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Cage Titans 24 Fight Review

Yiannis Savvidis vs Jose Lugo

125lb Amateur

The pair took center cage; Savvidis throwing probing punches but finding his reach just short of Lugos, eating a pair of uppercuts as he looked for the clinch. Lugo locked his foe up and kneed to the body, landing an uppercut on the break. The duo pawed at each other and Lugo rifled a mid kick home, Savvidis again going for the clinch and taking punishment to the body. A triple body knee stung Savvidis, who surged forward and used an underhook throw that faceplanted Lugo momentarily. The two came to standing again and worked clinch tactics, Lugo blasting the midsection and taking a knee in return this time. Lugo landed a forearm and kept pressure on his opponent’s chest, pinning his man to the cage until the round ended.

The second round began with a crisp hook from Lugo, Savvidis still trying to find range with his hands but settling for a nasty leg kick. Lugo closed with a body kick and the two clinched again briefly before moving to center. Lugo stuck another body kick and a pair of knees in clinch as Savvidis swung massive punches inside, both men taking a bit of damage before moving back to center yet again. Lugo tagged his foe with a snappy leg kick and tried to work from his own reach, Savvidis hurling a right hand that clubbed his foe before they collided in clinch again, Savvidis grinding for a takedown but running low on time.

The final round in a competitive bout, Lugo closed early to plink away with jabs and body kicks. A one-two landed for Lugo, though Savvidis seemed no worse for wear, backing out and looking to set up one of his mega overhands. A stiff low kick from Savvidis was met with a body kick from Lugo as the two clinched up against the cage, Lugo again backing out. Surely down on the cards, Savvidis looked to turn the bout into a dog fight, charging hard and shooting a penetration step but finding his opponent fleet of foot. A clubbing overhand caught Lugo but Savvidis couldn’t capitalize; Lugo timing his advance and ripping a right hook home. Savvidis threw a final overhand with ill intentions, but Lugo showed smart defense, gliding out of danger and into a decision win.

Jose Lugo wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27x3)

Mike Fleming vs Zach DiSabatino

185lb Amateur

DiSabatino came out looking for a power double, missing the first shot but landing a monster left hand that had Fleming on ice skates. DiSabatino again shot and this time buried his foe against the base of the cage, going knee on chest and driving left hands down into his opponent’s exposed head. Completely shellshocked, Fleming covered but didn’t seek an escape from the barrage, the referee forced to stop the fight.

Zach DiSabatino wins via 1st Round TKO

Ryan Cushing vs Jimmy Schwalm

155lb Amateur

Cushing started with a head kick and spinning heel kick, Schwalm coming in for the clinch and kneeing to the body with reckless abandon. Cushing went for a double and switched to a single off a sprawl, Schwalm making his foe carry his weight but, losing the wrestling match in the transitions. Cushing moved into half guard and landed right hands, keeping tight and passing to mount where he unloaded. Schwalm gave his back and Cushing locked on the body triangle, grabbing the gable-gripped RNC for the win yet again.

Ryan Cushing wins via 1st round Submission (RNC)

Hannah Murello vs Kitauna Parker

135lb Amateur

The first female fight of the evening began with the two exchanging madly at center, Parker pressing for the clinch and moving Murello to the cage. Murello grabbed underhooks and worked to control the strong-arm tactics, landing body knees when space presented itself. Parker backed out and hurled stiff combinations that had Murello seeing stars, but the fighter was able to shoot; stuffed but staying out of harm’s way. The pair separated and Murello threw a haymaker and spinning backfist, using the movement to close range and look for a double as Parker threw punches in close. Murello couldn’t find the takedown and the two worked a game of dirty boxing and tight knees, Murello stunning her foe with persistent bodywork before shooting for a takedown. The gambit nearly backfired as Parker slipped to the back, but fundamental BJJ took over, Murello peeling her foe off and moving into top half guard to close out a wild round.

The second started with Parker closing range and throwing hellfire, tagging her foe before the two resumed the grueling clinch work from the previous round. Murello kneed to the body at a frantic pace; Parker pinning her to the cage with a forearm to the throat and backing out. Murello closed range again and went back to body knees and seeking the double, but Parker’s physicality proved too much, shutting down the attempts as they occurred. Parker reversed and slammed a knee home, followed by a two piece that saw Murello wilt for but a second before charging in and hitting that elusive takedown off a punch. Working from half guard, Murello landing short punches and maintained that hard-fought position as time ran out.

