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Toe 2 Toe 2 Event Review

Beautiful downtown Portland once again played host to the burgeoning Maine MMA promotion, with eleven fights that all promised action and intensity. If you couldn't come out and help pack the Portland Expo, check out what you missed out on, and make sure you don't repeat the mistake next time Toe 2 Toe sets up shop!

Henry Clark vs Dan Lynch

145lb Amateur

Lynch closed early and took center, looking to work combinations while Clark got behind a jab. A right from Lynch landed as he tried to work angles, plinking with low kicks. Clark threw a kick arsenal of his own, seeking his range and keeping the shorter fighter on the outside. The gambit failed as Lynch shot in and secured a thunderous takedown into guard, Clark working off his back and looking for the sub. Clark tried for the armbar but found himself in an awkward position, unable to straighten, Lynch rolling through and throwing hellfire uppercuts to his quartered foe. Clark worked to sweep to the back; Lynch using upper body strength to pin him to the canvas, but Clark’s hooks ultimately winning him the position, though nothing materialized before the bell.

Lynch threw a leg kick and backed off from a combination by Clark to start the second, both weary of each other in striking exchanges. Lynch hit a duck-under belly to back slam that sent Clark flying, hopping expertly into mount to capitalize on the attack. Clark tied up and tried to sweep; Lynch losing position and opting to jump for a guillotine. The attack was just short of ideal; using diesel in the arms to try and finish. Clark braved the crush and came out in a contentious half guard, looking to punch away and take the round back. Lynch tried to sweep but Clark followed the roll and was on his back in an instant, slowly working his hand under the neck and locking on the RNC for the win.

Henry Clark wins via 2nd Round Submission (RNC)

Duncan Zechariah-Smith vs John McAndrews

185lb Amateur

The fight started off with a head kick from Smith that landed hard, staggering his opponent with the sheer ferocity and coming in with a punch combination before ducking for a takedown. The two returned to standing quickly and Smith worked for a standing guillotine; McAndrews looking to shake off the cobwebs and hit a takedown. An odd double leg landed for him, Smith going for a cobra choke but missing the old school sub as McAndrews went to half guard and looked to hold position. McAndrews mounted and Smith walked up the cage but his foe couldn’t be shaken, McAndrews taking his back in a scramble and looking for an RNC. Smith gutted out the hold and spun to half guard, again giving up mount and turning to escape. The clapper sounded and McAndrews unloaded punches from mount to capitalize on the round, ending as strongly as Smith started.

The second began with Smith throwing a front kick that missed by a hair, McAndrews taking his space away and working a clinch game. The two threw knees to the body and Smith tried for a hip throw that backfired; Smith driven to the mat on his face. McAndrews swarmed and locked up the straight armbar, rolling with it for the tap.

John McAndrews wins via 2nd Round Submission (armbar)

Hillary Cooledge vs Rachel Reinheimer

135lb Amateur

The first Toe 2 Toe female fight started with Reinheimer stalking, throwing a jab and one-two as Cooledge backed up and looked for an entry. The two clinched and landed body knees, breaking to strike again. The two opened up in the center and tagged each other with hands, Cooledge rushing in for the clinch again but being reversed against the cage. Reinheimer worked a hand free to dirty box and the two separated again, Reinheimer coming forward consistently to engage. A low kick landed and follow-up uppercut missed as Reinheimer pressed her foe, staying behind her jab and landing another snappy leg kick as the round ended.

The second began with Cooledge coming in tight and landing a two piece, Reinheimer backing out and slamming her foe with a low kick and right hand. Cooledge gave ground freely with a slight limp, looking for a safe entry for the clinch game but finding herself on the end of a jab. Reinheimer found her range and was able to land consistently while avoiding counters, the low kick a punctuation mark that was paying dividends as Cooledge limped and backed out. Out of options, Cooledge walked forward and threw hands but couldn’t find a home for them, Reinheimer’s leg kick flashing into Cooledge’s thigh over and over. Cooledge tried for a clinch takedown as the round ended but couldn’t find position to get anything done before the bell.

The final round began with Cooledge rushing for a body lock but being rebuked, Reinheimer lining up a body knee. Cooledge pulled guard and immediately rolled for mount, finding it, but losing position quickly. Reinheimer threw her hips up and snatched an armbar, going belly down but unable to complete before losing position. She followed up with a triangle and nearly found it, though Cooledge showed heart in avoiding the submission and working slowly out of position, the two coming to their feet and looking worse for wear late in the fight. Cooledge again tried for the ground game but Reinheimer halted the clinch attack and pressured her adversary against the fence to the bell.

