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Regional Fight Sports

Written by Tom "Captain America" Evans

As the saying goes “something’s are just out of your control,” and for CES MMA matchmaker Pat Sullivan and the CES MMA promotion that was the unfortunate story of the evening. Two Headline CES MMA stars Andre “The Asian Sensation” Soukhamthath and Josh “The Freight Train” Diekmann who was injured at work the week of the fight did not get the opportunity to compete. As we breakdown the official fight card of the night we will inform you the readers the details.

However, the fights that did take place where spectacular as we witnessed once again a CES MMA Highlight real KO. This time from CES MMA Featherweight Champion Rob Font that will sure be talked about as candidate for Knockout of the year. We also witnessed the dangerous submission game of Eric “The Dream Catcher” Spicely, and a display of warrior’s spirit from Brandon Chagnon.

On to the scheduled fight card:

Lightweights (155 lbs.) 3 X 5 minute rounds.

Bobby Flynn 4-1 (Pro Elite Training Center) vs. Tundee Odumuso 2-2 (New England Combat)

Unfortunately this fight did not happen as the doctor pulled Tundee from the card the day of the fight during the Pre-Fight medical examination due to high blood pressure. What is really sad for Bobby Flynn is that he did not get to showcase his skills considering Tundee missed weight by 22lbs, the day before! YES 22 lbs.! Bobby did not care about weight and took the fight regardless.

Middleweights (185 lbs.) 3 X 5 minute rounds

Brandon Chagnon 4-4 (Sityodtong) vs. Ralph Johnson 6-10 (Team Johnson)

Winner by Rear Naked Choke submission 2:26 into round #2- Brandon “The Warlock” Chagnon.

This fight was very exciting as Ralph dropped and stunned the very gritty Brandon Chagnon numerous times in the first round with his very long knee strikes. At one point Brandon fell and Ralph was on top working his ground and pound, but the durable Brandon Chagnon survived. In the second round after badly losing the previous round Brandon was able to take Ralph down and take his back to secure the submission.

Featherweights (145 lbs.) 3 X 5 minute rounds

Peter Rodgers 0-1 (RAM) vs. Franklin Isabel 4-6 (Wai Kru)

Winner by TKO 2:39 into round #1- Pete “The Heat” Rodgers.

Franklin was very overwhelmed by the striking of Pete to start the round. Franklin did a good job however working off his back and attempting a triangle choke submission and arm bar submission early into the first round. However, once Pete was able to defend and get to his feet he threw a SWEEEET Sidekick to the sternum of Franklin that sealed the deal.

Bantamweights (135 lbs.) 3 X 5 minute rounds

Rico Disciullo 1-0 (Sityodtong) vs. Jordan Espinosa 4-6 (Demolition Fight Team)

Winner by Judges unanimous decision 29-26, 29-27,29-26- Rico Disciullo

CES MMA does a great job of bringing in non-local fighters to fight our top guys. Jordan came all the way from Findlay, Ohio and boy did he put up a fight. As always Rico was picked to win fast and early however Jordan did a good job using his wrestling to get takedowns and push the action. Rico lost the first round due to a point deduction when he accidentally kneed his downed opponent. Rico did a good job of staying composed and not letting it affect him as he executed a very well sprawl and brawl game for the following two rounds to secure the victory.

Cruiserweights (225 lbs.) 3 X 5 minute rounds

Eric Bedard 6-4 (Tri-Force MMA) vs. Matthew Thompson 18-9 (Nexus Martial Arts)

Winner by guillotine choke submission 2:39 round #2- Matthew Thompson

Not many people knew much about Matthew Thompson regionally until last Friday night. Matthew just put himself on the map by knocking of a very tough and durable Eric Bedard who was coming off a huge KO victory over former #1 heavyweight Tyler King. We did some research and found out Matthew Thompson was 8-1 and on a 4 fight win streak before entering this bout which was not talked about much. Eric Bedard did a very good job as he won round #1 with takedowns, dirty boxing and control. During the round however Matthew who is around 6’6 did a good job using his jab to frustrate the power punching Bedard. When round #2 started Matthew began to push the action and use his very tall frame to secure the choke and get the finish.

Bantamweights (135 lbs.) 3 X 5 minute rounds

Tateki Matsuda 8-5 (Sityodtong) vs. Matt Doherty 3-0 (Redline Fight Sports)

Winner by Judges unanimous decision 29-28, 30-27,30-26- Tateki “Tech” Matsuda

Matt Doherty went out and asked CES MMA for a top 5 guy and that is what he got in the former #1 Bantamweight Tateki Matsuda. This fight was very interesting especially after we found out Matt Doherty broke his hand in the first round. The first round in which we saw Matt winning against the experienced veteran using his boxing and aggression had everyone in the crowd very interested in how this one was going to turn out. However, Tateki came out for the second and third and used his wrestling/ jiu-jitsu to control the very tough Matt Doherty for the remainder of the fight and secure the hard fought victory. This was a huge win for the former Ultimate Fighter veteran Tateki Matsuda as he was coming off two split decision losses.

Welterweights (170 lbs.) 3 X 5 minute rounds

Eric Spicely 3-0 (TBBJJ/ Tri-Force MMA) vs. David Jordan 1-2 (Beastman MMA)

Winner by guillotine submission 2:38 round 1- Eric “The Dream Catcher” Spicely

Eric was scheduled to fight Nuri Shakir however Nuri pulled out the week of the fight due to a death in his family. CES MMA did a great job in finding a quick replacement as they were able to bring in Las Vegas, Nevada’s David Jordan. The fight started with David being the aggressor throwing kicks. David landed a good Front kick the chest of Eric Spicely that seemed to wake him up. Eric immediately (not throwing a single punch) took David down to the mat and finished him with a very impressive high level Guillotine Choke submission.

Bantamweights (135 lbs.) 3 X 5 minute rounds

Andre Soukhamthath 7-2 (Blackzillians) vs. Joshua Killion 10-4 (Demolition Fight Team)

It was announced that before the fights started Joshua was arrested by RI state police on an assault warrant from his home state of Ohio. This was a very low point in the fights as Andre who now lives in Florida and trains with the Blackzillians was coming home to possibly secure another victory in his home state in front of his beloved family and friends. They did annouce that Andre will be back in the CES MMA Cage in June.

Featherweights (145 lbs.) 3 X 5 minute rounds.

Rob Font 9-1(Sityodtong) vs. Tristan Johnson 8-4 (Fit Plus)

Winner by KO 2:49 round #1- “Cool” Rob Font

Rob Font came into this fight on an 8 fight win streak. He has single handedly run through the regional featherweight division and after this fight should be headed to the SHOW! CES MMA brought in Nova Scotia, Canada’s Tristan Johnson to fight the CES MMA featherweight champion. The fight started and it was surprisingly Tristan who was using his range to land strikes on the champion. However once Rob got his grips on the fight he landed one of the biggest KO’s of the 2014 Regional MMA campaign with an overhand right punch. Once the punch landed Tristan was out on his feet as he caved to the mat. Referee Kevin MacDonald did a good job of being in the right place before the damage got worse. Rob Font with one punch just reminded the Northeast that he is #1 in the region for a reason.

Regional Fight Sports Awards:

Fight of the Night:

Rico Disciullo vs. Jordan Espinosa

KO of the Night:

Rob Font’s KO over Tristan Johnson

Submission of the Night:

Eric “The Dream Catcher” Spicely- Guillotine Choke 2:38 Round #1

Walkout song of the Night:

Eric “The Dream Catcher” Spicely

The Clash

“Train in Vain”

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