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Cage Titans 23 Event Review

A sold out crowd and nineteen fights made this one of the biggest shows in New England MMA history, with plenty of gold up for grabs. Check out how the event played out below, and don't miss out next time Cage Titans rolls into Plymouth!

Nick Amendola vs Nirav Modi

125lb Amateur

Amendola came out with a flurry that landed hard but Modi was there to bang, stuffing punches in his opponents face before scooping a double against the cage. Amendola worked for a kimura from guard and wrenched it, sending Modi rolling madly to escape the hold, dropping to submission to land in mount and unload shots. Modi remained composed and escaped, throwing punches at his grounded opponent, Amendola shooting from the knees for a power double into guard. Modi worked an armbar but missed the belly down transition, Amendola floating into top position and attacking with an Americana that nearly snapped the limb, Modi slipping and rolling at the less second for an escape. Modi went for a takedown off his knees and Amendola dropped for a guillotine but couldn’t find it, Modi striking from guard before the two came to standing. Modi came in with a sharp kick and Amendola returned fire, smashing his foe before securing a standing waistlock at the horn.

The second round in what was proving to be a stellar fight started with Modi lobbing a low kick as Amendola tried to find some timing, both trading vicious punches and body kicks. Modi ducked for a body shot and again for a double leg, getting the takedown in his opponent’s corner, where Amendola dropped hammerfists on his foe’s side; trying to extract himself. Amendola posted and worked to free his leg but Modi was like glue, grinding the limb. Too much pressure saw Amendola hit a sweep and transition to the back, throwing selective strikes before jumping for a belly down armbar, Modi surviving and throwing upkicks at a surging foe. Amendola hit a diving punch and was nearly hooked in a triangle, but transitioned to quarter, seatbelting his adversary and throwing shots to the head. Modi took to standing and hit a takedown, latching onto his foe’s legs but unable to maintain the ground fight as the round ended.

Mod lobed an overhand to start the round and Amendola was there to meet it with surging hooks, seeming to hurt Modi, who shot for another double leg. Modi went for a back take but had his hooks stripped in the transition, Amendola coming through the backdoor to quarter him and land short punches. Amendola looked to keep his opponent grounded and batter away with uppercuts, handcuffing him and using great top pressure to slow his wily opponent down. Modi struggled mightily and posted on one arm to extract himself, but his strength gave out, dropping to the canvas where the referee was forced to save him from himself.

Nick Amendola wins via 3rd Round TKO (punches)

Jim McSweeney vs Chris Mehu

155lbs Amateur

The two met at center and showcased their footwork, probing with long shots and seeing who blinked first. Mehu landed a hard leg kick and another, McSweeney looking for his rear hand power but coming up just short. Mehu caught a mid kick and flipped his opponent to the mat, swarming with a flurry of shovel hooks that rocked his foe against the cage. Unable to defend himself and stand up from the danger spot, the referee leapt in to stop the assault.

Chris Mehu wins via 1st round TKO (punches)

Jessie Pires vs Miguel Trinadad

125lb Amateur

The flyweights started predictably fast, Pires throwing a mid kick and combination; Trinadad barreling in with a punch and body lock that he couldn’t keep. The two traded against the cage and Trinadad slammed home two body knees, Pires answering back with murderous punches to the body. The two clashed in the clinch in a whirlwind of strikes and Trinadad flipped the script, jumping for a guillotine and latching it on piece by piece. Pires fought at the hold but found his posture breaking down, collapsing to the mat where Trinadad applied all his force to the choke, coaxing a reluctant tap.

Miguel Trinadad wins via 1st round Submission

Steve Young vs Myles Reid

180lb Amateur

Young came out with a body kick but was blasted to the mat with Reid’s power takedown, Reid hurling punches from top, but being thrown off due to his ultra-aggressive stance. Reid quickly reversed, matching strength for strength and the two came to standing, Reid missing a trip and finding himself on bottom defending a guillotine. Young used smart posture and kept his weight over the neck, giving Reid nothing to lever out with and forcing a quick submission.

