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Gonzalez & Gomez will square off in the ECFC Finals!!!! ECFC REVIEW

Written By: Gill Rodriguez

The crowd for tonight’s ECFC MMA is a little over 1400 fans packing the Lowell Memorial Auditorium as East Coast Fighting Championship hold their first ever live MMA event in Lowell Massachusetts.

Amateur Flyweight Fight (125 lbs)

Nick Laciofang (1-0) US MMA vs. Sam Micale (2-1) Ultimate Athletics


Laciofang starts off strong landing combinations and immediately lands a takedown in the opening seconds of the bout, Laciofang attempts to lock in a rear naked choke, Micale scrambles trying to shake off Laciofang from his back but Laciofang is doing a really good job controlling his opponent on the ground, Laciofang attempts another rear naked choke this time securing it for the win. Both guys did a great job but Nick Laciofang ground game was impressive tonight.

Winner by Rear Naked Choke Nick Laciofang, Nick improves to 2-0

Amateur Lightweight Fight (155lbs)

Robert Moser (0-0) Redline vs. Ryan Dibartolmeu (1-3) Triumph


Dibartolmeu lands a huge takedown and lands in side control, Moser gets in half guard, Moser gets mount but is quickly pushed back down on his back, the remainder of the round saw Dibartolmeu being on top and both fighters exchanging small body shots to end the round. Both guys seem to be starting off a bit slow


Moser comes out aggressive landing some good shots, Dibartolmeu lands another takedown landing in Moser’s guard and manages to land some strikes as they scramble for control, round ends with Dibartolmeu on top, not much going on in this round when the fight hits the canvas


Moser lands a hard kick to the body that didn’t seem to phase Dibartolmeu as he shrugged it off and lands a huge takedown falling in mount position, Dibartolmeu lands some punches on the ground before getting put into Moser’s half guard, both fighters scramble to their feet and Dibartolmeu lands another takedown finishing the final round on top, Dibartolmeu wrestling looked pretty impressive Moser seemed to not have an answer for the takedowns

Winner by judges decision 30-29 on all 3 scorecards Ryan Dibartolmeu, Ryan improves to 2-3

Amateur Lightweight Fight (155lbs)

James Hoyt (2-0) Burgess MMA vs. Lloyd Fernandes (2-0) Renzo Gracie


Both guys started off by trying to test each other out in the opening minute of the round, Both guys were trying to look for an opening using a lot of feints but no one was landing any significant shots, it was a really slow round not much action going on.


Hoyt comes out and lands a right to start the round, Hoyt is being the aggressor landing some good shots, Fernandez is just circling around the cage trying to find an opening and finally lands a leg kick to end the round, So far another slow round both guys are being very cautious of each other not landing any big shots


REF talks to both guys at the center of the cage before starting of the round, Both fighters came to the center of the cage trying to look for an opening landing leg kicks on each other, Fernandez lands a superman punch and lands a takedown, Hoyt immediately gets a guillotine attempt, Fernandez escapes and lands some hard shots as they scramble to their feet, Both fighters land some hard combinations and Fernandez hits Hoyt with a big knee to the gut to end the round, Definitely one of the better rounds Fernandez getting the upper hand in the exchanges but the fight could still be awarded to Hoyt as he was the aggressor for all 3 rounds

Winner by judge’s unanimous decision 30-29, 27-26, 27-26 James Hoyt, James improves to 3-0 to remain undefeated

Amateur Women’s Fight (150 lbs.)

Bior Guingni (0-0) Redline vs. Ashley Mills (0-0) South Shore MMA


Mills comes out very aggressive getting Guingni to the cage landing some good strikes, Guingni gets a huge takedown no matter the reach advantage of Mills, Mills get an arm bar attempt but Guingni slips and lands some good strikes from top position to end the round, This could be fight of the night as the crowd is going insane for these two fighters


The round starts off with both fighters going at each other and Guingni lands another big takedown, Mills gets an arm and transitions to a tight triangle, Guingni escapes and rains a bunch of strikes from the top position to end the round, Guingni is looking very impressive in her debut landing tons of strike from the top


Mills rushes in again as the aggressor getting Guingni against the cage, Guingni lands some good knees to the thigh from the cage, Ref separates both fighters since not much was going on from the cage, both fighters go back and forth landing hard punches and good kicks, Mills pushes Guingni to the cage to end the round, This was definitely the Fight of the night both woman get a really good reaction from the crowd and seem to have set the mood for the night excellent fight from both women.

Winner by Judges unanimous decision (30-29) Bior Guingni, Bior wins her debut going 1-0

Amateur Welterweight Fight (170lbs.)

Barry Liseno (0-1) DPG vs. Jack Welch (0-0) Triumph

The crowd is going wild for Jack Welsh as he enters Welsh is definitely the favorite here tonight making his debut


Welch comes out the aggressor, lands a takedown on Liseno, Welch is on point tonight as he manages to get another 3 takedowns back to back to BACK on Liseno, Welch attempts a rear naked choke but the round ends before he can secure it, Liseno doesn’t seem to have an answer so far for Welchs wrestling


The Round starts off very similar to the first with Welch just being dominant from beginning to end as he lands another takedown, Liseno tries to reverse Welch on the ground but Welch is dictating what happens in the ground landing some hard strikes to the body and head while maintaining top position, Welch is looking very impressive tonight and the crowd is going wild with JACKIE chants.


