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Combat Zone MMA 52 Review

Written by Mike Hammersmith

Kyle Adams (PMA) vs Raphael Duran

145lb Amateur

Our fight night kicked off with a pair of jabs from Adams as Duran closed distance looking for the takedown, eating a one-two but grabbing a body lock. Duran worked at his opponent’s legs while Adams fought for underhooks to break down offensive posture, bringing Duran to center ring to land body knees. Duran closed distance again to work a pressure game, holding an over under and looking to scoop a leg before being reversed. Adams went for a whizzer and reversed out, Duran diving for a body lock yet again where Adams spun to take his back standing. The pair sank to the mat where Adams alternated punches and an RNC, not finding the right combination to finish the fight before the bell.

Adams worked a long range attack early in the second; jabbing and landing a head kick as Duran came in for the takedown. Duran was relentless in pursuit of the ground game and Adams used that pressure to frame up a fast anaconda, dropping to the mat with gusto. In good position to snatch the win, Adams inched the hold incrementally until Duran was forced to tap.

Kyle Adams wins via 2nd Round Submission (Anaconda Choke)

CJ Kelvin (LRVT) vs Peter Ishiguro (wai kru)

155lb Amateur

Ishiguro took center cage early and dropped for a single, Kelvin snapping up fast and landing a hook that wobbled Ishiguro, though the stalwart fighter found the takedown off the blow. Ishiguro transitioned into half guard and landed short offense as he looked to pass, missing the back in a scramble as Kelvin shrimped away and threw upkicks. Ishiguro came in and found half guard once again, throwing lefts as Kelvin kicked off the fence to work another scramble. The gambit failed and Ishiguro found mount, raining punishment before jumping to a crucifix to work an Americana . Kelvin rolled hard and took top position in the final moments, extracting his arm to throw what hands he could before the bell.

The second started with Kelvin looking to counter but Ishiguro hitting a fast double leg into half guard again. Ishiguro looked for a mount pass but locked down half guard for a moment to land some offense, being kicked off and returning to drop a bomb into guard. A pass to side control saw Kelvin again working to climb the fence and find an inventive escape, looping an inverted triangle over his adversary’s head but losing the hold to superior positioning. Ishiguro hopped to mount and lost position as Kelvin bucked and rolled, though he got his offense in during the scramble, pinning Kelvin in an awkward position; upside down and stacked, Ishiguro sitting on his leg and punching between the splayed legs. Kelvin gritted his teeth but couldn’t find the escape, the referee calling an end to the fight.

Peter Ishiguro wins via 2nd Round TKO (referee stoppage)

Will McCall (Irish) vs Mike Scapicchio

152lb Amateur

A front kick from McCall was answered by a leg kick, followed by a pair of mid kicks from McCall that snapped loudly as he looked to set up a long-range game. Scapicchio fired a long bomb that missed, but the follow up dumped his foe to his rump, prompting Scapicchio to jump on him but having to extract himself from a guillotine in the fray. The two popped back to standing and Scapicchio charged in for a double, McCall’s base being solid and making Scapicchio work to no avail. The two separated and Scapicchio pawed a jab before landing a low kick, McCall catching it and slamming a fist home on Scapicchio’s jaw. Both guys traded leg kicks and Scapicchio swung another hammer, getting countered but hitting an ankle pick. McCall leapt to his feet and the two traded huge shots, Scapicchio hitting a power double and working to keep his adversary grounded as the bell rang.

A pair of jabs and a leg kick started it off for McCall, but a winging right hand sent him to the mat, Scapicchio charging hard for the finish. McCall used smart defense and walked up the cage, but Scapicchio never left go, hitting another takedown and grabbing the back when McCall popped up. McCall tried to throw his adversary over the shoulder but couldn’t make the technique work, instead struggling out through the back door, landing a stunning mid kick as they rose to their feet. The blow was answered by a hellstorm of shots from Scapicchio and McCall went toe to toe; the two going full bar fight and driving the crowd mad. The two traded sizzling hooks before Scapicchio dropped again for a double and got it, the pair having expended serious energy in the exchange. McCall worked a slow sweep and found top half guard, landing elbows to the body as the exhilarating round closed out.

McCall slammed a leg kick home to start the last round, Scapicchio swinging heat inside as the two traded blows. A clipping kick from Scapicchio landed and the two flurried, McCall going for a takedown but losing positioning in a scramble, Scapicchio on his back and sinking the gable gripped choke with pure power. McCall rolled to work out of the hooks but found no room for escape, tapping to bring this stunning fight to a close.