Steve Young wins via 1st round Submission (guillotine)

Gravin Guillen vs Jeff Soivilien

265lb Amateur

The heavyweights came to bang, the two launching bombs at center. Guillen landed a strong two piece that backed Soivilien up, but he returned fire and drove Guillen to the cage with a single that grounded him. Soivilien slid into mount and thudded shots to the body, Guillen looking to hold his foe down and strike back but was unable to corral Soivilien. Soivilien postured up and picked his shots, saving energy but landing with gusto. Guillen nearly hit a sweep but Soivilien posted and returned to mount, tying up arms to drive punches home as Guillen kicked off the cage. Giving his back, Guillen tried to come to standing, Soivilien keeping heavy and bowling him over to his side to keep the fight on his terms. Again mounting him, Soivilien dropped punches and Guillen gave his back as the round ticked away, but wasn’t defending himself to the referee’s liking, forcing the stoppage in the last seconds of the round.

Jeff Souivilien wins via 1st round TKO (punches)

Timothy Cenabre vs John Douma

145lb Amateur

Cenabre came in with a low kick and mid kick early, Douma hitting a takedown into his foe’s guard. Cenabre showed some fast hips off his back, looking to entangle his adversary, missing a triangle and a scissor sweep as Douma kept heavy and shoved him back to the cage. Douma lost top half guard and Cenabre went for an armbar in a flash, caught against the cage and unable to complete the move. Douma stayed composed and went for a half slam, keeping his arm safe and holding position as he attacked with well-placed strikes. Cenabre shrimped and looked to be framing up a transition to the back, but time ran out for the gambit.

Cenabre ripped a low kick and was answered by Douma’s stiff hooks, pushing for the clinch and grabbing a single. Cenabre hit a DDT, Jake “The Snake” Roberts style, and tried to take the back from the odd set-up, unable to land his hooks but working for an armbar. Douma calmly defended and proved to be a strong featherweight, walking out of the hold and landing in side control and out of danger. Douma held side control and dropped hammerfists, forcing Cenabre to roll as he took the back in a scramble. Douma threw on a gable gripped RNC and showed simple and efficient can win a grappling battle, forcing a tap from his impressively wily competitor.

John Douma wins via 2nd round submission (RNC)

Derek Peterson vs Rob Moser

160lb Amateur

Peterson charged in with a bullrushed takedown, Moser going for a guillotine but missing the hold on the way down. Standing up from bottom, Moser looked to work his muay thai skills in the clinch, the shorter Peterson, taking away space and firing body punches. The two separated and Peterson slung Moser to the mat as he came forward, landing in half guard but unable to maintain position. Moser worked his long legs up his foe’s back and looked for an armlock, Peterson muscling out and back down to guard. Peterson threw wild shots from inside the guard, Moser skating around under him and trying to find purchase with a triangle but not making the connection before the bell.

Moser came out and looked to attack from a distance in the second, long punches and low kicks being his go-to. Peterson used his own low kicks, looking to time a takedown, but stalling out against the cage as Moser fought for under hooks. Moser reversed and hooked a leg, looking for a trip but unable to upset his sturdy foe’s base. Moser launched hard knees to the inner thigh and body, backing out to swing murderous punches as Peterson hit the body lock takedown into side control. The two stalemated on the mat and were soon returned to standing, Moser coming in with long shots and Peterson trying to defend against the cage and time his foe. Peterson came on hard at the clapper sounded but couldn’t land anything substantial as the round ended.

The third round in a grinding affair, Moser came out to finish but Peterson used that aggression to get his takedown again, losing side control to Moser’s fast hips. Moser tried to force a triangle and found himself in bottom half guard, kicking his foe away and coming to standing where they traded rapidly. Peterson came in for a takedown again and Moser pounded away on the body, keeping his feet despite Peterson’s best intentions. Moser looked to frame up a head and arm choke but didn’t have position, losing the clinch wrestling and taking knees to the body as Peterson put pressure on his foe. The referee broke the two and Peterson whiffed on a high kick, Moser’s return bounding off his head and lighting a fire under Peterson, who charged with a flurry. Off-balance, Moser shoved his man to the mat and dropped a final jumping punch to punctuate the round in a fight both men poured heart and soul into.