Liseno comes out aggressive, Welch lands yet another huge takedown landing in half guard but quickly transitioning to mount landing some big strikes from top and attempts an arm bar, Liseno escapes the arm bar, and Welch lands another takedown, Liseno gets a guillotine choke but the round ends before he can do anything else.

Winner by Judges unanimous decision (30-29) Jack Welch, Jack wins his debut in a very impressive decision win to improve to 1-0

Amateur Lightweight Fight (155lbs.)

Dylan Lockhart (0-0) Renzo Gracie vs. Kevin Carrier (3-2) Bombsquad


Lockhart starts the round by landing a good combination pushing Carrier towards the cage and gets a takedown, Lockhart gets control of the bak trying to sink in a choke but Carrier battles out of it before the round end, Lockhart looking very impressive in the first round just controlling the ground game


Lockhart lands a Takedown in the opening seconds of the round and just controls his opponent on the ground the entire round not letting him go anywhere as he landed some pretty small shots to end the round, Carrier looks exhausted not being able to shake off Lockhart


Lockhart comes out in the round just getting the takedown with ease as Carrier is looking exhausted here in round 3, Lockhart lands a big knee on the ground and attempts another choke but Carrier is not letting him have the finish, Lock hart postures up and starts raining down strikes before the round ends, Lockhart finished the round on top just looking smooth and impressive in all three 3 rounds both of these men are warriors.

Amateur Middleweight Fight (185lbs)

Tim Caron (2-0) Burgess MMA vs. Brad O’Brien (2-0) Triumph


Caron land a big outside leg kick to kick off the round (lol), O’Brien attempts a takedown but Caron stuffs it and is pressed against the cage for the remainder of round 1, So far a very slow start from both guys just respecting each other’s abilities in the cage.


Caron lands another kick, But O’Brien answers with a spinning back fist, both fighters exchanging blows in the center of the cage and Caron takes O’Brien down, They both seem to have drawn blood from the exchange in the opening minutes, O’Brien attempts an unorthodox triangle and it looks deep, Caron escapes and finishes the round on top, The round is looking pretty even with both fighters landing some hard significant strikes


O’Brien starts of the round aggressive but Caron Tags him and lands a smooth takedown, Caron takes control of the back and sinks in the Rear Naked Choke to get the finish, this guys went to war in this fight both guys came here to get the win

Winner by Rear naked choke at 2:20 of Round 3 Tim Caron, Tim remains undefeated improving to 3-0

That was it for the Amateur portion of tonight’s fights now moving into the ECFC 1 Pro Bantamweight Tournament with the winners of tonight’s bout heading to the finals on September 12th at Lowell Memorial Auditorium

Pro Bantamweight Tournament Fight (135lbs)

Robbie LeRoux (4-3) Clinch vs. Joey Gomez (3-0) Triumph


Gomez starts the round looking really aggressive landing some solid technical shots on LeRoux, LeRoux answers back with a hard leg kick, LeRoux attempts to take Gomez down but he stuffs it getting control of LeRoux back and raining down punches and elbows to get the TKO finish

Winner by TKO strikes at 1:53 of Round 1 Joey Gomez, Joey improves to 4-0 remaining undefeated

Co-Main Event of the evening and Tournament fight

Pro Bantamweight Fight (135lbs.)

Pedro Gonzalez (10-5) Redline vs. Josh Lange (3-1) Bombsquad


Lange starts off with a high kick and quickly gets a takedown, Gonzalez works his way up and returns the favor with a takedown of his own then both fighters scramble against the cage battling for control, Lange lands another takedown and Gonzales yet again gets up and returns the favor, It’s a back and fourth round as both fighters exchange some hard punches and knees, Lange lands a takedown and finishes the round on top, Lange so far is the aggressor landing 3 takedowns and landing the most strikes


Both fighters start of strong exchanging punches, Lange lands yet another takedown and gets the north south position delivering strikes on Gonzalez, Gonzalez manages to shake off Lange after going back and forth on the ground and sinks in a smooth guillotine choke to end the fight.

Winner by Guillotine Choke at 2:56 of round 2 Pedro Gonzalez, Pedro improves to 11-5

So meeting in the Finals of The ECFC Bantamweight Tournament on September 12 will be Joey Gomez vs. Pedro Gonzalez this fight is going to be a war seeing as both fighters came out tonight and made a statement.


Pro Welterweight Fight (170lbs.)

Nick Drummond (5-0) Wai Kru vs. Mike Hurlburt (1-3) Triumph


The round started off a bit slow, But then both fighters came to the center of the cage and traded punches, Drummond getting the better of the exchange before Hurlburt pressed him against the cage, Drummond started landing knees and elbow from the clinch, Hurlburt lands a takedown but scramble back to their feet but Hurlburt lands another takedown and sinks in a Guillotine choke to get the win, WOW this had to be the biggest upset of the night but Mike Hurlburt came to win and did just that

Winner by Guillotine choke at 3:28 of round 1 Mike Hurlburt, Mike gets the upset and improves to 2-3

This was a great first event for East Coast Fighting Championship. They delivered actioned packed mma here tonight making their Debut in Lowell Massachusetts. We are looking forward to future events. The crowd was great, the Japanese drums where cool and the event was full of surprises. The fans went home satisfied for sure, great job ECFC.

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