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Cage Titans 25 Fight Review

Jon Ciampa vs Kris Silck

185lb Amateur

The first fight in a busy night began with a bit of movement at center cage, Ciampa hitting a trip takedown that he couldn’t hold onto, but keeping the clinch and pushing his foe to the cage. Silck worked a trip himself but moved to a quick high crotch single, landing in an open guard but backing out to avoid Ciampa’s bottom game. The two pawed with light offense and Ciampa dropped for a takedown, not able to get under his foe’s hips. Silck worked smartly and hit a monster left hook on the break, ducking under and hitting a belly to back suplex into side control, rifling shots home. Ciampa came to standing and again went for a double but didn’t have position, Silck striking the body and sweeping to mount when Ciampa did manage to score the takedown.

Silck came out with a chopping kick to start the second round, the two winging punches before Silck spun his opponent to the mat with a body lock and worked from a wide open half guard with strikes. Ciampa tried to create space to stand but lost position to the quick Silck, who moved into side control and kneed the body at center cage. Ciampa tried to set up an inverted triangle, confounding his opponent who switched to defense for a time, puzzling out the hold before slamming home several sharp knees to the body and closing out the round with damaging blows.

The final round started with a low kick from Silck followed by a jab- hook and another body lock slam; the brutality of the impact knocking the fight out of a gamer in Ciampa. A flurry of punches from Silck sealed the deal, forcing the referee’s hand and earning the SSSF fighter an impressive debut win.

Kris Silck wins via 3rd round TKO (slam and punches)

Jose Lugo vs Miguel Trinidad

125lb Amateur

A battle of scrappy flyweights started off with Lugo pumping his long range boxing game, landing a mid kick, answered by a nasty low kick. Lugo closed and the pair traded knees to the body in clinch, Trinidad framing up a guillotine and axe kicking his opponent’s calf while trying to gorilla the submission on. Lugo tried to posture up and out, but Trinidad inched the hold on and jumped guard when he felt it snap into place, getting the tap even as Lugo fought to keep standing.

Miguel Trinidad wins via 1st round Submission (guillotine)

Billy Keenan vs Arslan Otchiyev

145lb Amateur

A sleeper fight of the night began as the pair met at center, Keenan getting his kicking arsenal working early. Otchiyev landed a jumping punch and closed distance, hitting the body lock takedown into guard; Keenan shrimping backward to try and stand up off the cage. A flurry of upkicks created the space Keenan wanted, rolling sideways and coming to his feet, where Otchiyev drove for a double leg and slowly worked his opponent to the mat yet again. Keenan walked up the cage and tried to frame up an anaconda, but couldn’t get purchase in the savvy transition, losing the hold and finding himself with Otchiyev in his guard. Otchiyev put pressure on his foe and tried to pass, slamming home punches while Keenan remained poised, throwing up a triangle and armbar that narrowly missed; Keenan’s underrated BJJ game on display. Keenan went to mission control as the clapper sounded, halting the action with rubber guard until the horn.

Round two started with Keenan landing a front kick and slinging two punches, but a kick by Otchiyev strayed low, halting the action while Keenan recovered. They resumed with a high kick from Otchiyev that was deflected, Keenan unleashing sharp combination striking, Otchiyev landing ga spinning heel kick to the body before hitting a hip throw. Keenan’s guard went on the attack, missing the triangle and working a half butterfly, punching up at Otchiyev who clowned before landing a two piece and pressuring the pass. Keenan tried for space and regained full guard, turning to stand but losing his back in the processes. Raw power on display, Keenan stood up and shook Otchiyev off, the two coming to center to start striking again, Keenan’s mid and low kicks chipping away. Otchiyev shot again and dropped Keenan to a knee with his double leg attempt, but couldn’t complete it before the horn.