Derek Peterson wins via Split Decision (29-28x2, 28-29)

Jimmy MacDonald vs Jimmy Bruce

155lb Amateur

MacDonald unloaded with hard punches in the pocket to start, Bruce closing distance and going for a body lock as the two pinwheeled around the cage. Bruce jumped guard for a guillotine but missed the hold, taking a nasty straight shot on the ground from MacDonald before framing up a triangle. MacDonald kept composed and defended the attempt, staying heavy while Bruce attacked with shots off his back. Bruce kept his high guard but couldn’t find anything as MacDonald waited out the position, throwing a pair of hard body shots. Bruce again went for the triangle but simply had no space to attack as the round ended.

Bruce came out with murder in his eyes to start the round but MacDonald was game for a scrap, the two slugging it out madly. Bruce dropped and got a single into his adversary’s guard, MacDonald looking to break down posture and catch a submission from his back, but Bruce being wise and keeping it tight. Bruce postured up and landed some punishing blows, stacking his foe and shutting down his grappling game. Bruce came to standing over his foe as the clapper sounded and threw heavy hammerfists, the round coming to a close.

Bruce opened the last round with a one-two, ducking the counter and going for a double that he couldn’t find as the two clinched. Bruce switched to a single and found the takedown, throwing one-off power shots before passing to side control and working towards a d’arce. MacDonald extracted himself and regained guard, where Bruce threw two and three punch combinations, never giving MacDonald the space to mount offense, and taking the fight to the final bell.

Jimmy Bruce wins via Unanimous Decision

Randi-Beth Knowles vs Danielle Hindley

120lb Amateur

The first female bout at Cage Titans in a long time, Hindley came out and grabbed a body lock early, Knowles launching into a hip throw and being reversed with the abundance of momentum. Hindley took her foes back in the scramble and applied hooks, but lost it as Knowles bucked and rolled, Hindley keeping dominant position. Hindley grabbed a body triangle and pulled Knowles backwards, looking for the RNC but not finding it as Knowles showed off raw power by twisting into the guard and ripping away the hooks. Hindley went for a triangle and Knowles hit the powerbomb with authority, but Hindley wasn’t phased, going belly down on an armbar. Knowles tried to power out, but the pressure was extreme, forcing a submission before snapping the joint.

Danielle Hindley wins via 1st Round Submission (armbar)

Yorgen De Castro vs Sean Evans

205lb Amateur

Third time a charm for pairing these guys, Evans came out like a berserker, driving Castro to the canvas and trying to pull him away from the fence. Castro worked off his knees and framed up an arm in guillotine, looking for space to stand or threaten with the hold as Evans landed knees to the legs and kept on the pressure. Evans looked to bully into mount, landing a knee to the belly and pushing his hips forward, locking up a guillotine against the cage, strong-man BJJ style. Castro kept composed and fought hands, punching to the body and coming to his feet at the end of the round.

The second began with a front kick from Castro and a vicious right hand, followed by another as Castro tried to stop the takedown he knew was coming. Evans got a hold of his foe and pulled him to the mat again, attacking his foe’s base and throwing short punches as he looked to take the back. One hook in, Evans kept the pressure on, sliding between his adversary and the cage as Castro defended and tried to soften the body. Castro tried to explode to his feet but Evans was relentless, pulling him back down to continue slow-cooking the back take. Evans kept throwing methodical punches from dominant position; Castro stuck under his foe as the round ended.

The third round in the 205lb scrap, Castro slung a hard right but Evans was on him with herculean pressure again, attacking the hips but finding Castro less willing to hit the mat. Castro threw nasty uppercuts and used his hips to keep upright, Evans burning through fuel in pursuit of the takedown. Evans began kneeing and punching the legs to buckle his foe, snapping down for a fast single but again being stifled, though Castro had no offensive answers to the puzzle. Coming to a proper standing clinch, Castro snuck short punches in when he could but found no way to avoid his opponent’s game as the fight came to a close.

