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Jim Manning- Sit Down with Cage Titans 155 lb. Champion

Jim Manning: Hey pal

RFS: So how is the Cage Titans Amateur 155lb Champion feeling these days?

Jim Manning: I am pretty sure I may be all done with chasing medicals, bringing my sons to a different gym every night of the week, cutting 15 pounds, going on that emotional up and down ride days before the fight. I might just go out in style. My dream was just to accomplish what I already have in MMA, I Feel like I have found my inner peace. I am in the best place mentally, physically, and emotionally for this fight. My 3 sons have an absent parent on the other side (their mom) so I feel like they need more of my time

RFS: Hey that’s awesome Jim, will you still teach Jiu-Jitsu at CCFA?

Jim Manning: Of course, I will still train, I love it a lot, just with my current situation I can't put the time in 100 %. I don't train to be number 2! I wear my brown belt in BJJ with Pride.

RFS: Has doing Mixed Martial Arts helped you find who you truly are?

Jim Manning: That is what the Martial Arts is about, helping you find inner peace, stability and help you overcome obstacles in our everyday lives. I am very, very happy with who I am, and have more than proven to myself that at the age of 37 anything is possible. I will be a lifelong martial artist Tom

RFS: So tell our followers what was your 3 most memorable moments in all of this, how long have you been competing, and how many amateur fights have you had?

Jim Manning: his will be my 8th time in there. I have done over 50 grappling tournaments too.

RFS: What has competing in the cage taught you?

Jim Manning: It has taught me how to overcome any and all obstacle that gets in my way. If your patient enough work hard enough there will always be light at the end of the tunnel, and you will always have those people who support you no matter what is waiting for you at the end. It has also taught me how to treat people in today's society that is always changing. It has showed me how to become a better friend, a better father to my kids, and I am able to create a feeling of comfort in just about any room that I choose to walk in.

It almost makes me cry how proud of myself I am, and how bad my life was. Nobody gave a shit about me 8 years ago, not even my family. Now I feel like a god. This has happened all because of me and my choice to not give up on myself in life, and for chasing my dreams with everything I have.

RFS: AWESOME MAN!!! Well this was a great talk bro, win or lose I am proud of you, proud to know and be able to train with you. Good luck my man! Anything else to say?

Jim Manning: This sport has taught me who is really in for me, and has my back no matter what decisions I make or what I do. Also every time I read the Regional Fight Sports Previews I get amped up! William Joseph always picks me to loose (LOL). I always love proving people wrong, actually been picked to be KO three times so far. I hope he really is confident in his pick.

RFS: Hey those write ups are done to start a conversation, and stir some things up lol, Don’t read too much into my man hahahaha. Remember in order to be the CHAMP YOU HAVE TO BEAT THE CHAMP. Last time I looked you are the Current Champion! Good Luck and Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day bud to sit down with me. I look forward to seeing CCFA in the cage this saturday night.

Check out Jim "The Tooth" Manning in Action this Saturday night as he defends his 155 lb Championship for Cage Titans Fighting Championships at Plymouth Memorial Hall in MA.

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