The final round in an intense and competitive fight, the pair pawed with strikes and Otchiyev came in for a takedown, this time rebuked as Keenan threw a stinging body blow and punch that landed well. Another body kick from Keenan was followed with a leg kick, Otchiyev done with the stand up game for a moment as he rushed for a hip throw; Keenan reversing and trying for a takedown of his own. Otchiyev hit a fast throw off the whizzer, jamming Keenan into the mat, moving to north south before Keenan rotated and got his guard working again. The two came to standing in a rush and Otchiyev again tried for a double leg, Keenan underhooking hard and stalling out his opponent. The clapper sounded and Keenan burst into motion, chain wrestling for the first time in the fight and managing to hit a trip that saw him tentatively take the back as the horn called an end to the fight.

Billy Keenan wins via Split Decision (29-28x2, 26-29)

Gravin Guillen vs Jay Philips

265lb Amateur

The first of three heavyweight bouts slated for the evening began with Philips closing in a hurry, Guillen swinging hard and landing a jab; Philips driving under the flurry for a double leg. Philips moved into mount like a gentle kiss of death, pummeling his opponent who rolled to escape, Philips moved to side control and kept the punches coming, spinning as Guillen tried to stand and keeping the pressure on. Guillen tried to climb the cage and Philips jumped to the back with a vice-like RNC, physically ripping his opponent off the fence and crushing the life out of him for the win.

Jay Philips wins via 1st round Submission (RNC)

Mike Brown vs Ryan Kane

125lb Amateur

Bad blood boiling like a macabre kettle on a serial killer’s stove, the two flyweights clashed hard early; Brown throwing a left hand and driving for the body lock takedown. Kane worked his under hooks but Brown found the lateral drop, framing up an anaconda as Kane tried to stand. In a flash, Brown whirled to take the back, working an arm under the chin while plinking away with the left hand, but Kane spun expertly, landing in guard and driving a punch home. Brown threw up a series of entanglements off his back but couldn’t find purchase, punching upwards with a smile as Kane returned the favor with drilling left hands. Brown again went for the armlock and Kane drove shots into the body, keeping safe and tight while still actively attacking his foe. A quick pass saw Kane moved to side control and land shots from advantageous position, Brown regaining guard as the horn sounded.

The second round started with a chopping leg kick from Brown, Kane hurling fire with his hands. Brown landed a hip throw but was rolled, Kane landing in guard but leaping up to stand over his foe, who rolled for a takedown. Kane framed up a bottlecap guillotine but lost it in the roll; Brown working into top half guard and prying his head out. Kane expertly swept and again landed in guard where Brown tried for a triangle that Kane powered through to land punches. Brown snatched a guillotine and rolled backwards but Kane remained calm and turned out of the submission into side control, looking to hit a crucifix but settling for a steady stream of right hands; leaping into a no-control RNC that couldn’t get the tap from the veteran grappler before the horn.

Brown closed early and tried to get some offense going standing, Kane clipping him with a crisp right hand that put him on his heels for a moment; Kane closing but unable to finish his foe. Kane pushed for body lock against the cage but was reversed, Brown dropping for a single that he couldn’t find, Kane grabbing a guillotine when space presented itself but unwilling to go for it and risk losing position. Brown kept pressure on but not enough for the referee, who restarted the pair at center cage. Kane threw a right and another, Brown sneaking one inside before eating a check hook. Brown drove for a single and got it, landing in half guard with precious little time to take this fight back before the horn.

Ryan Kane wins via Unanimous Decision

Harry Beard vs Chris Mehu

155lb Amateur

Our fight started out with Mehu slinging a wild hook and driving for a takedown that saw Beard driven to the mat, Mehu pressuring while Beard hit a strong-man bridge sweep into Mehu’s guard. Beard backed out and landed a body kick as Mehu came to standing, a pair of stinging rights finding the mark as Mehu threw low kicks that resounded off the ceiling. Another right hand landed for Beard and Mehu was on the legs again, getting a takedown into half butterfly, but Beard was up in a hurry. Mehu stalled his adversary against the cage with head control, kneeing to the legs to cap off a back and forth round.