Sean Evans wins via Unanimous Decision (30-27x3)

Arslan Otciev vs Max Barrett

135lb Amateur

The two sized each other up at center cage, Barrett landing a pair of stiff power shots before Otciev dropped for the takedown. Barrett rebuked him and Otciev got the better of the next exchange, using that momentum to hit a takedown against the fence into half guard. Barrett shrimped and got guard, throwing up a fast triangle before Otciev backed off to strike. Barrett came to standing and Otciev took his back, but Barrett defended, the two back to standing and working a clinch before breaking to center. Barrett landed a hard one-two and Oticiev tried for a hip throw but bullied to the cage instead, Barrett overpowering him but being hurled to the mat shortly thereafter. Otciev quartered Barrett and unloaded shots as the round came to an end.

The pair slung mad leather inside, Oticiev more than happy to play a striking game and throwing a spinning backfist that seemed to light a fire under Barrett. The CCFA fighter came back with a vicious two piece but took a groin shot, pausing the action. The restart saw Barrett slam a pair of Loco Lobo style leg kicks home, and the two exchanged combinations. Barrett pushed Otciev to the cage and kneed the legs before exploding with power shots in the pocket. Otciev seemed intent to take one to give one, eating Barrett’s best and being none-the-worse for wear, as Barrett ducked under a punch and hit a body lock slam. Otciev came to his feet and looked for a whizzer but couldn’t land it, Barrett using his size to keep Otciev pinned to the fence. Barrett worked to destroy his adversary’s body but Otciev never seemed to be out of options, hitting a hip throw and nearly taking his foe’s back in the scramble as the bell sounded.

The third round in a predictably awesome fight, Barrett landed a clean one-two and Otciev shot a traditional double leg, not able to bring Barrett down as they worked against the mesh. Otciev grabbed the cage and received a point deduction, the bout restarting and Otciev ducking in for a takedown but again being stalled. Otciev switched to a single but Barrett used raw power and broke his posture, finding space to attack with blistering combinations. Otciev rushed for a takedown and was thrown into the cage, though he rebounded and hit a hip throw as the round closed.

Majority Draw (28-28x2, 29-27 Barrett)

Devin Carrier vs Jacob Weeks

155lb Amateur

Carrier came out with a slick combination but was tripped to the mat by Weeks, working diligently to advance position with heavy top pressure. Carrier tried to engage his hips but Weeks cleanly passed to side control, going for a mount pass but being caught in half guard again. Carrier worked hard off his back to protect himself, but you couldn’t pass a sheet of paper between the two; Weeks top game incredibly tight as he inched into mount and hit a back mount in a scramble. Weeks looked to lock on the RNC but time was short on the round as it came to an end with Weeks in dominant position.

Weeks started the second by waving his foe on and landing a low kick, going for a trip but being hip tossed to the mat. Weeks showed fantastic BJJ, sweeping up and into top half guard, where Carrier tried to hip a sweep, but lost his back in the process. Weeks clung to his foe and put the squeeze on Carrier, inching the RNC on and forcing the tap.

Jacob Weeks wins via 2nd round submission (RNC)

Alex Ortiz vs Don Shainis

155lb Amateur Title

Our first title of the evening up for grabs, Ortiz started with a low kick and chopping hook, Shainis closing distance and hitting a takedown that was short lived. The two bullied against the cage and Ortiz landed a nasty body knee, Shainis going for a trip that he couldn’t secure, landing a hard knee to the groin that paused the fight. Oritz landed a low kick and body knee, answered by a sharp punch from Shainis. Ortiz shot for a takedown he couldn’t keep, with Shainis powering up and trying to drag his adversary to the mat. Ortiz looked for a guillotine but was hit with a quasi-firemans carry, coming down hard but framing up a triangle. Shainis escaped and pumped mad body shots against the cage, Ortiz fighting out and blasting him to body with knees. Shainis landed a clean power jab and Ortiz returned fire, Shainis hitting a fast shot and trying to power into mount. Ortiz rolled and Shainis took the back, sinking his hooks and landing punches before going for an RNC, not finding it before the bell.