Rachel Reinheimer wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27x3)

John Lough vs Kyle Adams

150lb Amateur

The two met at center cage and Lough hit a lightning single, the pair reversing like mad and showing off their wrestling chops, Lough winning out as he settled into mount. Lough landed a few right hands as Adams hip escaped to guard, trying to lock up a triangle from bottom, but Lough floated through and returned to guard to punch away at his foe. Adams again went for a high guard and tried an omplata, Lough forced to give up position to escape and prompting Adams to try and suck his legs out to take top position. Lough sprawled and pressed forward, crushing his foe to the mat into half guard, with Adams working diligently off his back to get his BJJ game going. Lough put a forearm across the jaw and worked to grind the young opponent and keep him grounded as the time ticked away in the round.

The second started off with a front kick from Adams but Lough rushed into a body lock, hitting a volley of uppercuts and scooping his foe to the mat. Lough worked from top half guard and tried to pass to side, hopping to mount and raining bombs on his foe who found himself stuck in the middle of an elbow pass. Lough pressured down and dropped furious right hands that resounded off the ceiling, the referee stepping in to stop the fight before Adams could take more punishment.

John Lough wins via 2nd Round TKO (punches)

James Dougherty vs Dan Ward

135lb Amateur

The two started out with long range boxing combinations, Dougherty landing a low kick as Ward popped a jab out. Dougherty cut angles and snaked sharp punches through the guard, Ward standing his ground and looking for counters, giving as good as he got as Dougherty worked out of range. The two flurried and Dougherty smashed a right hand home, Ward eating it like candy and pursuing, Dougherty landing another behind the ear and Ward shooting. Dougherty sprawled and smashed Ward with an uppercut on the break, landing his power at will but Ward not seeming to care about the damage he took. Ward landed a crisp jab and tried to keep range but Dougherty was smart with his entry; feet and head keeping him safe before winging wild combos in the pocket. A smoking left hand from Dougherty blasted Ward in the grill as the round ended, the crowd going wild.

The second round in an epic showdown, Ward closed with a combination and Dougherty kept looking for the hail mary. Ward threw a pair of jabs and Dougherty hurled a lightning bolt of a right hand that crashed into Ward’s jaw, sending him to the mat like a plank, toughness losing out to relentless punishment.

James Dougherty wins via 2nd round KO (punch)

Caleb Hall vs Dylan Lockard

145lb Amateur

Hall started the fight with a pair of mid kicks that resounded off the walls, shooting for a single that Lockard defended smartly. Hall switched to a double with no success, almost losing his back in a scramble. Lockard floated to the armbar but Hall locked his hands and slammed his adversary to the canvas, though the hold was still in place despite the power move. Lockard lost the arm and went for a single, dodging a d’arce as they came to standing. The pair threw crisp combinations, both landing their power and showing polish on their striking games. Hall shot for the single again and Lockard stalled out the takedown for a moment, though Hall sucked his leg in at the last second to complete it.

The pair traded jabs and Lockard slammed his adversary with a sharp hook, Hall answering back before shooting for a power double that failed. Lockard hit a crazy switch and took Hall’s back, working for the RNC, grabbing a body lock as the two fought hands. Lockard threatened to switch to an armbar but couldn’t secure position for the gambit, instead pinning arms and lacing his foe with punches as he looked for an opening to finish the fight. Hall defended smartly, using economy and turning out of back control in the final seconds of the round, this one going into deep waters at a hectic pace.

Hall fired a head kick and took a pair of nasty right straights in retaliation, continuing to throw ruthless kick attacks at Lockard. Lockard shot for a single and was sprawled out on, Hall punching to the body but losing out to the takedown in the process. Hall grabbed a kimura from bottom half guard and tried to use it to sweep, nearly getting it, but Lockhard showing composure as he floated over into an inverted triangle. Hall escaped out the back door and hit a back mount, going for a twister but losing position. Lockard came to standing and tried to hit a switch but missed, Hall slamming his foe and taking the back again as the round ended on a fantastic fight.

Dylan Lockard wins via Split Decision (29-28x2, 28-29)

Andrew Tripp vs Jordan Davis

170lb Amateur

The battle of wrestlers started with a combination from Tripp that wobbled Davis, followed by a clean left hook. Davis kicked Tripp’s leg out from under him but couldn’t capitalized as the two came to standing, again clipping the leg but taking a body kick in return. Davis rushed forward and took a combination for his reckless approach, wild leather flying as the two traded. Davis took another hard shot that backed him up and a sizzling left hand dumped Davis to the canvas, Tripp swarming for the finish.

Andrew Tripp wins via 1st Round TKO (punches)

Scott Jurgen vs Devin Powell

165lb Professional

The first pro fight of the evening began with a leg kick from Powell, Jurgen working a long boxing game, throwing aggressive punching combinations in a slap boxing style. Jurgen hit a takedown and found himself swept to mount immediately, Jurgen locking his foe up while Powell patiently held position. Jurgen threw his legs up to sweep and Powell smashed his elbows home repeatedly, turning Jurgen’s forehead into red ruin. Jurgen was unable to escape mount and gave the side of his head, where the blows continued to land, forcing the referee to stop the bout.