The second round in a breakneck paced fight, Mehu came forward and threw a hook with the intention of diving under, hitting the takedown again into half guard and hitting mount as Beard botched a sweep. Mehu reared up and worked a controlled offense of steady punches while keeping his perch, Beard trying to buck and roll but being fastened to the mat under Mehu’s hips. The assault did not relent and the referee took his time stopping the fight, giving Mehu an impressive win.

Chris Mehu wins via 2nd round TKO (punches)

Jerrie Hall vs Jeff Soivilien

265lb Amateur

The battle of big men started with Soivilien closing hard for a body lock, driving his foe into the cage and kneeing to the body. Hall found his under hook and landed short blows to the body, but Soivilien gave no space, stifling his opponent’s hands to grind the debuting fighter against the unforgiving cage. A knee to the groin halted the action for a moment as Hall recovered and the action was back on; Soivilien closing and Hall lining up a counter that landed, but did little to slow Soivilien down. Soivilien grabbed double unders and threw his adversary to the mat, but Hall showed excellent agility by springing up from his knees; Soivilien going back to the legs for a takedown but having his posture broken down, Hall making space to sling punches as the horn sounded.

The second round in an active heavyweight affair kicked off with Soivilien coming forward with a jab and taking a two-three from his adversary, pushing forward and driving Hall across the cage. Soivilien landed a series of body shots but Hall backed out and hit a hard right hand into his onrushing opponent, the two trading knees to the body before being broken up by the ref. Hall threw fast hands that bounced off Soivilien’s head and the SSSF fighter drove a brutal knee home, taking his foe down in the clinch into side control, landing a set of right hands before Hall sprung up to his feet again. Soivilien worked for a head and arm throw and couldn’t find it before the clapper, instead drilling another knee into the midsection as the round concluded.

The final round with two game fighters, Hall landed a left hook and took one back, Hall finding some space and rocking Soivilien with a series of looping punches. Soivilien drove forward to keep safe and clear his head, slamming Hall into the cage hard enough to nearly move it, keeping underhooks and kneeing to the body. Hall tried to work a plum clinch to make space but took a knee to the body instead, the ref breaking the pair to center. Hall unloaded but missed with the majority of his offense; arms leaden given the grueling clinch game that had played out and continued to do so as Soivilien worked double underhooks again. Soivilien couldn’t find the takedown and used dirty boxing, Hall unable to gain space to attack, wedged into the door of the cage where the fight ended.

Jeff Soivilien wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27x3)

David Espino vs Max Barrett

145lb Amateur

An amazing pairing of true killers began with the two meeting at center cage, Espino throwing low and clowning Bruce Lee style as Barrett worked his hands. A jab and body punch for Barrett landed and Espino bounded a head kick off his foe’s gloves, following with a low kick that Barrett blitzed on. A low kick, left hook and right for Barrett landed and Espino slung a side kick that blasted his foe in the mouth, the two giving as good as they got early. Barrett pawed with a jab and deflected another head kick, coming in with a hard straight that scored. Espino worked off-time kick to confound his adversary, but Barrett hit a jab- straight that floored Espino, though the Trifecta fighter wasn’t nearly done, reversing a clinch to hit a takedown.

The second started with a side kick to the body from Espino, Barrett coming forward with long straight punches and dumping his foe with another right straight, Espino trying for a granby roll but giving his back in the process. Barrett went full tilt on an RNC but couldn’t find it, instead wrenching a body triangle but being admonished for back of the head strikes and losing the position. The two restarted and Barret came in with a jab and right to the body, chopping with a low kick that was returned by Espino. Barrett began putting the combinations together and Espino conserved his energy to look for a kill shot, taking hellish punishment but showing he was more than fighter enough for this bout as the horn sounded.

The final round in a stellar showing, Barrett went for the kill with a massive right hand that missed, Espino using a front kick and trying to set up a head kick. Barrett jabbed and moved to line up his right hand but Espino’s chopping punches corralled him, driving for a takedown and getting the inside trip. Barrett went for a high guard but Espino pressured him into the cage and moved to half guard; Barrett powering up with sheer physicality and underhooking on the follow-up takedown attempt, though Espino grinded it out and found it. Barrett tried for a sweep but Espino unloaded with punches to punctuate an outstanding fight.