The second round in an all-action fight began with a rush from Shainis, landing a hook and going for the legs again as Ortiz worked a forklift and opted to try a standing kimura. Shainis hit a trip and but was reversed back to standing, holding a single leg and trying to pull Ortiz to the mat. Shainis yanked him to the canvas and took the back in a flash, again locking in the hooks and punching at his adversary’s exposed head. Ortiz looked to defend and extract himself from danger but Shainis went for a gable grip RNC, transitioning to an arm triangle as Ortiz rolled out of it, but missing the hold. Shainis worked from guard and again took the back as Ortiz turned to stand, landing hooks and powering the choke on, again running out of time at the end of the round.

The third round showed both men worn but still very much in the fight, as Shainis braved the storm for a trip takedown at center cage. Ortiz tried to get his guard back and swept, grabbing an arm in guillotine as they came to standing, Shainis tripping him again without fear and popping his head out of danger. Working inside the guard, Shainis stacked his opponent while Ortiz used a body triangle from bottom, trying to sweep and snatch a triangle in a scramble that saw Shainis take the back again. Ortiz backed out and avoided the hooks this time, but Shainis used hip pressure to land left hands and stifle his foe, going for a chicken wing to keep position. Ortiz slipped out to standing in the last seconds, the fight going into championship rounds.

Shainis charged and Ortiz landed a pair of body knees but was driven to the canvas again, Shainis taking the back and flattening his foe out with plenty of time on the clock, landing methodical short punches and forcing the stoppage.

Don Shainis wins via 4th round TKO (punches)

Mark Cardarelli vs Jeff Perez

145lb Amateur Title

Our second title tilt of the night started with the pair meeting at center cage, Cardarelli hurling an overhand and Perez looking for counters. Cardarelli landed to the body and threw a front kick, using varied offense as Perez remained patient, lasing out with hooks and jabs. Cardarelli landed another sharp body blow and the two went to clinch, Cardarelli dropping for a single and Perez sinking his weight into the cage, stifling the attack. Perez opened up with punches as Cardarelli tried to hit a trip, but the referee returned to fight to center, Cardarelli landing a looping right and body jab. More kicks from Cardarelli missed and Perez landed a stiff jab that stopped Cardarelli in his tracks for a moment, the conservative approach doing well against heavy offense. The two clinched and tried to hit trips, with Perez pressuring his foe into the cage as the horn sounded.

An overhand from Cardarelli started the second, Perez answering with a hook. Cardarelli landed four crushing low kicks as Perez looked for the counter, smashing a counter hook home and again, following with a three-two-three that landed flush. Perez opened up and found the target with his hands; a knee plowing into the body as Cardarelli dropped for a single but couldn’t find it. Switching to a double and back to a single, Cardarelli found himself stuck in a guillotine standing, Perez using economy and dropping when he felt it sink into place, though the hold slipped on the mat. Transitioning into mount, Perez threw fight-ending blows, but the bell would halt his assault.

The third round saw Cardarelli go back to a variety of shots in an attempt to put Perez back on the defensive, the champion not taking the bait as he fired two and three punch combinations that scored. Cardarelli came in for a takedown and was again stuffed, Perez turning his foe into the cage and landing a knee to the body as Cardarelli reversed with his old man strength. A rush for the takedown saw Cardarelli slip to the mat and Perez float to his back like a ghost, sinking contentious hooks and targeting the ears, patiently attacking while looking for an opening for the RNC. Perez went for the choke and slipped off the back to his side as time ticked away, the round ending with Cardarelli safe.

Championship round number one began with Perez pawing with a jab, Cardarelli landing a body shot and going for the takedown, but not finding it; Perez’s takedown defense on point. Perez reversed against the fence and hit a takedown, working punches from top half guard as he tried to pass, finding side control and rolling easily into mount. Perez threw lashing hooks, keeping his seat and unloading salvos of strikes as the round came to a close. The doctor expressed some concern for Cardarelli’s left arm between rounds and the bout was stopped on the doctor’s advice before the final round could begin.

