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CES Boxing Review

CES Boxing "Title 4 Title" is back with another installment here Live at the Twin River Casino in Lincoln Rhode Island

4 Rounds- Super Welterweights (157 lbs.)

Ray Oliveira Jr. (Pro Debut) vs. Angel Valdez (Pro Debut)

Ray Oliveira, Jr. dominated Angel Valdez for 3 rounds until referee Joey Lupino called an end to the fight. Ray Oliveira Jr. landed almost every punch he threw as he impressed everyone with his Professional Debut.

4 Rounds-Super Middleweights (167 lbs.)

Saul Almeida (0-5) vs. Zack Christy (Pro Debut)

Zack Christy squared off against #1 ranked MMA fighter, Saul Almeida in his professional debut. This fight went the distance with both Saul and Zack getting in good punch combinations. The judge’s scores at the end were all 40-36 in favor of Christy. Saul however did look good in the ring on this night.

4 Rounds-Lightweights (136 lbs)

Scott Sullivan (Pro Debut) vs. Moises Rivera (0-3)

Scott Sullivan kicked off his Professional debut with nice crisp boxing combinations. He looked smooth in the ring. While on the other hand Rivera looked like a amateur boxer throwing bar room brawl like punches. Needless to say the Referee stopped the bout in the 2nd round due to three big hooks thrown by your winner Scott Sullivan.

4 rounds-Super Welterweights (160 lbs)

Sergio Cabrera (0-2) vs. Khiary Gray-Pitts (1-0)

Sergio a local MMA fighter showed his toughness and grit as he continued to move forward the entire fight and at times landing good Jab, Cross, Hook combinations. However Khiary was just the better boxer and also landed more power shots during the fight. Your winner Khiary Gray-Pitts

4 rounds-Cruiserweights

Antonio Mignella (3-0) vs Alvin Varmall Jr. (2-0)

Alvin Varmall, Jr. landed a big right hook in the 2nd round scoring a TKO versus Antonio “Rocky’ Mignella. Varmall, Jr. looked god on the inside landing nice body, body, head punch combinations. Alvin Varmall Jr. improves to 3-0 with 3 KO's.

6 rounds-Welterweights (145 lbs.)

Christian Steele (4-9) vs. Nick Delomba (4-0)

This 6 rounder went the distance. Christian landed shots that just seemed to keep him alive when Nick looked to put him away. Nick did a good job with his punch combinations on the inside, but just couldn’t put the durable Steele away. Nick Delomba however wins by scored unanimous decision and improves to 5-0.

“Title 4 Title”

8 rounds- New England and UBF Northeast Light Heavyweight Title Fight

Rich Gingras (14-4-1, 9KO's) vs Joey McCreedy (15-7-2, 6 KO's)

Every round seemed to have the Twin River Event Center fans on the edge of the seats as both fighters landed very good punch combinations in high volume. THIS WAS A MAIN EVENT! Gingras however moved forward the whole fight and looked to be the more conditioned and in shape boxer tonight. Gingras landed more power shot than did McCreedy. However McCreedy would just not go down or stop fighting. In the 7th round McCreedy bit down on his mouth piece and went for it, landed big hooks to the head of Gingras. Gingras survived the onslaught in the 7th round and came back out landing more of his powerful body shots and controlling the final round as he did most of the fight. This was a great main event and a very good performance for both Local Fighters.

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