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Gingras Wins NE TITLE! CES BOXING Results!

Writen by: Tom "Captain America" Evans, Tommy "The Iceman" Venticinque

Rich Gingras (13-4-1) vs Jaime Velazquez (11-6-2)

The Main event for CES Boxing at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, RI featured Richard Gingras taking Jaime Velazquez. This was for the New England Light Heavyweight Title. Rich Gingras TKO’d Jaime Velasquez in the 4th round. The first 3 rounds was like watching Rock’em Sock'em Robots as both fighters seemed content with standing in front of each other and trading punches. Gingras won the exchanged with big left hooks to the body and head of Velazquez.

The fun ended for Velazquez in the 3rd when Gingras turned it up and began to land big power punches in bunches. Gingras started the 4th like he ended the 3rd and really went after Velazquez. Gingras landed a series of punch combinations that had Velazquez on his heels and staggering him back into the corner. Gingras then completed the finish of his opponent Velazquez with a right hand that sent Velazquez almost through the ropes.

Gingras improves to 14-4-1, (9 KO’s) and is crowned the new NE Light Heavyweight Champion.

Thomas Falowo (11-2) vs. Jose Ramirez (11-13)

Thomas Falowo came out and finished his opposition Jose Ramirez in a quick and stunning fashion. This middleweight bout lasted only 1:52 seconds. Falowo dominated the fight with clean technique and nice punch combinations. Falowo landed a straight right hand right on the button of Ramirez that sent Ramirez crashing to the canvas.

Thomas Falowo improves to 12-2 with 8 KO’s

Khiary Gray-Pits (0-0) vs On’Rey Towns (0-4)

Gray-Pitts made his professional boxing debut and scored an impressive win over On’rey Towns. Gray-Pitts showed very nice speed and aggression throughout the fight.

Gray-Pitts KO’D Town in the 3rd round with a lightening fast left right combination.

Jesse Barboza (8-1-1) vs. Jamal Woods (4-11-3)

Jesse Barboza (9-1-1, 5 KO’s) finished the night with a unanimous decision win over Jamal Woods (4-12-3) in a 4 round heavyweight fight. Barboza has come back on the scene and has looked sharp. Is it time for Jesse to step up in competition?

Kevin Cobbs (8-1) vs. Borngod Washington (3-14)

Kevin Cobbs (9-1, 2 KO’s) just 6 days after his most recent win last week at Mohegan Sun in CT, Kevin is back in the ring tonight here at Twin River. Kevin did a great job of utilizing his jab the entire fight. Kevin landed some nice hooks as well during the fight that would eventually put his opponent Borngod Washington (3-15, 1 KO) away. Cobbs landed a fast and short left hook to the head of Washington in the second round that sent him to canvas at 2:28 of the second round.

John Orr (1-3) vs. Donnie Palmer (4-0-1)

CES Boxing started the night in the Heavyweight division. John Orr took on Donnie Palmer. Palmer did a very good job using his jab on the bigger Orr. Orr at times closed the distance and landed some big punches to the body and head. Orr just couldn’t finish Palmer when he did close the distance of Palmer. Palmer landed a right hand that sent Orr canvas at 2:06 of the second round. When a heavyweight falls its HUGE! Palmer improves to 5-0-1 with 5 KO.

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