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Combat Zone 54 Fight Review

A full time job and pushing the start time ahead by an hour made me fashionably late for the event, yet there we was still some quality action to be had at the latest Combat Zone event.

Jeovanny Tovar vs Matt Dubois

165lb Amateur Kickboxing

A trade of mid kicks started the fight; Dubois lacing his foe with set of leg kicks. Tovar worked some body strikes and got his knees going, putting money in the bank early in the contest, Dubois game to slug it out as the pair chewed up each other’s midsections. The due fired away with their best power shots early, Tovar closing to land a stinging knee to the sternum to close out the round.

The pair clinched up to start the second, Dubois landing a sharp right and several body shots. Tovar retaliated with a hook of his own, both settling into a rhythm of brutality as they smashed away at each other’s tenderized ribs. Dubois tried working the long jab but Tovar cleaved the open air between with a flying knee, finishing out the round with more thai nastiness inside.

The final round started off with the two coming out hard, trading low kicks with reckless abandon, Tovar finding some spring in his midsection to bob and weave into range with hand combinations. Dubois tried to hit his elusive foe, but couldn’t find the chin, Tovar smashing his base and finding a high gear in the final round. Dubois tried to slow the pace with the clinch but Tovar was there to chip away as well, walking off with the round in a near shut-out.

Jeovanny Tovar wins via Unanimous Decision (29-28x3)

Anthony Martin vs Stephen Triminio

135lb Amateur Kickboxing

The pair worked from the outside to start the fight, Martin snapping a low kick that was answered by Triminio’s mid power shot. Martin landed a heater inside and Triminio came in hard behind it with a combination, the two clearly game to engage. Triminio darted inside and back out, neither giving better than they got as the pair showed themselves to be adept at all ranges; the round coming to a close.

The second began as Martin closed with a flurry and was met with the same, the pair rattling each other’s cages. Martin lobbed a jab and cross, whiffing on the spinning heel kick but blasting his opponent to the mat with the follow-up. Martin slung another power right and spinning heel kick, but found himself countered in the last seconds of the round by a crisp right from Triminio, the two keeping the pressure on.

Martin closed and started linking punches together, Triminio looking for an opening to hurl a lightning bolt right hand through. Martin closed with body knees as Triminio fought off his back foot, trying to counter but started to wear down from the onslaught. A nasty right hand put Triminio on the fence and the referee gave an eight count moments later, Martin right back in to finish the job but running out of time in the fight.

Stephen Triminio wins via Split Decision (29-28x2,28-29)

Brandy Young vs Elizabeth Silveira

115lb Amateur Kickboxing

The pair closed with big body kicks early, Young blasting her opponent with a one-two, but Silveira was undeterred. Young threw front kicks to the body repeatedly and Silveira made a habit of catching and punching, taking the blow to give one back. A slashing right hand from Silveira smashed Young to the mat, though the round ended seconds later, stealing Silveira’s chance for an early finish.

The second started with Young closing and cranking up the tempo, landing to the body and keeping her opponent largely on the defensive. A sharp right hand stunned Silveira for a moment, Young following up with body kicks in an attempt to get her adversary out of the fight. Silveira answered back with some kick attacks herself, digging a few home before the round ended.

The last round started with Silveira closing range but taking the brunt of an all out assault by Young, the Redline fighter not looking to leave with gas still in the tank. Silveira tied up to slow the fight down but couldn’t keep her opponent in check, a left hook smashing home for Young as she landed with excellent power late in the fight. Silveira snapped a jab and threw a spinning backfist with the round closing out, but was chewed up on the inside with knees until the final bell.

Brandy Young wins via Unanimous Decision (29-28x3)

Jeff Beal vs Zack Fritz-Kill

145lb Amateur MMA

A mid kick from Beal signaled the start of the bout, but a right hand from Fritz-Kill put his foe on the mat for a moment. Fritz-Kill closed for the finish but was picked off with a single, standing up from the ground game to work his magic standing yet again. Fritz-Kill threw fire inside the clinch, rocking Beal yet again, who backed out to use his range, firing kicks and power punches. An absolutely ruthless combination from Fritz-Kill had his adversary on ice skates and lacerated his face; the referee calling for the doctor to check the wounded eye. The match restarted and Fritz-Kill came in hard, lacing Beal with a pair or hooks that dropped him, Beal going for a takedown but being reversed into mount. Fritz-Kill dropped the hammer on his pinned opponent, the referee stopping the bout after an accumulation of blows.