Mike Scappichio wins via 3rd Round Submission (RNC)

Brian Cosco vs Ryan Diabartolemeo

155lb Amateur

The two circled and fired jabs, Cosco dropping for a single but losing the leg and being hurled to the canvas by a bodylock from Diabartolemeo. Cosco tried for an armlock from bottom but Diabartolemeo turned out and landed in half guard, drilling his opponent with hammerfists as Cosco reestablished guard. Diabartolemeo threw leather with a mind for his arms inside Cosco’s guard, thumping the body and pot shotting his opponent as Cosco tried a variety of high guard positions, but being shrugged off by Diabartolemeo’s constant repositioning. Diabartolemeo reared up at the ten second knock to drop a few big shots, closing out a solid round for the Triumph project.

Moving into a second round of a grinding fight, the two traded power shots, range not quite keyed in but some punches landing solidly. A body kick from Diabartolemeo bounced off the ribs and a right hand made it through, followed by another. Diabartolemeo drove into the legs and hit a smooth double, heavy on the hips as he broke his foe down and took the back, falling back with both hooks in. Cosco rolled out and tried to find his feet but Diabartolemeo quartered him and threw monster uppercuts, rising with his foe to hit a belly to back suplex and resink the hooks. A beautiful transition from back control to an arm triangle saw Diabartolemeo float into side control with a flourish, but Cosco wasn’t looking for a way out, gutting out the nasty submission to see the next round.

Diabartolemeo closed hard for the third, being reversed against the cage and clipped with a body knee on the disengagement. An overhand from Diabartolemeo saw him move into a double leg, hitting the takedown and settling into guard, sporadic punches giving way to an upkick and low shot from Cosco that was stuffed. Diabartolemeo pushed his opponent over into half guard and mounted with silky smooth precision, dropping a set of punches and taking the back as Cosco rolled. Diabartolemeo worked for the same transition to arm triangle from the last round and found it, this time taking all slack out of the choke and getting the tap in the last seconds.

Ryan Diabartolemeo wins via 3rd Round Submission (Arm Triangle)

Crowsneck Boutin vs Xavier Vargas

205lb Amateur Title

The two closed early with leg kicks and pawing jabs, Boutin’s first full-power leg kick sending an audible crack through the room, followed by a snappy one-two. Boutin cut to the bone with his varied low kicks, inside and out as Vargas looked for an opening to work his own offense, landing an inside leg kick and fading away from Boutin’s punches. Vargas closed with a volley of hooks and Boutin countered off the fence, Vargas hitting a takedown but being rolled by the ultra powerful Boutin. Vargas locked on a loose guillotine with short time, Boutin popping his head out and throwing two bolo punches as the round ended.

The second round began with patience from both fighters, Vargas using footwork to close range and winging a right hand that came up short. Boutin landed an overhand right and took one in return, the two colliding where Vargas tried to land a standing guillotine, instead kneeing to the body and breaking to center. Boutin threw an overhand and was bulled to the cage, taking a stiff uppercut from Vargas, who went for a lateral drop and botched the throw, landing under Boutin. The two came to standing and flurried at center cage, Vargas wounding Boutin with a set of hooks and throwing his adversary to the mat into half guard. A tremendous show of core strength saw Boutin roll his opponent with a bridge and work from half guard, trying to lock on an arm triangle but missing it, Vargas regaining guard at the bell.

The third round started with a rush from Vargas, landing hooks inside where Boutin returned fire, Vargas again going for the standing guillotine. Boutin postured up and tried to break the hold, but Vargas landed a knee and a pair of hooks as they separated. Vargas found range and picked away at his adversary’s body and head, Boutin swinging wildly, landing shots but his body out of alignment to hit meaningfully as technique went out the proverbial window. Vargas took what Boutin threw his way and was relentless on the inside with a variety of mid-power, high volume attacks. Boutin’s offense gave way to defense as his arms shrank back to protect his tenderized core, and the referee couldn’t allow it to continue, calling the fight in an epic slugfest of light heavyweights.

