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CES Boxing Perez vs Mauras 3

Writtwn by Thomas Evans and Roberto Couto

1. 4 Rounds-Heavyweights

Zhang Zhilei (1-0,1KO) Zhoukou, China vs. Perry Filkington

From the bell Zhilei jumps all over Perry and gets a quick TKO 1:10 into the bout.

Winner by TKO Round 1, Zhang Zhilei

2. 4 Rounds- Junior Welterweights

Wang Zhimin (Pro Debut) Ningo China vs Kin Moy (Pro Debut) Cambridge Mass.

Zhimin and Moy both looked very sharp for making their respected pro debuts. The judges however saw it different and the winner by a landslide on the score cards Wang Zhimin.

Winner by Judges Desicison 39-37, 40- 36, 40-36 Wang Zhimin

3. 4 Rounds-Light Heavyweights

Meng Fanlong (Pro Debut) Inner Mongolia, China vs. Marcellus Yates (0-1) Washington, D.C

Meng Fanlong is in full control of the action as he is using good punch combinations from the south paw stance to tire and stop Yates in his tracks. Round 1 and 2 both go to Meng. Coming into the 3rd round Yates has a cut over his right eye. Round 3 was a close round. Yates was able to land some nice body shots to slow down Meng. However in the 4th round Meng came out and regrouped with a nice come back round. Meng landed nice body shots of his own to once again slow down Yates.

Winner by Judges by Majority Decision 40-36,40-36, 38-38 Meng Fanlong

4. 4 Rounds-Middleweights

Khairy Gray-Pitts (3-0, 1 KO) Worcester, Mass. vs. Jake Constant (0-2) Springfield, IL.

Khairy scores is 2 KO of his young career by landing a vicious right body hook to the already on his heels Jake Constant early 1:20 into Round 1.

Winner by KO- Body Shot Khiary Gray-Pitts 1:20 in the 1st round @CESBoxing!

5. 4 Rounds-Lightweights

Oscar Bonilla (3-0-1) New Haven CT. vs. Theo Desjardin (0-4) Pawtucket RI

Oscar comes out like a bull throwing bombs and backs Theo into the corner covering up. Oscar scores a knockdown with a body shot and Theo is up on his feet. Theo lets a right hand go that forces Oscar to slip. Oscar seems finds and continued his assault and scores one more knockdown that seals the deal.

Winner by TKO 1:18 into round 1 Oscar Bonilla

6. 6 Rounds- Junior Middleweights

Jose Felix (11-16-2, 4 Ko's) Albuquerque, N.M. vs. Jimmy Williams (7-0-1, 3 KO's) New Haven, Conn

Round 1 Williams comes out landing nice jabs as he is the taller fighter. Williams does a good job landing shots from the outside and backs Felix to the ropes to end the round. Felix gets off the ropes as the bell sounds to end the round.

Round 2 Williams comes out again leading the dance. Throwing a good right hand to the body followed by a left hook to the head that glances Felix. Felix attempts to throw a combo but changes his mind and looks sills. Williams uses his long jab trying to measure the distance to land more strikes. Felix walks into a nice right uppercut straight left combo that puts him down to the mat. A Standing 8 count and Felix is back up, with Williams again landing jabs. Williams lands a night straight right hand to end the round.

Round 3 Williams comes out landing a nice 4 punch combo that back Felix to ropes followed by 3 nice body shots that forces Felix to circle out. Williams doing a good job landing the jab. Perez begins to push forward looking for straight right hands. William again uses his jab and lands a HUGE overhand right hand that sends Felix crashing to the canvas.

Winner by KO in 2:34- round 3 Jimmy Williams over Jose Felix

7. 6 Rounds Super Middleweight

Elvin Ayala (26-6-1 12 Ko's) New Havin CT. vs. Aaron Mitchell (27-1 20 Ko's) Philidelphia, Penn.

Round 1 Both fighters come out jabbing as Ayala pushes Mitchell to the ropes and forces a brief clinch. Ayala separates and begins to throw nice jab, cross, hook combos, Mitchell walks Ayala down and into the ropes but Ayala uses good footwork to get off the hook and take the center of the ring back briefly. The round ends with Mitchell again pushing forward and Ayala working off the ropes.

