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Reality Fighting Preview

Produced by: Tom Evans

Saturday January 3rd, 2014 Reality Fighting returns to its home turf at the beautiful Mohegan Sun Arena. As always Reality is kicking off the New Year of 2015 with a huge main event and some great undercard fights. In the main event the #1 ranked Heavyweight in the New England Region Juliano “Banana” Coutinho (6-1) who is riding a 6 fight win streak, looks to challenge the former 2 time UFC World Heavyweight Champion Tim “The Maine-iac” Sylvia (31-10).

The former 2 time UFC Champion Tim Sylvia has fought for the highest prize in the sport. His list of competitors include Frank Mir, Andre Arlovski, Randy Couture, Antonia Rodrigo Nogueira, Fedor Emelianeko, Abe Wagner, Tony Johnson,Mariusz Pudzianowski, Paul Buentell, Ricco Rodriguez and Brandon Vera . However the last time the former champion has won a bout was over 2 years ago at NEF when he defeated Randy Smith. Since then he has a record of 0-3-1. From 2001-2003 Tim Sylvia racked off 16 straight wins, then losing to Frank Mir for the UFC Title back in 2004. From 2005-2006 “The Maine-iac” again went on a 6 fight win streak before being dethroned by Randy Couture for the Heavyweight title. Since the lost to Randy “The Natural Couture” Tim has a record 8-7-1.

The #1 ranked Heavyweight in the New England Region Juliano “Banana” Coutinho is on a 6 fight win streak. “The “Professor” who is a high ranking and very accomplished Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Team Daniel Gracie and is also affiliated with Team SitYodTong Boston, and CCFA serving as a Jiu-Jitsu Instructor at both schools. Juliano owns his own brand new state of the art Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Cape Cod, MA. “The Professor” is looking to make a HUGE statement to begin his 2015 MMA campaign. In fact, should he beat Sylvia he possibly could be looking at a phone call to the UFC and the heavyweight division.

Let’s look at some numbers. Coutinho is 6-foot-2, 265-pounds, Sylvia is a Mammoth 6-foot-8, 325-pounds. This fight will be at superheavyweight!

The questions that come to my mind are this:

Can Sylvia get back to his winning ways and finish the fight with his gigantic bricks of hands?

Can Coutinho avoid the big shot and secure a takedown on the gigantic former world champion?

Will Sylvia if pushed to go multiple rounds still have enough gas in his tank?

Will Coutinho be able to deal with the power of Tim Sylvia?

Could Coutinho surprise many by out striking and getting the KO over the former champion?

Keys to victory:

Tim Sylvia: Keep the fight on the feet, avoid the takedown, look to through straight punches, and finish the fight in 2 rounds.

Juliano Coutinho: Get the fight to the ground and submit him, avoid staying on the outside, make Sylvia miss by not staying in front of him, Push the fight to go more than 2 rounds.

One thing is for sure, REALITY FIGHTING has put together an incredible card with a Main Event so big this fight alone is worth the price of admission. Will the former champion get back to his winning ways or will the Professor propel his career straight to the UFC with a huge victory!

Undercard for the night:

Jason Ward (3-3-0) Black Dragon vs. Cheyenne Vazquez (2-0-0) John Lopez (3-3-0) Underdog BJJ vs. Marvin Maldonado (2-2-0) Renzo Gracie Rob Brown (0-0-0) Kipp’s Basement vs. Melvis Figueroa (0-1-0) AMA Fight Club John O’Brien (0-2-0) Modern Self Defense vs. Brandon Polcare (0-0-0) Spa City JJ Josh Baker (1-1-0) Inferno BJJ vs. Carlos Candelario (0-0-0) Mike Mangan (0-1-0) Team Thunder vs. Chris Remedios (0-0-0) Mike Piacentini (1-2-0) Coondog MMA vs. Joe Albani (0-1-0) CT United BJJ Jose Rivera (1-2-0) Kipp’s Basement vs. Vinny Brightman (0-1-0) Team Thunder Harris Bonfiglo (0-0-0) vs. B.J. Prak (0-1-0) (44)

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