Xavier Vargas wins via 3rd Round TKO (referee stoppage)

Nick Alley vs JT Harold

170lb Amateur

Alley closed with jabs and took a mid kick from Harold, countering with a head kick and flurry of punches. Another head kick from Alley skimmed Harold’s brow and Harold darted out of range with fingers extended, poking the pursuing Alley in the eye. Alley took time to clear his vision and the fight resumed, Alley pumping a jab and Harold landing a left straight with authority. Alley threw another head kick and straight combo but Harold bounded away, dancing back with a left hand and front kick to the body. Alley threw simple combinations as Harold jagged around and looked for a fight-ending counter, landing a front kick off the cup that again halted the bout. Alley lead with another head kick and Harold threw tight combinations inside, Alley following with a pair of rights. Harold was fast on the counter but Alley left little open, gloves high and offense frequent. A mid kick from Alley scored with his jab keeping Harold outside, followed by a right hand. Harold countered hard with a two piece and Alley went for the takedown, the fight stalling against the cage as the bell rang.

Harold opened with a darting power shot to the body answered by a right hand form Alley, who waded into the pocket and slung leather. Harold kept on his feet and wheeled with snappy punches, fading away from Alley’s wild shots as he looked for that pin-hole opening. Harold landed a three piece and Alley hit a high kick, Harold taking it off the arm to snap a double but bouncing up and out when Alley went for butterfly hooks. The two traded leg kicks and Alley landed a head kick, Harold zapping him with a right hand and body shot. Alley threw a pair of rights and Harold hit the double again, passing to side control briefly before Alley shimmed his hips in for guard. Alley worked for a high guard and locked on the triangle with seconds left, the round coming to an end with Harold in deep trouble.

The final round of a nuclear hot affair, Harold stung Alley with a two piece as Alley chipped at his legs, inside and out. Harold came in with a right and was taken down with a body lock, Alley working from half guard but Harold rolled to his knees and back to standing. Alley pumped jabs and threw a right hand, Harold lining up a kill shot but not managing to land it flush, left hands scoring nonetheless. A right form Alley was answered by a shovel hook from Harold, with Alley landing another head kick. Alley came in with a right hand and Harold skated in with a vicious left, showing off fleet feet. A mid kick from Alley smashed home and Harold bounced away in the last second, full of energy but likely behind on the cards.

Nick Alley wins via Split Decision (30-27x2, 28-29)

Jake Pilla vs Danny Abad

147lb Amateur

Pilla closed distance like a wrecking ball, winging vicious shots in close and tagging Abad repeatedly. A snaking counter from Abad knocked Pilla to the canvas and Abad was on him in a heartbeat, taking the back and looking for an RNC that Pilla defended, throwing punches over his shoulder and shaking off hooks. Pilla went for a straight armbar and worked out of the hooks, Abad catching Pilla’s neck as he looked to escape and going for an RNC with no hooks, the choke failing, but allowing him to take the back again when Pilla rolled. Pilla diligently worked to shake his foe off, but Abad moved for an armbar as Pilla went for the backdoor escape. Pilla extracted himself and dropped a pair of punches as the round came to a close, the building going crazy.

Pilla landed low early and Abad slung fists, being kicked to the mat where Pilla pounced. The two came to standing and clinch grappled, Pilla throwing a knee up center and following with a three piece of power shots before dropping for a takedown. Abad defended and Pilla stood and tagged him before reentering, hitting a foot sweep takedown, though Abad was up fast. The two broke to center and Abad tagged him with a counter, Pilla landing a stiff hook in return. Pilla came in and avoided the counter punches of Abad, looking for safe entry against Abad’s outstanding boxing skills but having trouble getting clean attacks to land. Abad waved his foe on and came in with a combination, hitting a body lock and dropping Pilla to the canvas, but being reversed by deft movement off the bottom. Pilla went for a modified arm in guillotine and put the squeeze on but the hold wasn’t enough to put Abad out as the round came to a close.

Abad landed a straight right to start the last round, a mid kick crushing Pilla to the body. Pilla threw a hard front kick and superman punch off the cage but found himself in the clinch, Abad kneeing to the legs and body. Pilla dropped for knee tap takedown and stalled out on the cage, Abad smacking his foe with hammerfirsts and looking for a power guillotine. Pilla pulled back and the two exchanged wildly crashing to the canvas where Abad took Pilla’s back in a scramble. Abad landed shots to the head while trying to keep his perch; Pilla steadily coming to his feet but not able to shake his opponent before collapsing back to the mat. Abad looked for effective offense but had few angles, Pilla rising back to his feet and working out the back door, dodging the arm bar set up and going for Abad’s back in a scramble.

Danny Abad wins via Unanimous Decision (29-28x3)

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