Round 2 Ayala comes out jabbing to the body and head. Both fighters take the center of the ring jabbing in to set up further punches. Ayala is doing a good jab ducking and slipping the jab of Mitchell. Ayala slips the jab and lands the right hand. More jabs to the body and head from Ayala. Mitchell begins to land the jab as he looks to be getting more comfortable in his AIR FOCE ONE'S!!!! Yes he is fighting in AIR FORCE ONE'S???? With 10 seconds left the round comes to end with both fighters in the center.

Round 3 Ayala comes out again throwing soft jabs and Mitchell slipping and parrying them. Both fighters begin to work faints as they try to land a more secure jab on the other. Ayala gets on his toes and begins to move and then throwing a left hook. A nice 1,2 Combo that lands on Mitchell. The round end with Ayala looking to land the left hook.

Round 4 Mitchell comes out jabbing and landing. Mitchell bodies Ayala to the ropes but Ayala is able to work out of it and land a nice left hook right body punch combination. Ayala popping the jab to keep the distance and range, Mitchell doing a good job of defending. Ayala lands a nice jab, cross combo to the face of an un-phased Mitchell. Ayala is being the aggressor.

Round 5 Both fighters work into a brief clinch but separate. Mitchell has now changed his stance to a south paw stance. Ayala is walking down Mitchell but now much action going on as the Fans seemed to be getting upset. The action picks up as Mitchell lands big swinging body punches and Ayala landing a left hook on the way out, followed by a stiff jab to the body. Ayala has Mitchell on the ropes to end the round landing a nice jab, cross left hook to the body. Mitchell ducks away and gets caught with a nice jumping left hook from Ayala to end the round. Both fighters look tired.

Round 6 Both fighters come out attempting to find the jab. Ayala changes levels and goes to the body. Mitchell sticks the jab as Ayala circles to force Mitchell to the ropes. Ayala sticks a jab, left hook combo as Mitchel responds with a right body punch. Both fighters collide with jabs. Mitchell attempting more body shots and Ayala doing a good job moving out of dodge. Ayala lands a nice left hook and both fighters clinch up to end the rounds.

Winner by judge’s majority decision 60-54, 59-55, 58-56 Elvin Ayala over Aaron Mitchell.

8. 8 Rounds-Super Bantamweight for the vacant New England Title

Josh Crespo (3-1-2, 1 KO) New Haven, CT. vs Jorge Abiague (7-0-1, 1 KO) Portland, Maine

Round 1 Crespo comes out in his black and gold trunks landing nice body shots followed by hooks to the head. Abiague misses with the right hook but is able to force Crespo to the ropes. Crespo circles off but it is not Abiague leading the dance with his jab forcing Crespo on his heels and back to the ropes. Abiague landing a nice straight left, hook combination as both fighters circle the ring to end the first round.

Round 2 Both fighters circle with Crespo landing a jab cross combo. Crespo follows with a nice jab, cross, left hook punch combination that catches Abiague attention. Abiague touches with the straight left and pushes Crespo to the ropes. Crespo fires back with a nice right body punch to take back control. A Fan just yelled HIP HIP, JORGE! Crespo lunges forward with a nice 1, 2 punch combo as the round ends.

Round 3 Abiagiue comes out landing the jab. Both fighters clinch and the ref separates them. Off the separation both fighters fire punches at one another. Abiague swings for the fences but misses. Crespo doing a good job of avoiding big shots Dale, Dale the fans scream (Pick up the action)! Crespo lands a nice straight right hand the wobbles Abiague and Crespo goes in for the kill but Abiague forces a clinch, Fighters separate and Crespo charges forward again landing a nice straight right hand that has Abiague hurt to end the round.

Round 4 Crespo comes out looking to land the straight right again as he found a home for it in the previous round. Abiague pushes forward landing a nice double hook punch combo. Abiague begins to throw more jabs but Crespo has good defense. Abiague lands a right hook as Crespo lands one of his own to end the round.

Round 5 Both fighters coming out looking to land the jab, Crespo lands first as Abiague counters with a straight left. An accidental head-butt causes a pause in action but both fighters come out ok. Abiague has a welt on the left side of head. Both fighters land solid punches Abiague from the south paw stance and Crespo from the conventional to end the round.

Round 6 Abiague comes out jabbing to begin the round. Abiague lands a nice body shot followed by a series of jabs, Crespo comes back with a 1,2 punch Combo. Abiaue is starting to let his hands go as he lands a nice right hand left hook from the conventional stance. The round end with both guys punching into a clinch.