Max Barrett wins via Unanimous Decision

Steve Young vs Tommy Arrington

170lb Amateur

The bout began with Arrington coming forward and taking a hard punch from Young, though Arrington hurled him to the mat and into mount, unloading with meticulous offense. Young rolled and the two came to standing but Arrington dumped his adversary with a vicious right hand, swarming for the finish but finding Young resilient; staying alive and keeping his foe from capitalizing on the near fall. The pair returned to standing and Young took another hard punch, Arrington going for a lateral drop that got the fight to the mat yet again. Young worked his bottom game and tried to find his way to safety, with Arrington losing position going for a crucifix as Young went out the back door. In the blink of an eye, Arrington spun on his opponent and hit another takedown, this time hopping to the back against the cage and throwing punches to the horn.

Between rounds the doctor determined Young was unable to continue, giving Arrington a victory in a very impressive debut.

Tommy Arrington wins via 1st round TKO (Doctor Stoppage)

Scott Sullivan vs Bobby Gasdia

170lb Amateur

Two young guns looking to explode, Sullivan came out with a hard combination but Gasdia slipped and smashed his foe with a right hand that sent him into a desperation shot. Quick hips and a murderous hammerfist crushed his opponent to dust in the blink of an eye, Gasdia taking the win like a rockstar.

Bobby Gasida wins via 1st round KO (hammerfists)

Phil Kelly vs Brendan Battles

265lb Amateur

The long awaited debut of Brendan Battles started off with a jab from Kelly, Battles returning the favor and throwing a body kick. Kelly went for a body lock takedown but Battles displayed expert balance and wrestling, bowling his foe over into half guard and dropping a set of hammers on his opponent. Kelly went for a kimura sweep but Battles defended and kept position, taking the back as Kelly tried to stand, where he was flattened out and beaten into the canvas like a drum.

Brendan Battles wins via 1st round TKO (punches)

Devon Estes vs Sarah Click

115lb Amateur Title

The first in a trifecta of title fights began with the duo pawing jabs, Estes lacing her foe with a right hand and taking one in return on the inside. Estes landed another nasty right and put three more behind it on Click’s eye, doing solid work early, but shaking out her hand in indication of a possible injury. Click countered a headkick with a left hand and looked to keep range, Estes drumming a head kick off her foe and taking a right hand in return. Click closed with a stiff leg kick and ate a teep, Estes whiffing on the follow up hook and head kick. Another right hand smashed Click’s eye and she returned fire with an overhand right and monster body kick, the pair game to hurt each other in search of title gold. Click slipped punches inside and retaliated, but both girls smooth defensively; Estes landing a front kick to the body and sending Click back to her corner a bloody mess.

The second round began with a front kick that caught Estes off balance, dropping her for a split second; a left hand putting her off balance again soon after. Click looked to line up her right hand and avoid the gristmill of combination work put forth by her opponent, both girls landing nasty punches in turn. A front kick from Estes landed hard to the body and an overhand from Click clobbered her foe, the crowd going wild with each exchange. Estes missed on a head kick but landed a one -two that got Click’s blood boiling as the horn sounded; murder in her eyes and blood on her face promising the third round would be a classic Cage Titans moment.

Click landed a front kick and a one - two, Estes shooting but stalling on an uppercut from Click. A spinning backfist from Estes missed and Click came in behind with a flurry, stopping short of Estes’ combination work, though a short hook landed for the Pennsylvania native. The two threw a series of body kicks and Estes tried to get funky on the inside. The showboating would close the curtain on the fight for her, a right hand from Click sending her stumbling before cutting an angle to drop another across her foe’s temple, and the following left uppercut blasting her backwards into a walking coma.