Jeff Perez wins via 4th round TKO (doctor stoppage)

Pat McCrohan vs Shane Mulligan

185lb Amateur Title

McCrohan closed hard to begin the fight, landing a volley of shots and devouring distance, Mulligan taking a few on the chin before hitting a hard double leg slam against the cage. Posturing up, Mulligan rifled blows to the ground and tried to decapitate his foe with a head kick as McCrohan came to stand, the two going wild at center cage with sweeping hooks and pin-point straights. Mulligan got behind his jab, smashing his foe and landing a low kick, answered by an uppercut and series of jabs from McCrohan. Mulligan bounced head kick off the gloves and used deft combination work, , moving in for a double and sinking his adversary to the mat. Mulligan moved into mount like a whisper and took the back as McCrohan rolled, going for a twister but coming to standing, the pair closing out a stellar round with an exchange of hooks.

McCrohan came in with a low kick and one-two to start the round, landing a massive right cross and finding a home for his power. Mulligan was wobbled by a power shot but stopped McCrohan cold with a jab, landing a body knee and coming forward with measured strikes. A thunderous leg kick and another landed for Mulligan, followed by a one-two and leg kick. McCrohan charged in and hit a knee tap into guard, passing to side control as Mulligan worked a high guard. Mulligan rolled and turned into his opponent to gain top position, but the two came to standing and traded madly, McCrohan hitting the knee tap again into guard. Mulligan went for a high guard as McCrohan slammed hammerfists home, Mulligan working some rubber guard and stifling his adversary’s offense from top as the round closed out.

Mulligan landed a leg kick and McCrohan came in like they were in a bar fight, the two scrapping like men possessed as McCrohan hit a trip takedown into side control. Mulligan regained guard and went for an armlock, but McCrohan slipped out and landed strikes from top, Mulligan’s follow-up sweep missing. McCrohan stacked his foe and flurried, being mindful of his opponent’s long legs and Mulligan walked up the cage looking for the armlock. Mulligan came to standing but McCrohan drove for a takedown and planted his opponent, Mulligan looking to sneak a guillotine but his foe too savvy. McCrohan flurried from top with short time in the round, the two burning energy like their lives depended on it.

McCrohan rushed with hockey uppercuts in the fourth, Mulligan landing a body knee as McCrohan looked for a single. Mulligan framed up an anaconda on the sly and sank to the mat with it, putting the squeeze on, but McCrohan defending and bowled his foe over into guard. McCrohan unloaded from top, trying to knock the fight out of a very durable opponent in Mulligan, who framed up a triangle that looked to be a fight ender. Mulligan squeezed with everything he had over tense seconds and McCrohan sank to his right shoulder on the mat, appearing to be on his way out, yet finding that bit of slack in the choke with the positional change. McCrohan survived as the hold unraveled, the fourth round coming to a close after a sequence that took everything both fighters had.

The final round in an amazing contest worthy of a title, McCrohan came in and plinked his foe with straight power shots, hitting a trip and another as Mulligan was grounded once again. Mulligan looked to get his formidable guard into effect again, McCrohan passing into half guard and looking for a crucifix. Mulligan slipped left and right, throwing on the triangle again, McCrohan squirming to escape with the clock mercilessly rife with time. Mulligan looked to take the slack out of the choke, yet McCrohan powered upwards and evaded the follow-up armbar, again landing in guard after a scramble. Mulligan looked for an omaplata but McCrohan passed to half guard and went for the finish, throwing caution to the win in a bid to seal one of many close rounds.

Pat McCrohan wins via Unanimous Decision (48-47x2, 49-47)

Taylor Trahan vs Frank Sforza

145lb Professional Title

Trahan took center to start, Sforza coming in like a freight train and hitting a takedown, directly into a tight Trahan armbar. Sforza tried to muscle out and showed composure by turning out of the hold, not able to hold position for long as Trahan showcased fast hips. Sforza dropped into guard to land strikes and again found himself entangled, but threw the offending legs off and pumped left hands. Sfroza hammered his adversary from a half guard, ultra heavy with his hips and crushing his foe into the bottom of the cage to take his breath away. Sforza slammed elbows home as he broke his opponent down. Oddly, the round appeared to have ended at three minutes. Oops.

