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Written by Gill Rodriguez

We are here live tonight at CES MMA 24, CES put together a 9 fight professional stacked card tonight for all, Pat Sullivan always putting together the best match ups , I see Dan Mirgliotta, and Kevin McDonald are tonight’s refs,There was a small change to the Main Event as Julian Lane former TUF alumni was set to take on Luis Rockstar Felix the hometown favorite for the vacant CES Lightweight Strap but the title fight was put on Hold due to Felix having an injury, Instead tonight’s Main event Julian Lane will take Gemiyale Adkins in the Welterweight Division big ups to Lane taking on another opponent in such short notice and in a higher weight class.

Bantamweights (135 lbs.)

Joe Reverdes (1-3) TUML vs. Randy Campbell (Pro Debut) Team Kamikazee

Round 1

Reverdes starts off with a strong leg kick and Campbell answers back with a teep that Joe quickly turned into a takedown and started raining down elbows and punches keeping really good top position to finish the fight at 1minute of round 1. Very impressive win by Joe Reverdes tonight he looked just completely dominant. Campbell had no answer to Reverdes attacks and Reverdes just made quick work.

Winner at 1 minute of Round 1 by Tko Joe Reverdes, Reverdes improves to 2-3

Featherweights (145 lbs.)

Keenan Raymond (1-0) TUML vs. James Murrin (1-0) Broadway Jiu-Jitsu

Round 1

Both fighters are feeling each other out in the center of the cage throwing a few jabs at each other nothing major both fighters being super cautious in the opening round. Keenan connects with a leg kick to then take Murrin down after some back and forth action on the ground Murrin locks in a deep arm bar and Keenan slams his opponent several times to escape the arm bar and lands some big shots from top position to end the round.

Round 2

Murrin comes out the aggressor quickly landing a combination that puts Keenan against the cage but he battles through they both exchange some strikes in the center of the cage and Murrin gets caught with an accidental eye poke. Fight is underway and Keenan lands another huge takedown and gets mount after some back and forth on the ground not much happens Keenan just controls top position for the remainder of the round, Keenan seems to be taking really good control of fight on the ground.

Round 3

The start of the third round looked a lot like the second with Murrin coming in aggressive Keenan lands a big right , Murrin now starts taking really good control of the fight with his boxing being on point, Keenan goes for a takedown that Murrin stuffs but Keenan powers through with his wrestling getting back control Murrin ends up taking top control looking really dominant from top position landing some huge shots on Keenan but survives the last round, Murrin definition got the better of the exchanges in the third round the fight could go either way at this point let’s see what the judges cards say.

Winner by Split decision Keenan Raymond, Keenan improving to 2-0 to remain undefeated.

Lightweights (155 lbs.)

Lewis Corapi (5-1) Sityodtong vs. Michael Sanchez (6-11) Rothwell MMA

Round 1

Sanchez starts off by being the aggressor lands a big high kick and then follows by a huge takedown on Corapi, Sanchez gets a hold of Corapi back and attempts a Rear naked choke but Corapi is not letting him have it, Corapi escapes and gets mount position and just rains down hard punches from the top position to finish the fight at 4:15 of round 1, Very exciting fight Corapi turned that fight around immediately very impressive win.

Winner by tko at 4:15 of round 1 Lewis Corapi, Lewis improves to 6-1

Light Heavyweights (205)

Willie Brown (2-0) MSDC vs. J.A. Dudley (6-12) Team Endgame

Round 1

This fight was over fairly quick both fighters came out extremely aggressive both looking to knock each other out at the start of the round, Brown landing a huge combination of punches and knees before Dudley takes the fight to the ground, Dudley lands some pretty big shots from top position but brown manages to get Dudley on his back but Dudley quickly locks in a Heel hook to finish the fight.

Winner by Heel Hook at 1:28 of Round 1 J.A Dudley, Dudley improves to 7-12 to get the upset on Willie Brown.

Lightweights (155)

Andres Jeudi (6-2) Sityodtong vs. Saul Almeida (14-5) Carlos Netto BJJ

Round 1

Both fighters start off in the center of the cage throwing some light punches to test each other out Almeida gets a takedown and presses Jeudi against the fence, Jeudi works his way up to his feet but Saul manages to get him down a second time, Almeida ground control looks pretty strong with Jeudi not able to do much from the position he is in.