Round 7 Both guys coming out firing. Crespo is throwing jab crosses to the body, but Abiague is able to block them and push forward. The round end again in the clinch

Round 8 Crespo begins the round with a right hand to the body, followed by a nice jab cross to the head. Abiague needs to work, as he does by slipping and landing nice punches to the body. A brief clinch and fighter’s separate. Crespo circling and jabbing and Abiague forces a clinch again. Fighters separate and Abiague is warned for a blow to the back of the head. Crespo comes in with another nice combo and with 10 seconds left the round comes to an end. We have Crespo getting the nod.

Winner by judge’s decision 78-74, 77-75, 78-74 and NEW, NEW ENGLAND SUPERBANTAMWEIGHT CHAMPION Jorge Abiague.

9. 8 Rounds-Super Featherweight- for the vacant New England Title

Chip Perez (10-3-2 3 Ko's) Hartford Conn vs. Agustine Mauras (6-0-3, 3 Ko's)

Round 1 Mauras comes out throwing long jabs. Perez going to the body with the jab. Mauras does a good job throwing a double left hook to the head. A Brief Clinch, and Mauras lands a nice 1, 2 body hook. Perez slips a overhand right thrown by Mauras and counters with a nice right uppercut. Maures comes back with another double hook and Perez counters with a nice right hand left hook combo to end the round.

Round 2 Mauras comes out throwing a right hand left hook combo as Perez counters with a straight right of his own. Both fighter flurry as Perez get the upper hand of it. Nice jab to the body by Perez which forces Mauras to clinch up. Perez lands a series of punches to the head and body of Maures. Maures slips some jabs as the fighter separate back to the center of the ring. Maures pushes forward with a nice 1, 2 combo forcing Perez to circle off the ropes. Perez lands a big overhand right punch to end the round.

Round 3 Perez comes out jabbing. Maures looks to counter the jab but Perez is scoring with a nice jab, cross body punch combination against the ropes. Maures circles off the ropes and throws a jab that misses. Maures land a good left hook but Perez uses the body punches to counter. Maures pushes Perez to the ropes and Perez is forced to turn on his heels. Perez lands some more jabs however is clipped by a Mauras straight hand to end the round.

Round 4. Perez lands a good combo to begin the round Perez coaches are yelling to hit the body. Mauras lands two nice jabs. Perez is able to slip a third jab and counter wither a right hand left hook combo. Maures land a solid overhand right but Perez comes back with jabs. Maures pushes Perez to the ropes and land nice body punches. Perez end the round with a flurry of his own body punches.

Round 5. The round begins with both fighters missing with punches. Perez is controlling the pace. Maures is landing shout but not in the same volume as Perez. Mauras and Perez both work the body in the clinch and separate back to the center of the CES Ring. Perez lands a nice right hand that backs up Mauras. Mauras misses with a body shot, hook to the head combo.

Round 6 Both fighters come out and work the jab. Perez lands a nice jab that snaps Mauras head back. Both fighters work the body in the clinch before the Ref forces a separation. Perez misses with a right hand and Mauras starts to push the pace. The round ends with Perex landing hooks to the body and head of Mauras.

Round 7 Mauras comes out jabbing to the body. Perez is using his footwork to move around the ring. Mauras push the pace forcing Perez to slip and try to avoid the heavy punches. Mauras lands 2 good punches during the frantic attack. Perez takes the center landing a nice left hook to the head. Mauras pushes Perez to the ropes landing punches to both the body and head. Both fighters throw punches to end the round.

Round 8 Both fighters come out ready to slug it out. Nice punch combo from Perez who is looking to hit the body, Maures looks to be head hunting and get the KO. Mauras seems to be down on the cards. Perez uses footwork as Maures looks for the big shot. Maures lands a nice left hook to the body, followed to the head that stuns Perez. Mauras picks up the pace again landing a 1, 2 punch to the head. One minute left Perez lands a nice punch to the body as Mauras bodies Perez to the ropes landing a right hand of his own. Perez lunches to the body with a right hand and Maures counters with another Hook to the head. 30 seconds left and Perez works off the ropes. Mauras and Perez slug it out to end the round, That was a GOOD FINISH TO THE TRIOLOGY!!!!!!

Winner by judge’s decision 79-73, 78-74, 78-74 for your WINNER AND NEW NEW ENGLAND CHAMPION JOSEPH CHIP PEREZ!


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