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Written by: Tom “Captain America” Evans, and Eric “The Dream Catcher” Spicely

Prior to the start of the fights Bellator Heavyweight Tournament Local Josh “The Freight Train” Diekmann enters the cage to entertain roughly 1500 or so Reality Fighting Fans. Josh announces he is fighting right here at Mohegan Sun September 5th for Bellator MMA as a 100K tournament contender. Kipp Kollar the owner of NAGA and REALITY FIGHTING as well as the rings girls also enter the cage and use a t-shirt cannon to shoot free shirts into the crowd. This really gets the fans on their seats before the start of the show.

To begin the night Reality treats the fans to a special feature children’s Exhibition MMA Bout. We have a 9 year old girl taking on a 9 year old boy. Both children were in full MMA Equipment and man was it AWESOME!!!! We had double legs takedowns, arm bar attempts, knees, punches in bunches, head and arm choke attempts and most importantly great sportsmanship showed by both competitors!

AMATEUR Featherweight Fight (145 lbs.)

Dan Dubuque (4-1-0) DCNU vs. Jose Rivera (1-1-0) Kipp’s Basement


Rivera gets a guillotine choke attempt off the cage. Dubuque gets a takedown landing in side control position. Rivera gets a nice sweep to force the stand. Rivera and Dubuque both trade punches to end the round. Rivera gets the better of the exchange landing the more powerful strikes and finishing with a nice knee to the body.


Both fighters exchange good striking combinations. Dubuque secures a double leg takedown against the cage, landing in side control position. Rivera attempts a sweep but Dubuque is able to stay on top in half guard position. Rivera forces a stand as the round ends.


Rivera lands a nice superman punch to start the round. Dubuque drives Rivera to the cage and gets a nice takedown landing in side control. Dubuque lands nice knees to the body controlling Rivera. The knees force Rivera to scramble and Dubuque takes Rivera’s back in the process. Dubuque secures the Rear Naked Choke with 25 seconds left into the round. Rivera does a nice job defending as the round ends. Dubuque’s experience showed in this fight. Great Fight by both guys!

Winner by Judges Decision 29-28 on all 3 scorecards Dan Dubuque, Dan improves to 5-1.

Professional Catch Weight Fight (160 lbs.)

Jarrid Heon (0-0-0) Strikezone/ Team Link vs. Mike Mangan (0-0-0) Team Thunder


Heon comes out flat footed and looking for the takedown. Heon clinches and gets the takedown into half guard position. After a while of top control Heon gets the TKO with short punches from the top.

Winner by TKO Round 1- 4:04 Jarrid Heon. Jarrid Heon wins his Professional Debut and improves to 1-0

Professional Flyweight Fight (125 lbs)

Andy Aiello (1-1-0) Lauzon MMA vs. Dan Cormier (3-3-0) Tri Force MMA


Cormier comes out doing a good job moving and throwing good hand combinations. Both fighters are trying to find the range as they land kicks in some of the exchanges. Aiello comes out flat footed looking to throw bombs. Both fighters exchange in good punch combination to start the first half of the round. Cormier seems to be doing the better of job working his angles and footwork. However Aiello to figure Cormier out and begin to land big shots, that startle Cormier. Aiello lands a nice short left elbow followed by a big right uppercut that drops Dan. The referee jumps in and stops the action.

Winner 3:42 in Round #1 by TKO Andy Aiello. Andy improves to 2-1 as a Professional.

Amateur Featherweight Fight (145 lbs)

BJ Prak- Harambee Boxing vs Mike Placentini- Kipp’s Basement

Round 1

Both fighters come out very aggressive and Placentini gets rocked with some shots to start the round. Placentini gets the takedown and displays very nice Jiu-Jitsu by locking in a triangle choke and then transitions into an arm bar to get the referee stoppage. Harambee showed great heart as he did not tap and forced the referee to intervene.

Winner by Referee Stoppage 2:59 in Round #1 Mike Placentini

AMATEUR Welterweight (170 lbs.)

Kelsey Parker (1-0-0) Team Thunder vs. Andrew Oullette (0-0-0) Dynamic Training Systems


Parker gets the easy takedown right into full mount to start the round. Oullette does a nice job of getting the sweep and landing into guard position. Parker forces a scramble and locks in the D’arce Choke

Winner by D’arce Choke Submission 1:53 Round #1 Kelsey Parker. Kelsey Parker improves to 2-0 as an amateur.

Professional BANTAMWEIGHT FIGHT (135 lbs.)

Johnny Lopez (2-3-0) Underdog BJJ vs. Josh Baker (1-0-0) 161 Boxing


Lopez the south paw comes out looking good landing a nice punch and kick combinations to start the fight. Baker lands good knees to the body and the head as the fighters clinch. Baker does a great job countering a kick thrown by Lopez and landing a straight right hand. Lopez gets the takedown and both fighter scramble. Lopez does a great job diving for a leg lock and then transitioning into a knee bar to force the tap. Very crafty job by Johnny Lopez

Winner by Knee-Bar Submission 2:21 Round #1- Johnny Lopez. Johnny Improves to 3-3 as a Professional.

Professional LIGHTWEIGHT FIGHT (155 lbs.)

