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By Gill Rodriguez

Alright it was another night of action packed fights at The Lowell Memorial Auditorium as East Coast Fighting Championship brought you there second show and they didn’t disappoint. The card had some changes due to some fighter injuries but overall the Show DELIVERED tons of finishes and included a 3 ROUND WAR that kept the entire crowd on their feet, We also saw ECFC crown there very First Bantamweight Champion and here is the play by play for the fights.

Amateur Fights

(Flyweights 125lbs)

Nick Laciofano US MMA (1-0) VS Damian Batista INDEPENDENT (debut)

Round 1

Both fighters touch gloves and met at the center of the cage exchanging punches. Nick lands a huge takedown but Damian manages to get right up. Nick seems to be the aggressor, Damian looks a tad bit nervous making his debut tonight. Nick clinches, lands another huge takedown. Both fighters scramble. And Nick locks in an arm bar to finish the fight at 2.15 of the first round. Damian was a little outmatched and Laciofano looked pretty impressive for only his 2 win here at ECFC this guy is evolving an is definitely the guy to watch.

Laciofano wins at 2.15 of round 1 via arm bar; Laciofano improves on 2-0

(Heavyweights 260lbs)

Terrance Jean Jaques SMITTY’S WRESTLING BARN (1-0) VS Phil Kelly REDLINE (debut)

Fight Cancelled

(Featherweights 145lbs)

Chris Violette BURGESS MMA (1-1) VS Billy Keenan REDLINE (3-3)

Round 1

Chris starts the round with a vicious leg kick. Billy keeps his distance. But Chris powers Billy towards the cage and lands a huge takedown. While Billy tries to shrimp out but Chris gets side control. Chris gets sweep, Billy attempts a kimura but the round ends.

Round 2

Both fighters start of strong landing back and forth leg kicks. Chris lands a takedown. Billy works up to his feet but gets powered towards the cage again. Chris lands a powerful takedown. But Billy tries to lock in a deep guillotine. Chris powers out of it and is dictating the control on the ground. Billy attempts a triangle; Chris immediately slams him on his back trying to get out of it. But Billy sinks in a deep triangle hold for the finish at 2.41 round 2.

It was an incredible fight it could’ve gone either way with both fighters showing really good ground game and powerful wrestling.

Keenan wins at 2.41 of round 2 via triangle choke; Keenan improves 4-3

(Lightweight 155lbs)

Brian Cosco IRON HOUSE MMA (1-1) VS Rober Moser REDLINE (0-1)

Round 1

Brian immediately attempts a takedown. Moser steps aside Brian goes for a second takedown but Moser stuffs it. Both fighters scramble on the ground. And Brian locks in an ankle lock at 1.03 of the first round for the finish. Brian was definitely the aggressor it was a really slick finish and the lightweight division needs to look out for this guy.

Cosco wins at 1.03 of round 1 via ankle lock; Cosco improves 2-1

(Welterweight 170lbs)

Conner Barry INDEPENDENT (2-1) VS Reggie LaPorte LYSAK’S ACADEMY OF MMA (debut)

Round 1

Barry went to touch gloves but LaPorte taunts him and refuses to. Barry attempts a huge right over hand but misses and attempts another but misses again. Barry clinches LaPorte then powers him towards the cage, lands a takedown. LaPorte reverses it but Barry gains immediate control. Both fighters work up to their feet. And Barry lands another takedown and gains back control sinks in both hooks and sinks in a rear naked choke to finish the fight at 2.11 of round 1. LaPorte came out a bit cocky and Connor Barry was the man to shut him down in this fight.

Barry wins at 2.11 of round 1 via rear naked choke; Barry improves 3-1



(Welterweight 170lbs)

Joe Cloutier DOOMDAY (3-0) VS Mike Hulburt TEAM TRIUMPH (2-3)

Round 1

The crowd is going crazy as both fighters enter the cage, Hulburt starts off very aggressive swinging some big power punches pushing Cloutier to the cage getting him in a clinch, Cloutier attempts a Takedown that is quckly stuffed and Hulburt gets control of the back trying to sink in a Rear naked choke Cloutier powers out of and takes Hulburt down with a takedown of his own both fighters showcasing impressive ground work as they scramble for control in the ground, Fighters get up and exchange some knees to the body and Cloutier powers Hulburt down maintaining good ground control to finish the round. Fight of the Night Candidate right here folks both fighters came to win.

Round 2

Hulburt again comes out strong swinging some wild punches to get the clinch Only this time Cloutier gets a takedown on Hulburt, a lot of the same action in this round with both fighters battling for control on the ground both fighters attempting submissions left and right but Cloutier is getting the better control, Hulburt manages to get up but Cloutier takes down him down at will remaining good ground control to finish the round. It’s a hard fight to call thus far but I feel like Cloutier is managing to steal the rounds in the remaining seconds.

Round 3

They touched gloves and bowed showing each other good sportsmanship the crowd is on their feet cheering both of these warriors on to victory this fight is a total war. Both fighters try to exchange some big shots and Cloutier gets Hulburt down again, Cloutier pinning Hulburt against the cage landing some hard head shots on Hulburt, Hulburt gets up and lands a powerful knew to the body of Cloutier and both fighters swing for the fences as the fight comes to an end. Hard fight to judge both fighters looked pretty evenly matched but I strongly feel Cloutier took the fight.

Cloutier wins by unanimous decision 27-28, 30-27; Cloutier improves and still undefeated 4-0


(Bantamweight 135lbs)

Joey “War Machine” Gomez TEAM TRIUMPH (4-0) VS Jeremy “Pony Boy” Pender TEAM VISION (10-9)

Round 1

The crowd is going wild as both fighters enter the cage for this Bantamweight Title match, Both fighters meet at the center of the cage trying to feel each other out with some light punches Pender boxing seem to be on point as he slips in lands a few shots and quickly backs out, Gomez on the other hand is waiting patiently to land a good shot and he lands a good 1,2 with a knee combo that pushes Pender back then he lands a Huge Punch that rocks Pender and Gomez swarms on him with big shots Pender falls to the canvas and Gomez finishes him.

Joey “War Machine” Gomez wins at 1.50 of round 1 via TKO to become the First ECFC Bantamweight Champion; Gomez improves and is still undefeated 4-0.

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