Devin Powell wins via 1st Round TKO (elbows)

Buck Pineau vs Bryan Cromer

185lb Professional

Pineau looked to work the ultra long range game fast, landing a Brazilian kick that smacked his foe in the face. Cromer threw a leg kick and was answered by a front kick to the body, Cromer returning fire with a leg kick to the lead leg. A wild kick from Cromer hit Pineau’s wrist and in a one-in-a-million chance, resulted in what appeared to be a brachial nerve strike or fast dislocation of the hand; the appendage hanging oddly as Pineau staggered to the cage. The extent of the odd wound unknown, the referee called the fight to protect Pineau.

Bryan Cromer wins via 1st Round TKO (injury)

Ryan Sanders vs Regiclaudio Kexada Macedo

155lb Professional

Sanders closed fast to start his lightweight debut, working a one-two, knee and landing another as they moved into clinch, chopping with an elbow to the forehead as they broke to center. Macedo came forward but took a head kick and body knee, again clinching and trying for a takedown. Sanders worked underhooks and broke down his foe’s posture, trying to gain space to wreck havoc with his many tools, but Macedo staying tight. Macedo threw knees from clinch but lost position, Sanders landing a straight and knee, followed by an inside leg kick and three piece, chewing Macedo up at any range. Macedo landed a stiff leg kick and ate an elbow and mid kick before the pair collided in the clinch again, Macedo dogging a body lock before backing out. Sanders threw an outside leg kick, straight and inside leg kicks, his combination work dazzling as Macedo looked for kill shots and weathered the brutality. Sanders went for a body lock takedown to change the complexion of the fight, but couldn’t get it, landing chopping elbows and knees inside the clinch when space presented itself. Macedo landed a hook as the two broke and went for a takedown in the last seconds but couldn’t find it.

The second round started with Sanders digging a front hand power shot and throwing a volley of kicks that landed home, Macedo absorbing punishment and landing a stinging right hook. Macedo threw a pair of low kicks and decided he liked where the offense was going, lining up another before Sanders pushed into clinch but was reversed. Sanders found the plum clinch and landed a pair of body knees before Macedo barreled in for a takedown. Sanders locked on his specialty choke, an off-sides guillotine that he cranked for all it was worth. Macedo pressured to break out but slumped before long, choked out cold.

Ryan Sanders win via 2nd Round Submission (guillotine)

Vincent McGuinness vs Bill Jones

155lb Professional

The main event for the evening started off with a low kick and a spinning heel kick from Jones, crashing in for a takedown that he hit. McGuinness came to standing and Jones put everything into a follow-up slam but found himself stuffed, kneeing to the body and legs. McGuinness reversed and looked to get some space to use his long frame to attack, Jones being furious in pursuit of the ground game. Jones dogged a single as McGuinness fought for under hooks and threw short punches, finding room for knees to the body. Jones switched to a double and back to a single, trying for an inside trip but missing as they went back to center cage. McGuinness pawed with a slow jab and looked to set up counters, being smashed with an overhand from Jones but countering with a one-two that dropped his foe for a moment. Jones charged in again and ate a counter straight that stung him, though he shot again, pushing McGuinness to the cage. McGuiness landed a body knee and tripped Jones to the canvas, allowing him to stand and moving back to the center. McGuinness landed a lead uppercut and counter straight as Jones came forward, buckling him as the round ended.

The second started with Jones coming forward and slipping the counter to hit a double leg that he worked inch by inch. McGuinness pulled Jones down and bowled him over yet Jones swept to half guard, driving an elbow into the neck and pressuring him to the cage. Jones drove elbows into McGuinness as he pushed his head to the cage, looking to end the fight but McGuiness freed himself from the compromised position and locked down half guard. Jones postured up and landed a series of shots, trying to pass to mount but being swept with a quick wall walk; McGuinness quartering him and landing a knee to the head standing that dropped Jones as the round ended.

The final round in a grinding affair, the two met at center, McGuinness pawing and looking for the counters he had success with early in the fight. Jones moved in for a takedown and was thrown to the mat, McGuinness wanting no part of the grappling game at this point. Jones threw a hook and shot for a single, McGuinness stuffing it and coming to standing, lancing a right hand that tagged his adversary. An inside low kick landed for McGuinness as Jones charged in for the single again, McGuinness kneeing the legs but being taken down again. McGuinness sprawled on the single and freed his legs, trying to find his way to standing with Jones whiffing on an overhand as they rose to their feet. Jones popped a jab and took a knee to the body, flopping to his back, coming back to his feet and charging into the fray where a right hand dropped him. McGuinness allowed him to stand and landed a rear hand uppercut, looking to line up the fight-ender, landing a left hook and keeping on his heels. Jones shot for a double and switched to a single but couldn’t find it as the fight came to a close.

Vincent McGuinness wins via Unanimous Decisioin (29-28x3)

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