Chris Simmons (6-4-0) Strike Zone MMA vs. Manny Torres (2-0-0) Kipps’s Basement


The round begins with Torres coming out trying to stand. Torres starts winging punches that do not even come close. Simmons lands four knees with ending with punch combinations to put Manny away early in the 1st round

Winner by TKO :42 seconds into Round #1 Chris Simmons. Chris improves to 7-4 as a professional.

Amateur Featherweight Fight (145 lbs.)

Andria Wawro- Renzo Gracie Philly vs. Jessy Miele- IMBCT

Round 1

Wawro comes out and lands a big overhand right that drops Miele to the mat. Wawro quickly takes her back and gets the Rear Naked Choke for the finish. Wawro scores the fastest women’s finish in Reality Fighting History

Winner by Rear Naked Choke Submission- :19 seconds into Round #1 Andria Wawro

Professional Catch Weight Fight (160 lbs)

Addison O’Neil (1-1-0) DCNU vs. Charles Lee (1-2-0) Xtreme Couture


Charles Lee coming in from Vegas and fighting out of the prestigious Xtreme Couture camp controlled the first round with 3 takedowns and very good ground control. Addison was on his heals the entire first round.


Lee drives O’Neil to the cage to start the round. O’Neil forces a scramble and forces a stand. O’Neil lands some nice punches off the cage but Lee does a good job grinding it out and keeping pressure on him against the cage. Lee separates briefly and lands some nice right hands to the body and head of O’Neil. Lee goes back to clinching against the cage once again. O’Neil forces separation and shoots for a takedown of his own to end the round. Lee does a good job defending and landing elbows to end the round.


O’Neil comes out throwing big punches as he must know he is down two rounds. Lee is able counter with knees. Lee drives O’Neil into the cage. Lee does a good job separating and landing nice punches to the body and face of O’Neil. O’Neil is hurt and Lee clinches once again. O’Neil in desperation drops and attempts a Knee Bar. It is defended well by Lee and both fighters scramble. Lee lands in the full guard of O.Neil. Referee Dan Miragliotta forces both fighters to stand due to inactivity. Both guys are tired and trade shots to end the fight.

Winner by judge’s decision 30-27, 20-27, 20-36 Charles Lee. Charles Lee improves to 2-2 in his Professional Career.


Jeremy Ross (6-5-0) Team Gladiator vs. Tommy Marcellino (6-2-0) Renzo Gracie Latham


Ross attempts a takedown off the cage and Marcellino reverses it landing in Ross’s guard to begin the round. Ross lands some nice elbows from the bottom off his back. Ross attempts a guillotine off his back which is his specialty and Marcellino does a nice job defending. Ross looks to stand as Marcellino looks to stay on top. Marcellino lands some nice short elbows from the top. Ross is doing his best to defend but these shots are really landing with power now. Ross is bleeding! Marcellino has landed about 10 elbows to the face!! The referee lets the fight go as the round ends. WOW!!!


Round starts with Marcellino getting a nice takedown to being the round. Ross forces the stand but Marcellino is able to bring Ross back down to the mat. It is Ross working off his back once again. The round ends with both fighters working from their respected positions. Marcellino is on top in Ross’s full guard position.


Both fighters come out looking tired. Both fighters exchange in some punches that do not find the mark. Ross drags Marcellino to the matt. Marcellino is on top throwing short punches as Ross is working to get is full guard back. Ross is able to obtain his guard and again it is Marcellino landing small elbows from inside the guard. The referee stands the fighters up due to inactivity. Both fighters go right after each other. Time is stopped momentarily for an illegal blow. Ross gets a takedown landing on top. Marcellino gets a sweep and Ross is forced to pull guard once again. The round ends with Marcellino once again in the guard of Ross.


The round begins with Ross landing some nice right hands. Both fighters exchange and Ross lands a nice uppercut. Marcellino shoots for a takedown but it is defended by Ross. Ross lands a nice right hand once again. Marcellino attempts a takedown and it is defended by Ross once again. Ross sprawls and grabs a guillotine choke attempt jumping guardt. Marcellino defends once again. That was close! Marcellino is now once again in the guard of Ross and beings to land short punches from the guard. The round comes to an end.


The round begins with Ross leading the dance throwing punch combinations however they miss. Both fighters are tired but it is Ross pushing forward. Both fighters are no longer throwing combinations at this point. Both fighter’s punches and kicks are missing. Marcellino attempts a kick and falls, Ross lets him back up. Both fighters exchange again this time Marcellino lands a nice right hand. Again both guys begin landing one shot strikes, and again nothing really lands. Marcellino attempts a takedown but it is defended by Ross. 30 seconds left and both fighters are circling the cage. The round ends with a flurry of punches from Ross but Marcellino shoots under the punches again looking for a takedown as Ross scrambles and throws short shots to end the fight.

Winner by Judges Decision 49-45 and 50-45 Tommy Marcellino who improves to 7-2 and is crowned the NEW Lightweight Reality Champion

Reality will be back in January of Next Year at the beautiful Mohegan Sun Casino.

Regional Fight Sports Fight Night Awards:

Fight of the Night:

Jeremy Ross (6-5-0) Team Gladiator vs. Tommy Marcellino (6-2-0) Renzo Gracie Latham

Submission of the Night:

Winner by Knee-Bar Submission 2:21 Round #1- Johnny Lopez. Johnny Improves to 3-3 as a Professional.

KO of the Night:

Winner 3:42 in Round #1 by TKO Andy Aiello. Andy improves to 2-1 as a Professional

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