Sarah Click wins via 3rd Round KO (right straight, left hook)

Devin Carrier vs Don Shainis

155lb Amateur Title

A battle of two elite lightweights started with Shainis closing fast and hitting a double leg, Carrier scrambling up but the champ all pressure early. A saddle takedown saw Shainis take the back with a single hook in, jumping fully on the back as Carrier came to standing. The challenger jumped forward and tried to scrap his opponent off against the cage but Shainis held fast, punching to the body and holding onto a head and arm as Carrier turned to escape. The two came to standing and Shainis put pressure on going forward, Carrier circling out and unloading with a crisp combination that tagged Shainis repeatedly; the champ diving for a double and hitting mount instantly, Carrier giving his back yet again. Carrier defended the RNC and Shainis went over the shoulder, going for an armbar that was rebuffed. Again Shainis turned and shot fast, closing out the round ever on the attack.

The second started with a fast shot from Shainis again, the champ bouncing Carrier off the fence and tripping him to the mat. Carrier went for butterflies and pushed to stand up, throwing hooks but unable to locate a rapidly moving combatant as Shainis changed levels in a snap and pushed him to the fence. Carrier tried to back out and away to gain space, but Shainis was like glue, tripping him again and trying to force a mount that saw Carrier gain space to escape and commence clinching. A knee for Carrier landed to the body and he framed up a guillotine, but Shainis persisted, backing out momentarily to land hard hooks. Carrier used that space and attacked, hurling an uppercut but missing the timing that saw Shainis smash him into the fence and finish out the round on top.

A hellish pace for a five rounder, the third began with Carrier throwing a front kick and trying to keep range, Shainis having none of it as he dogged a single leg against the fence. Shainis switched to a body lock and kneed to the legs; Carrier trying to hit a trip but being blocked in the attempt. Shainis bullied his foe and tried for a deep double leg, but Carrier still had plenty in the tank, sprawling hard and uppercutting before breaking away from the cage to land clean blows at center cage. Shainis went for the single again and Carrier defended, but couldn’t stop the freight train takedowns of the champion as another round ended with the title holder on top.

Shainis charged with a hook but ate one in return, Carrier snapping off a front kick and kneeing to the body as Shainis drove for the double leg. Carrier spun hard and dragged Shainis to the mat for a change, going for the back and trying to stay afloat in the fight, losing position as Shainis rolled into Carrier’s guard. Carrier tried to lock up a triangle but the champion was aware of the attack, squaring up and driving a knee through the guard to pass. Carrier hit a sweep and the two came back to standing, an uppercut from Carrier blasting Shainis and another, the champ wilting against the fence as Carrier used every second left in the round to shatter his opponent’s confidence.

The final round in an absolute stunner, Carrier led with an uppercut, trying to keep space and zapping the champ with inside punches. Shainis hit a low single and passed to half guard, Carrier grabbing onto a kimura and trying to tear the limb off, but losing it as Shainis powered through, dropping shoulders. Carrier got his hips in and worked from guard, losing position as Shainis glided into mount, though Carrier swept and found himself in Shainis’ guard for the first time in the fight. The wrestler showed he has some skills off his back, sweeping quickly and passing to mount, unloading and taking the back as Carrier turned to escape, the bout going to the cards in a non-stop fight.

Don Shainis wins via Unanimous Decision (49-46x3)

Kris Moutinho vs Jeff Perez

145lb Amateur Title

A dream pairing of champions started their match with Perez coming in hard, but Perez dropped from a clash of heads, Moutinho backing him into the cage. Moutinho chopped away at the thighs, Perez hand fighting to keep Moutinho off the takedown, ensnaring his head with a guillotine. In a great showing of strength, Moutinho scooped Perez off his feet and landed a beautiful slam, Perez shrimping back to the cage as Moutinho looked to hip into mount. Nothing came of it as Perez jumped to his feet, underhooking and hitting a trip takedown into guard to close out the round.

The second began with Moutinho coming in hard, Perez shooting and getting a double into side control, jumping for mount but losing out to Moutinho’s expert hips, being swept and dumped to the canvas again with a standing kimura. Moutinho kept on the head and went for a guillotine but abandoned it, keeping Perez pressed against the cage. A quick foot sweep saw Moutinho fly through the air as Perez tried to capitalize on the throw, but Moutinho was up immediately, the two grinding in the clinch to finish the round.