Zack Fritz-Kill wins via 1st Round TKO (punches)

Brian Cosco vs Shawn Melanson

155lb Amateur MMA

Melanson closed with a six-punch combination that put Cosco down on his haunches, shooting from the mat but being stuffed. Cosco came to standing and was steamrolled by a knee to the chest and volley of punches, Melanson standing over his foe and slamming away with fists on the mat. Cosco rolled and went for an ankle lock that dropped Melanson to the mat, but the Gate City fighter reversed his fortunes and sank a heelhook as he rolled, getting the tap in another short fight.

Shawn Melanson wins via 1st round Submission (heelhook)

Buck Pineau vs Ray Shawdee

180lb Professional Kickboxing

A battle of large scale strikers started off with Pineau landing a front kick, caught and countered by Shawdee. Pineau went for the clinch knee and Shawdee took two off the chin, dropping to the mat, though he was back up quickly. The pair got into boxing range and Shawdee landed a hard shot inside and another, Pineau kicking him away to get back to a manageable range. Shawdee put one over the top and Buck looked to elbow, trying out the weapons of a pro and opening Shawdee’s scalp with a strike. Buck went for another knee and Shawdee dug to the body, Buck trying to tear his foe apart with his muay thai arsenal in tight. The doctor was called in to check the cut near the top of Shawdee’s head, which in short time had turned him to red ruin. The bout restarted with a head kick from Pineau that bounced off the glove, Shawdee digging to the body with a jab and mid kick. Pineau threw a front kick and closed with an elbow, kneeing the body before disengaging. Shawdee slung a left hand but took a bone-rattling elbow in close, the round ending with Shawdee looking like he’d been in a car accident.

The second round began with Pineau lashing out with leg kicks, Shawdee closing to throw a right hand and looking for a sweep. Pineau clinched and missed with a knee and spinning heel kick, going low with oblique kicks. Shawdee landed a left mid kick and right hand combination and went inside, but moved away quickly before Pineau could throw another knee, Pineau being tripped to the canvas off a kick. Pineau closed with a knee and landed a low blow that dropped Shawdee hard to the mat. After several minutes, Shawdee made it back to his feet and the bout resumed. Pineau threw a front kick to the body and spinning heel kick that landed, Shawdee looking to cut an angle and starch his foe, but having trouble with the reach. Pineau cracked his opponent with a low kick and darted in with an elbow, keeping the fight at whatever range he wanted while Shawdee looked for the counter.

The final round began with Pineau throwing long kicks, Shawdee closing the distance to chip away at the body with hooks. A mid kick landed for Shawdee, answered by a Pineau inside low kick and a spinning backfist, Shawdee using a great deal of movement to change the look of the fight. Pineau closed for a clinch knee and Shawdee blasted him to the body with a left followed by a right hand upstairs. Shawdee slung a sizzling right hand and Pineau threw a front kick and a spinning backfist that was more glove than fist, Shawdee taking the blow and kicking his foe’s leg out on a head kick attempt. Pineau closed and Shawdee smashed him with a right hand and another, putting the fight on his terms as the two slung elbows at each other and went for broke. Shawdee landed another right hand that wobbled Pineau, though the Team Irish fighter kept it composed and threw enough wicked elbows to keep Shawdee from going for the kill.

Ray Shawdee wins via Split Decision (29-28x2, 28-29)

John Santos vs Bill Jones

145lb Professional MMA

The bout began with Santos closing to throw jabs, Jones kicking low and high. Santos closed with a one two that stung Jones, bouncing away to reset and do it again. Jones threw hard hooks that missed the mark, Santos using smart footwork to stay safe and throw from angles. Jones came in for a takedown and hit an inside trip, settling in half guard and passing to side quickly. Santos rolled to escape and Jones took the back, flattening his opponent and taking the back. Jones put on the RNC but couldn’t complete it, Santos punching over his shoulder and trying to shake his opponent off while escaping through the back door. Jones held on tight and went for a kneebar transition as they rolled, missing the hold and going to the back again, slipping off as the two returned to standing. Santos closed distance and threw hard shots that came up short, the two tumbling to the mat as the bell rang.