A horrific body kick landed for Trahan but Sforza ate it like candy, throwing his opponent to the mat and looking to hold side control. Sforza used every veteran trick in the book, kneeling on Trahan’s eye and being a general terror from top as he got his game going, actively hammering his foe. Sforza went to standing and Trahan tried to reverse his fortunes but couldn’t create any meaningful scrambles, eating shot after shot as he hunted for a heelhook but was pressed flat and passed on. Trahan went for an arm but missed, Sforza stuffing fists into his face while Trahan remained ever patient from bottom. Again Trahan went for the arm and again Sforza made him pay for the affront, picking him up and slamming him while using insurmountable pressure from top as the round ended.

The third began with Trahan going on the offense, hunting for a takedown against the fence that he completed, taking his foes back in a hurry. Sforza stacked Trahan and tried to back out of the hold, turning and finding the escape into the familiar guard. Trahan sat up for a sweep but was hammered into the mat with elbows as Sforza used old school wrestling head control and knife-edged elbows to batter his foe. Sforza passed to side control and worked limited offense; committed to holding position. Sforza uncorked a steady stream of right hands though the offense gave Trahan space to get his legs back and sling an upkick that landed clean on Sforza’s jaw. The SSSF fighter allowed Trahan to stand and threw a spinning backfist that missed, Trahan charging in but being taken down with a counter shot. Sforza rolled Trahan to his hands and knees and blasted away with uppercuts as the bell rang, going into professional championship rounds.

Sforza came in low like vintage Tyson, whipping punches before hitting a takedown into guard. Trahan looked to frame up a submission from his back but Sforza was all pressure, sticking to elbows from inches away. Sforza flattened Trahan out and tried to pass, Trahan using some half guard tricks to escape, but finding avenues closed down. Sforza quietly slipped to mount, keeping his chest on Trahan’s face and threw as much thunder as he could muster, the referee stopping the fight after the accumulation of strikes.

Frank Sforza wins via 4th round TKO (punches)

Manny Torres vs Scott Gorgone

145lb Professional

Gorgone charged in with a flurry and hit a single, looking to showcase his matwork early in the fight. Gorgone passed to side control and Torres tried to stand but was plowed to the mat, Gorgone looking to set up an Americana but losing it initially. Gorgone reset and went for it again from deeper in half guard, wrenching the arm savagely and getting the win with a fast hook.

Scott Gorgone wins via 1st Round Submission (Americana)

Addison O'Neil vs Sean Lally

170lb Professional

Lally started with a combination straight and leg kick, O’Neil shooting like lightning for a takedown and driving into mount. Lally turned and gave his back to escape, O’Neil throwing on a body triangle and punching with with one hand while looking to trap an arm with the other. Lally slipped the body triangle but O’Neil found hooks, keeping active from back control. Lally timed an explosion to slip from O’Neil’s hooks and turned into him while standing, trying to take him down on his own terms but unable to keep hands on O’Neil; stripping hands with his knee. Lally pressured against the cage and threw standing knees to the head and body, hitting a single into half guard and punching at his pinned foe. O’Neil tried to create space but Lally was back on him, pounding away with left hands before pinning his foe’s leg and unleashing hellfire with both hands. The strikes wouldn’t stop and O’Neil found himself stuck, the referee stepping in to save him from further harm.

Sean Lally wins via 1st round TKO (punches)

Andy Aiello vs Remo Cardarelli

125lb Professional

The main event of the evening began with Aiello taking center cage, pumping a jab and looking to walk Cardarelli into the fence. Cardarelli came forward and Aiello gave ground, the two darting in and out with vicious power shots. Aiello stalked and tried to pin his opponent against the cage with thunderous hooks, Cardarelli coming in with a one-two and a hard leg kick, followed by a body kick. Aiello landed hard and drew a nod from Cardarelli, looking to rush and slay with his hooks. Cardarelli appeared to be quicker and was content to play a slip and rip game, defeated Aiello’s movement by being twice as fleet of foot. Aiello landed a hook and Cardarelli expertly slipped and countered, putting fists on his opponent while Aiello backed him up and did damage against the cage. Cardarelli moved in and showed off his head movement, landing and bobbing out of harm, but Aiello didn’t miss with his return fire, sending two shovel hooks home and landing across the jaw, dropping Cardarelli to the mat in a heap.

Andy Aiello wins via 1st round KO (punches)

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