The third began with a low kick from Moutinho, a right hand sneaking in as Moutinho drove for a double leg that planted Perez. Perez tried to slow cook a guillotine from closed guard but abandoned it; Moutinho driving his adversary into the fence and trying to pass. Perez went for a kimura and then butterfly guard, ultimately wall walking back to standing with Moutinho kneeing his foe to the body, the round drawing to a close and moving into championship rounds.

Perez fired a massive right hand and another, clipping Moutinho but not putting him down as the challenger grappled into clinch and controlled the 145lb champ against the cage. Perez hit the hip toss and worked a triangle, missing the hold as Moutinho rolled out, keeping the pressure on from top as Perez looked for a sweep. Perez sat up for a takedown and pushed his foe over, going knee on belly and full mount, Mountinho rocking his leg into the equation and finishing in bottom half guard in what could be an even fight moving into the final round.

Immortality for Mountinho on the line, the pair collided, Moutinho landing a front kick and combination, followed by a jumping knee, Perez landing an uppercut and hook before Moutinho shot in and sucked his legs out. Perez went to the guillotine again but Moutinho was wise to the move, keeping his weight forward to glue Perez to the base of the cage. Perez tried for an armlock but found nothing, Moutinho posturing up and punching away at Perez as he looked to sweep. Moutinho hipped in hard as the seconds ticked away, chasing a madly shrimping Perez across the mat and slamming punches home the whole way, screaming as the horn sounded to close out an amateur career for the ages.

Kris Moutinho wins via Unanimous Decision (49-46,48-47x2)

Bobby Flynn vs Louis Torres

170lb Professional

The first professional bout for the night began with Flynn taking center cage, stalking his foe and landing a knee to the body. Torres dropped for a single and Flynn defended with the standing kimura, dropping it to grab over unders and drilling a knee to the face standing. Flynn turned his foe into the cage and went full tilt on a set of knees that zapped Torres, Flynn hurling him to the mat and jumping onto mount to elbow down the center. Flynn fired away with punches and Torres found himself utterly trapped, the referee waving off the fight and giving Flynn a much needed win.

Bobby Flynn wins via 1st Round TKO (punches)

Ralph Johnson vs Cheyenne Vazquez

185lb Professional

A battle sure to be over in bloody quick fashion, Johnson threw a combination early, Vazquez ducking and looking to line up a kill shot. In a moment that defines the sport of MMA, Johnson leveled a right hand across Vazquez temple that saw him hit the canvas completely out cold; the young upstart absolutely starched by the all-or-nothing warrior.

Ralph Johnson wins via 1st round KO (punch)

Steve McCabe vs Peter Barrett

145lb Professional

Our main event for the evening started with the two meeting at center, Barrett throwing low and mid kicks and clipping McCabe with a hard right. McCabe went for a switch kick and landed a left hand, Barrett hammering him with a mid kick as they circled. A left hand from Barrett dumped McCabe and Barrett allowed him to return to his feet, throwing the mid kick again. McCabe threw a head kick that missed and tried to counter off the kick, a ripping right hand landing well but Barrett not slowing down. A front kick from McCabe landed hard to the midsection and Barrett tried to work inside, McCabe there to throw at angles and find defensive holes. Barrett chopped the leg yet again, putting money in the bank, and bounced a head kick off the gloves, throwing a superman punch and catching a groin shot on the landing. The fight resumed with McCabe throwing an axe kick and Barrett bouncing another head kick off the gloves, coming in with a jump knee and flurry. McCabe landed the head kick himself while Barrett smashed his foe to the body and upstairs with a combination, backing McCabe to the fence and grabbing a standing guillotine that pulled the fighter clean off his feet, a world of pressure on his throat that forced the tap to the old school power move.

Peter Barrett wins via 1st round Submission (standing guillotine)

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