The final round started off with Parker pumping jabs and landing a hard cross, Murello taking it to get back to her clinch knees, scoring effectively before Parker shoved her away. Parker flipped the script and shot for a takedown but was rebuked, being turned into the cage as Murello went for a single. Parker shut it down with pure muscle and the two dirty boxed, Murello looking for a trip and double that she just missed. More knees landed from body ladies, with Murello winning the positioning battle that played out between the strikes, hitting a final takedown in the last second of the fight.

Hannah Murello wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27x3)

Scott Sullivan vs Andy Kurzontkowski

170lb Amateur

The two high energy opponents started their fight with pawing jabs, Kurzontkowski slinging a body kick before closing distance and changing levels. The move proved a mistake as he dropped his head directly into the path of a liver kick by Sullivan, taking it off the face and sending him to the canvas. Sullivan looked to work from top position but was kicked off as he postured up to strike, the two coming to standing and Kurzontkowski dogging a single with blood pouring from his nose. Kurzontkowski found the takedown and worked from top with hammerfists, losing position as Sullivan rolled and hit a body lock takedown of his own. Kurzontkowski went for an omaplata but couldn’t sink it, instead punching from his back before they came back to standing. Kurzontkowski again shot, but unable to secure the takedown before the round ended.

The second round began with a low kick from Sullivan and body kicks from Kurzontkowski, Sullivan kicking him to the canvas again and hopping to a quick mount. Sullivan locked up an arm triangle as Kurzontkowski looked to bridge roll out of the position, instead tapping to the tight hold.

Scott Sullivan wins via 2nd Round Submission (arm triangle)

Barry Liseno vs Joe Giannetti

170lb Amateur

Liseno started with a stiff jab and another, looking to get inside on his longer foe, who made smart use of his range with his own jab. Giannetti plinked but was tagged with a hard right that backed him up, shooting for a takedown and being stuffed and thrown into the cage. Liseno backed away and looked to avoid the grappling match but Giannetti launched for a long double and got it, Liseno getting his bottom game going and seeking a kimura to straight armbar. Giannetti went for the inverted triangle and tried to set up a knee bar but lost both, Liseno settling into top position and sitting on Giannetti’s head. The two looked to find advantage in the odd position and Giannetti swept out and into a front headlock, going for a D’arce and slipping into mount to get the tap.

Joe Giannetti wins via 1st Round Submission (D’arce choke)

Bobby Baker vs John Douma

150lb Amateur

The pair felt each other out to start with long jabs; Douma shooting for an ankle pick for the takedown. Baker framed up an armbar but Douma was out and snatched a body lock as the two came to standing, hitting a massive slam and taking the back in an instant. Baker tried to peel his foe off while fighting hands, getting out of the danger spot and dodging the follow-up armbar as the two came to their feet. Douma again hit a huge slam, moving into side control and using smart pressure, but Baker walked up the fence to move to a front head lock position. Douma looked to catch a guillotine but couldn’t get it as Baker escaped and threw long kicks and a superman punch; Douma shooting for a takedown as the round ended.

The second started with Douma clearly wounded from an apparent eye poke in the first round, but the gritty fighter went on, shooting for a takedown and getting a trip into guard. Baker worked some sharp BJJ from bottom, threatening entanglements on the right arm while keeping Douma from posturing up to strike. Douma stood up and tried for a quick pass, Baker going for a leg lock but finding himself trapped in a quasi crucifix. Douma looked for a straight armlock and shifted for an Americana, moving to hammerfists to his foe’s pinned head once the clapper sounded.

The final round began with Baker throwing a shovel hook, taking a return hook from his foe, who shot for a double. Douma worked from top, pressuring for a pass that Baker fought dutifully, though Douma won out, moving from side control to mount. Douma unloaded from mount, holding position and attacking when opportunity presented itself, jumping for an armbar that Baker tried to turn out of. Baker tapped out on his foe’s foot, but the referee was out of position to see it and the round came to a close regardless.

John Douma wins via Unanimous Decision (30-26x2, 30-27)

Mike Brown vs Max Barrett

129lb Amateur

A fight sure to be fireworks started with a low kick from Brown and a left hand that landed hard; Barrett firing back with a combination that dropped Brown face first to the canvas. Barrett leapt for the finish and laced his opponent with a flying hammerfist, landing in a contentious back ride and throwing hooks, the referee jumping in to stop the fight, thought Brown felt it was premature.