Round 2 & 3

The ending two rounds looked very similar to round 1 with Saul Almeida taking complete control of the grappling pressing Jeudi against the fence there were a few exchanges in the center of the cage but neither fighter landed any significant strikes with the deciding factor being Almeidas ground control against the cage overall a very dominant match for Almeida.

Winner by Unanimous decision Saul Almeida, Almeida improves to 15-5

Woman’s Bantamweight (125 lbs.)

Kaline Medeiros (2-3) Triforce MMA vs. Brigitte Narcise (Pro Debut) K Dojo Warrior Tribe

Round 1, 2 & 3

In what looks to be the most exciting FIGHT OF THE NIGHT, Medeiros and Narcise put on quite the show that I just couldn’t keep my eyes of the fight long enough to write a good play by play, This fight was just and epic fight with both women coming out at the start of the round looking to finish each other. Both Fighters went back and forth in the center of the cage landing hard shots and both gaining really good control at various points of the fight Narcise with the head kick that shook Medeiros, Medeiros stand up on point against Narcise, The turning point was the final round where we saw Medeiros soften up Narcise from top position raining down punches in bunches until the final round was finished, FIGHT OF THE NIGHT HANDS DOWN.

Winner by unanimous decision Kaline improving her record to 3-3

Featherweights (145 lbs.)

Dinis Paiva (4-5) Keith Allen vs. Joe Cushman (11-5) Lauzon MMA

Round 1

Cushman starts of the aggressor but Paiva immediately tags Cushman with a knee and hook, Cushman gets up and tries to exchange with Paiva and comes crashing down as Paiva lands a vicious right to send Cushman crashing to the canvas following up with a few more strikes to get the KO finish at just 49 seconds of the opening round, Paiva looked super impressive tonight he evolves with every fight after the fight Dinis Paiva was announced MR. TWIN RIVER as he has fought at Twin Rivers a record breaking 10 Times great job SWEETBREAD!

Winner by KO at 49 seconds of Round 1 Dinis Paiva, Dinis improves to 5-5

Before the Classic Entertainment Co-main event of the evening UFC welterweight and Former Middleweight Champ John Doomsday Howard, Newly Signed UFC Bantamweight and Former CES MMA Featherweight Champ Rob Font, and Current CES MMA Welterweight Charles Rosa all come in to the cage and talk about their upcoming fights and how CES has been the premier New England promotion getting these guys ready for the Big show UFC.

Catchweight (225) CO-MAIN EVENT

Greg Rebello (16-5) Triforce MMA vs, Aaron Johnson (12-11) ATT & Alliance BJJ

Round 1

Johnson comes out the aggressor lands a takedown on Rebello and gets mount, Johnson gets back control and lands some shots on the side of Rebello, Rebello manages to get top positions starts dropping bombs on Johnson and Johnson returns the favor with bombs from his back, he attempts a heel hook but the round ends, This fight is off to a great start with both fighters just coming at each other hard big strikes from the ground.

Round 2

Johnson tries to set the pace of the round Rebello lands a good combo and knee on Johnson before Johnson pulls guard, Rebello lets Johnson get up and Johnson rushes at Rebello with a combination, Rebello slips as he backs up trying to avoid Johnsons attack and Johnson seizes the opportunity to sink a Guillotine choke to end the fight.

Winner by Guillotine Choke at 1:05 of Round 2 Johnson, Johnson improves to 13-11


Julian Lane (6-3-1) Outta Town Shootas vs. Gemiyale Adkins (8-7) Team Balance

Round 1, 2 & 3

In the main event of the evening all three rounds looked very similar with Julian Lane circling around the cage landing kicks and small strikes at will, While Adkins chased him and landed some small shots himself the deciding factor in this match was Julians speed and ability to land his strikes when he wanted to Adkins just had a hard time trying to keep up with Julian he managed to cut him off a few times and land some good shoots but not enough to stop Julian from just moving around. Overall it was a good main event but if Julian Lane expects to beat the HOME TOWN favorite Luis Rockstar Felix for the Vacant Strap there is a lot of work to be done.

Winner by Unanimous decision Julian Lane, Lane improves to (7-3-1)

Another great card from CES MMA it was a fun night of fights with some upsets, and big finishes can’t wait for August to see how CES will top this action packed card. As CES airs AXS TV to deliver the action packed card to the Nation.

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