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Sit down with the Professor

Sit down with the Professor

NAME: Juliano Coutinho



AGE/ BIRTHDATE: 36/ 07/30/78


BIRTHPLACE/ Rio de Janeiro Brasil

HOMETOWN: Rio de Janeiro

LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English and Portuguese


CAMP/ GYM Gracie Fitness/Sityodtong

MANAGEMENT: Anger management

STYLE (ex. Judo, muay thai, BJJ.): BJJ

TRAINERS: DANIEL GRACIE, Mike Gresh aka Loco Lobo John Johnston and Mark Dellagrotte

STRENGTHS: ground and pound + submissions



TRUNK COLORS: black and red


How much weight did you lose for this fight?

None. I walk around at 265lbs

What is your favorite post weigh in food?

Steak and rice

What food do you miss the most while cutting weight and dieting for a fight?

My famous Brazilian barbecue lol

Do you think they should implement same day weigh ins?

It won't matter to me, I don't need to cut a lot of weight

Who will be in your corner for this fight?

Daniel Gracie, John Johnston and Loco Lobo

Thoughts on your upcoming opponent?

He is a very tough wrestler, very fast and trains with ATT IN Florida.

When and why did you decide to start training for fighting?

I started mma in 2008 here in Massachusetts my hometown now. The purpose why is: I've always compete in BJJ and I though it would be fun making the transition to MMA and carry the Gracie flag along the way.

How many sparing sessions weekly do you do while in fight camp?

We were unpredictable for this one, but a least 4 times a week, but we really concentrated on wrestling for this one.

What ranks and titles have you held?

In Jiu Jitsu I was a state champion in my city in Brasil i have won a lot of small tournaments around Brasil as well. When I moved to Mass, I competed a lot in NAGA as well. Won some belts in New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut. I became a Pan American Champion in New York at NO GI.

In Mma I became CFX Heavyweight Champion.

Do you have any heroes?

Not exactly. I always look up to my trainers and my team/family as my heroes, they are the ones who prepare me for each battle.

What are your hobbies?

I have no hobbies in specific.... I go fishing sometimes, but what I really love to do is training on the regular basis.

Did you go to college and if so what degree did you earn?

Nope. My college was my 10 years of training until I received my black belt in Jiu Jitsu.

What is your (current/previous) job?

I own a academy in Hyannis called GRACIE FITNESS where I dedicate myself in teaching BJJ for kids & adults. Plus some others martial arts as well.

Specific accomplishments in pro competition?

Definitely when I became a NO GI Pan American champion in New York and also when I became CFX Heavyweight Champion.

How would you describe your fight style?

I'm a BJJ Black belt with a good ground and pound and submission game. I also have a very underrated stand up game.

If any, list ranks in any martial arts styles:

2nd degree BJJ black belt.

Favorite grappling technique:

Arm bar from mount

Favorite Striking technique:

Left inside kick to a left high kick.

What is the story behind your nickname?

I had a friend in Brasil that used to give all of us nicknames. Every time he would come by my house I always had a banana and a cup of milk with granola. One day he came when all of my friends were there and saw me eating again, banana milk and granola. He then called me BANANA in front of all my friends. Hahahahah and since that day sometimes I forget my real name. Lol

What do you consider to be the pivotal fight in your career, and why?

This is the opportunity I was waiting for, to test myself in the next level. A guy with a name and with a great show. A win would be a great exposure for what I have in mind to accomplish in the future.

What are you plans after you win the fight?

My real plans are getting all my team/family together in my house to do our traditional Brazilian Barbecue as a celebration. Lol. And professionally my plans are: keep on fighting till I can't anymore.

We want to thank Professor Juliano Coutinho for taking the time with us and conducting this interview. Check the Professor out this coming FRIDAY as he fights Live on TV for WSOF at Foxwoods Casino in CT. We wish him the best! (I hope I am invited to this cook out)

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