Max Barrett wins via 1st Round TKO

Devon Estes vs Hilarie Rose

115lb Amateur

The duo met at center cage, Rose landing a body kick, returned by Estes, who jumped for a flying armbar as Rose came in behind the attack. Rose locked up her arm, kneeling on her foe’s jaw to work an escape while hammerfisting the exposed face, yet Estes was tenacious with the submission. Rose picked up her adversary for two thunderous slams, Estes glue-like was on that arm as she found the space against the cage to straighten it out, getting the tap.

Devon Estes wins via 1st Round Submission (armbar)

Angelo Richardson vs Bobby Gasdia

170lb Amateur

Gasdia pursued early, Richardson shooting under the overhand and hitting a double, but getting caught in a guillotine by his crafty opponent. Richardson survived the attempt and extracted himself, Gasdia holding on from bottom and looking to get his butterflies in, while Richardson teed off on his foe’s ribs with a resounding thud. Gasdia again went for the guillotine and missed, trying for an armbar he couldn’t navigate as Richardson postured and attacked. Richardson pinned his adversary’s head to the cage and drove fists home, Gasdia hooking the leg to bring him back to the mat while seeking a triangle, the horn sounding with the two fighting for their respective positions.

The second round began with Gasdia closing with uppercuts and hooks, Richardson game to play in the pocket and landing his own before hitting a takedown. Gasdia worked to tie up his foe from bottom and hunt for submissions, going for the armbar but missing, instead kicking Richardson away. Richardson shot for a takedown and was stuffed, Gasdia punching to the body and throwing uppercuts that knocked his foe’s head back. Richardson gave it back and hit a double yet again, punching to the body as Gasdia tried to keep busy off his back. Richardson postured up and slammed punches home, Gasdia spinning for the armbar again and missing, with Richardson finishing out the round on top.

Round three started off with Gasdia shooting for a double that he secured against the cage, passing to half guard. Richardson grabbed for a kimura and forced Gasdia to react, defending the hold and moving to guard where he rained down punishment, avoiding the upkicks of his foe to pass briefly. Richardson locked down his own guard as Gasdia dropped hammerfists and kept busy from top, blocking Richardson’s sweep attempts repeatedly while getting in his own offense. Richardson tried for a last ditch sweep, but Gasdia was firmly on top to close out a solid grappling bout.

Bobby Gasida wins via Split Decision (29-28x2, 28-29)

Chris Taylor vs Devin Carrier

155lb Amateur

Carrier took center to start, the two exchanging punches as Carrier pushed his foe to the cage. Taylor looked for a trip, kneeing the legs and keeping the pressure on as Carrier worked underhooks and knees of his own. Taylor went for a scoop slam but was reversed in the attempt, Carrier hitting a trip into half guard. Taylor shrimped and tried to extract the leg but opted to kick Carrier away instead, the two clinching as they came to standing. Taylor tripped Carrier to the canvas, looking for a guillotine he couldn’t find as they came to standing yet again, neither on with early advantage in the fight. Carrier came in with a combination and caught Taylor’s neck as he ducked, locking on a vicious standing guillotine and shoving Taylor to the cage. Taylor looked to adjust against the links but couldn’t shirk off enough pressure to survive the choke, tapping out in the last second.

Devin Carrier wins via 1st Round Submission (standing guillotine)

Will Smith vs Kris Moutinho

135lb Amateur Title

The first title fight of the evening started with Smith charging hard with straight punches, looking for a single that he scored with some difficulty. Moutinho worked to extract himself from his foe’s grip, taking a knee and coming to his feet against the cage where Smith kneed to the legs and held a body lock. Moutinho worked to create space and hit a slam of his own, landing in Smith’s half butterfly guard, Smith trying to kick him off and reverse but being pressed to the mat with his foe’s heavy hip pressure. Moutinho held top half and slung leather while looking for a guillotine, landing in mount with Smith twisting under him to wind up in bottom side control. Moutinho looked for a kimura and tried to hook a straight armbar but lost his grip in the move, ending the round in knee on belly.

