to sweep, framing up the beginnings of a triangle as San Antonio kept tight and threw short punches. Barry went for the triangle but San Antonio landed two shots and stood up, Barry swinging a wide right before moving into clinch. The two traded punches and Barry overcommitted, being thrown to the mat by San Antonio, who attacked from guard as Barry sat up for a scissors sweep that he couldn’t find. Barry framed up a slick armbar but couldn’t find it, instead sweeping into top half guard where he tried to open up his foe with elbows. San Antonio tried to create space to escape while Barry dropped forearms and looked for an arm triangle, locked down in top half guard where the round closed out.

The second round began with Barry slinging a pair of massive rights, San Antonio landing a straight right of his own before hitting a scoop slam into side control. Barry looked for a strong man reversal and rotated out from bottom, pushing San Antonio over into guard, throwing a right hand and trying to pass. Barry made his way to half guard and started in on right elbows, San Antonio scrambling to get out of danger and getting his hips back. Barry stacked him into the cage and skipped into mount, taking the back as he rolled, but San Antonio caught the RNC and used it to turn out of the choke before it began, finding himself in Barry’s guard. Barry threw on a triangle and San Antonio escaped to standing, the two going mad with looping punches that saw Barry get the better of it, San Antonio off balance and toppling, where Barry leapt into his half guard to close out the round.

The final round in this pro fight started with the two meeting at center, San Antonio baiting a punch and dropping under it for a takedown into half guard, trying a fast pass to mount but almost being swept in the process. Barry tried to shrimp out but San Antonio snatched the head and tried to work an anaconda, Barry holding position from bottom and avoiding the submission. Now in guard, San Antonio dropped short punches; Barry keeping calm from bottom and moving for an armbar that San Antonio stalled, holding position but doing very little from top. Barry again went for the scissor sweep but couldn’t budge San Antonio who threw elbows and body shots from guard now, the referee hovering for a restart. Barry began punching from bottom, more out of frustration than anything, the clapper sounding and prodding Barry for one last sweep that he couldn’t find as the bell rang.

Connor Barry wins via Unanimous Decision (29-28x3)

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