Santos threw a front kick and low kick to start the second, looking for a kill shot, but Jones hit a power double into side control. Jones tried up the arms and went for elbows, but the offensive move gave Santos space to escape, turning into his opponent and hitting a single leg trip, where Jones tied him up on the mat with a side choke. Santos worked to get out but Jones framed up a triangle, missing the armbar transition as Santos came to standing. Jones ducked for a single and Santos hit a jumping knee that seemed to hurt Jones, Santos sweeping his opponent into mount from his dogged single leg. Jones rolled and gave his back, Santos pummeling away with hooks in to force the stoppage.

John Santos wins via 2nd Round TKO (punches)

Elvis Gashi vs Ben Peak

160lb Professional Kickboxing

The pair traded low kicks to start, with Gashi smashing a head kick home, but taking a retaliatory elbow. Gashi landed another low kick and threw a laser left hand, landing hard on Peak, who took it in stride and looked to inflict harm back on his foe. Gashi closed with a two-three and rifled elbows down the center, Peak’s face coming apart and his will disappearing with the technical savagery directed at him. The doctor came in to check a cut opened by the elbows and ruled the fighter unable to continue.

Elvis Gashi wins via 1st round TKO (Doctor Stoppage)

Ralph Johnson vs Willl Santiago

175lb Professional MMA

A fight of wild height disparity started with Santiago trying to get inside on the monstrous Johnson, who pawed with jabs and power shots. Santiago charged in with a right hand that missed, backing out where Johnson slung leather and threw a jumping knee. Santiago threw a monster right hand that dropped Johnson to the mat where he swarmed with a volley of rights for the finish.

Will Santiago wins via 1st Round TKO (punches)

Danny Abad vs Jake Pilla

145lb Amateur MMA Title

The epic rematch for the title started off with a front kick from PIlla, Abad answering with a low kick. Pilla threw a pair of kicks that missed, Abad closing fast to throw a right hand that he overshot. Abad ripped a head kick and landed a side kick, the two playing with new tools and seeking the element of surprise. Pilla slammed a low kick home and a right hand stung Abad, Pilla landing a front kick before shooting in for a slam into side control. Abad looked to regain guard and found it, trying to frame up an armlock that PIlla defended as he went to standing. Pilla rushed in as Abad came to his feet and jumped for the arm in guillotine, rolling to his back with what looked like a solid hold, though the bell ruined the attempt to make it a short night.

Abad closed distance fast in the second, throwing a combination that was largely deflected, Pilla working his front kick yet again. Abad rushed in and hit a trip into side control, Pilla locking on an arm triangle from bottom that stalled the fight, but didn’t sap much from Abad. Hitting a sweep, Pilla took top position but Abad swung for an armbar that he couldn’t finish, the two coming to their feet. Abad flurried and landed on Pilla, who shot for a takedown that he couldn’t keep. Abad turned and took his foe down, jumping into the ground war with a nasty punch and taking side control. Pilla tied up from bottom and tried to sweep off the cage, but Abad pulled his opponent away and finished out the round from top.

The third began with a ripping low kick from Pilla, Abad answering back and throwing a spinning back fist. A mid kick and right hand landed for Abad, the challenger keeping the champion’s back to the cage and landing power shots. Pilla charged forward but found himself hustled in the clinch, Abad trying to take the back but settling for a trip into half guard. Pilla turned for a heelhook but missed the transition, Abad looking to secure position but leaving his neck exposed for a guillotine. Abad extracted himself and kept working from top half guard, winging left hands while Pilla looked for a sweep, losing position in the attempt. Abad tried for knee on belly and Pilla rolled, starting a scramble that saw Abad land in mount and take the back in the closing seconds of the round.

Championship rounds started off with Pilla hurling power punches and Abad landing a mean mid kick, rushing in for a body lock takedown into side control. Pilla tried to bridge and Abad moved into mount, Pilla rolling and giving his back where Abad unloaded with short punches as the champion covered. With hips flattened, Pilla had nowhere to go, Abad relentless with the strikes until the referee halted the match.

Danny Abad wins via 4th Round TKO (punches)

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