The second started with an uppercut-straight combo from Moutinho followed but a cartwheel kick as the Rivera Athletics product got loose. Smith came in with straight punches and a front kick that grazed his foe. Moutinho moved in to throw a three piece and Smith dropped for a fast single, Moutinho stalling the hold and looking for a guillotine set-up against his powerful foe. Smith stripped the hand away from his neck but Moutinho snapped him down to the canvas and tried the guillotine again, hipping in and catching Smith in empty half before quartering him to throw with abandon to the head. Smith tried to fight out, but Moutinho had his leg hooked and controlled the lower body, bowling his opponent over to continue slamming fists home until the round ended.

The third round in a solid fight thus far, Moutinho landed a front kick and Smith answered with a 1-2 and leg kick. Smith charged hard and caught the Flyweight champion with a pair of straight rights, but found himself reversed on the fence, Moutinho getting the takedown into side control and working towards a crucifix. Moutinho pinned the near arm and Smith bucked madly to escape, Moutinho holding on with composed fluidity and unloading a constant stream of right hands. Smith was unable to extract himself from the expert grappler’s top game and the referee eventually called the fight.

Kris Moutinho wins via 3rd Round TKO

Sean Evans vs Pat McCrohan

185lb Amateur Title

The final title tilt of the evening began with Evans taking center cage; charging in for a body lock and looking to impose his will on his foe. McCrohan turned Evans against the cage and hit a trip takedown, snatching a guillotine set-up and looking to keep Evans grounded and defending. Evans snatched up a leg and pulled McCrohan to the mat briefly, but the champion stood up and kept his hips engaged to stifle the reversal attempt. A fast hook under the chin saw McCrohan snatch a standing guillotine that looked horrifically tight, tripping Evans to the mat and landing in guillotine, where Evans went out cold.

Pat McCrohan wins via 1st Round Submission (guillotine)

Stephen Stengel vs Sean Lally

180lb Professional

A surefire bloodbath started with Lally coming forward and Stengel throwing a jab and body kick. Lally dropped for the takedown and was stuffed by Stengel’s underhooks, Lally throwing a knee to the head and trying for that takedown again, ripping his foe to the mat. Stengel went for a sweep but couldn’t find it, Lally dropping a pair of bombs before backing away to allow his opponent to stand and bang. Stengel threw a front kick and front hand power shot before coming in for a takedown, bringing Lally to the mat. Lally threw elbows from his back and tried to keep his foe from posturing up, going for an ankle lock and Stengel dropping for a guillotine in a scramble. Lally gutted out the hold and moved into mount, where Stengel still cranked, Lally breaking free to rain down blows. Stengel gave his back but Lally wasn’t interested in the choke, slinging murderous uppercuts and forcing Stengel to roll back to mount where the referee stopped the fight after several more unanswered blows.

Sean Lally wins via 1st Round TKO

Manny Torres vs Manny Bermudez

145lb Professional

The long awaited debut of Bermudez started off with a flurry from the former champ, Torres returning fire and moving for a takedown. Bermudez unloaded with elbows to the body and head, throwing a pair of knees to the head and pressuring against the case. A cuffing punch from Torres dropped Bermudez for a moment, shooting for a takedown from the mat and moving into quarter position in a scramble. Torres elbowed over his shoulder and tried to create space to escape, but rolled into Bermudez’s mount briefly. Bermudez went for a hammerlock in a transition as Torres tried to escape and settled in mount again. Bermudez looked to lock up an Americana and moved to crucifix, Torres kicking off the cage to escape back into bottom half guard. Bermudez launched a salvo of elbow strikes and caused Torres to turtle, the referee stopping the bout.

Manny Bermudez wins via 1st Round TKO

Steve McCabe vs Fernando Perez

145lb Professional

The main event of the evening started out with a double jab from McCabe followed by a left hook and leg kick. Perez shot for a single and ate a shove hook for the trouble, Perez backing up and throwing a combination that landed. McCabe cracked his opponent to the body and whiffed on a head kick, Perez looking to counter and shoot, hitting a 1-1-2. McCabe smashed his foe with a right straight and Perez answered with a head kick that was partially deflected by the glove, shooting in for a double and getting it against the cage. Perez swung his opponent away from the cage and opened up with strikes, McCabe swinging for an armbar and managing to roll belly down, getting the verbal tap.

Steve McCabe wins via 1st Round Submission (armbar)

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