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Combat Zone 48 Review

Combat Zone 48, Salem, NH, April 4th, 2014

Regional Fight Sports

Of all of the Combat Zone competitions, this one has to be claimed as the closest matched amongst competitors and their official ammy, pro records. Tonight there are no fights over 185lbs, and despite an early 15 fight total card, CZ48 has been knocked down to 11, still including a featherweight title bout between Pilla/De Sousa . Fighters are coming in as far north as Bangor, Maine as far West at Watertown, NY, and as far south as Acton, Mass.

135 lbs. Bantamweight

Carl Langston (1-3) vs David Bradbury, (1-0)

Langston fights out of Windham, Maine, Balance ground MMA And Bradbury, Is an Independent fighter. Carl is first out fighting out of the red corner tonight, calm, cool and collected as he makes his way into the cage. At 135, his physique in over-proportioned with sculpted muscle and energy.

Thoughts: David Bradbury, comes in the shorter fighter, at roughly 5'6", perhaps the shorter to Langston by 3", so the reach advantage clearly goes to Langston. Bradbury comes in with a small uncut frame for this fight, yet again, looking relaxed and prepared for battle.

Round 1.

Early in the round the fighters spent no time in the feel out process as Bradbury gets Langston on the ground in top mount and holds him using a single arm guillotine, Langston works out of the hold and delivers some great crisp body shots. Round 1's last 90 seconds ends in a stalemate on the ground with Langston on top, working hard shots on DB's body.

Round 2.

This fight, even though it’s amateur, is NO shin guards. Langston moves well and is giving DB difficulty in gauging his range Bradbury has thrown several punch and kicks that were a full foot off the mark. A Great knee delivered by Langston on DB, results in a quick single leg takedown by Langston. Langston remains on top and pulls full mount, landing some great rights and lefts prior to DB reversing the mount, ending up in half guard. Langston has little trouble reversing DB back onto his back, making him pull guard, while Langston then quickly moves to side control. Langston leads DB’s left arm to the side of his face and locks in his submission attempt that makes DB tap quickly with a tight head and arm triangle.

Fight ends in Round 2 at 2:42.

135 lbs. Bantamweight

Alec Wilson fighting out of Wai Kru, against Jordan Yantin, Untamed MMA, 0-0/0-2.Coming out first is Wilson, a thin framed 135, is in his debut fight. Rocking Red and Black Venom shorts, he's got springs in his feet. You can see his excitement.Next up, Jordan Yantin, searching for his first win in his 3rd fight of his career. Jordan’s custom shorts are black and white, sport a black belt like BJ Penn used to wear in the UFC. Yantin, with a well cut physique is seemingly prepared for battle.

Round 1.

Starts with a missed kick early by Wilson. Jordan weathers a quick storm that bounces both fighters into the cage. These two are swinging for the fences, but landing only every couple punches with precision. Jordan looks for a takedown and succeeds, but Wilson rolls right into a guillotine choke from guard, then reverses to top mount to finish the guillotine choke!!! Alec Wilson ends the night with many hugs from his corner in happiness. Great Jitz shown from the up and comer Alec Wilson

Winner Round 1 1:33 tap out from guillotine. Alec Wilson

170 lbs. Welterweight

Tim Loughran, Mass BJJ, 1-0 vs, Corey Bowhall, Chainsaw Army, 1-2. Tim Loughran was initially pegged to compete against Roger Williams but is fighting against Corey Bowhall., who was scheduled to fight Claudio Rene, another scratch for this evening.Walking out first fighting out of the red corner is Tim Loughran, at 170 lbs he looks much thicker, at around 5'10". Wearing Vale Tudo Hayabusa fight shorts. Corey Bowhall, walks into some 5 finger death punch's "Bad Company", an obvious crowd favorite and also his fighter nickname. Bowhall is super thick in his chest and his arms rival most light heavyweight sized fighters.

Round 1.

Both fighters are long limbed and come out fast with kicks for each to the body. Bowhall misses a high kick, slips and ends up on his back to an oncoming Tim forcing Corey to pull guard. Corey is attempting to sink in the guillotine from the guard. He’s got it with just a couple of small adjustments he should get the tap out and succeeds after some quick fast thinking.: 50 seconds of the first round. SUBMISSIONS seem to be the way the fighters are looking to finish tonight!!!!

185 lbs. Middleweight

Jon Ryan Team Triumph, 0-0, Kristian Lombardi Team Fury, 0-3. Jon Ryan comes into the blue corner sporting a well shaved head and thick beard, seemingly uncut physique hasn't had a fight that has lasted past the first round in 3 previous fights. Little do most people know, that Jon Ryan is team Triumphs Muay Thai coach. Kristian comes into the cage with the look of anticipation! Kristian is a powerful looking 185, possibly weighing in the low 200's as he walks into the ring, sculpted for war.,

Round 1

After some quick landed strikes by both fighters and a brief stint on the ground, both fighters regain their feet. Kristian swings for the fences and loses his balance, enabling Jon to take his back quickly, sinking the hooks in and finishing the helpless Lombardi in 1:15 of the first round via Rear Naked Choke. It was literally that fast of a fight! Anyone whom may have blinked may have missed the entire match!

145 lbs. Featherweight

Danny Lynch, Team Pitbull, 1-0 versus Danny Abad, Chainsaw Army 1-2. Danny Abad, comes in a smaller 145 while Lynch has a much heavier upper body and thicker quads. Abad Blue Trunks, Lynch black trunks.

Round 1.

Lynch offers up a glove touch to Abad, but Abad wouldn’t have it! So we can say the respect for each other is totally out the window. Abad has a distinct attitude as he waves his hands out to his sides in the air as to say to Lynch "What’s up, is that all you got"?, during a quick exchange that the pair induced onto one another with little damage being created. Lynch tightens in a body lock from the back of Abad as he creates a great takedown that results in Lynch taking guard against Abad. While on the ground, Lynch is looking for a head and arm choke. They stand up in a position switch that lands Abad in the rear mount and is beginning to land strikes to the sides of the head of Lynch. Abad moves to an inverted arm bar in the final seconds that Lynch tapped to in LITERALLY the final 1/2 second of the first round!!!! WOW! Danny Abad backs up his attitude with a nice submission!

145 lb. Featherweight

Michael Fagan, IntenZe MMA, 0-0, Josh Harvey, 0-0, Youngs MMA

Harvey comes all the way from Bangor, Maine for this fight.Fagan comes into this fight with a large fan base and a lot of support here at Rockingham Park.

Round 1.

This fight is initially a stand up battle, Harvey looks for a takedown but is quickly stuffed. Fagan favors the outside Thai kick, as Harvey snags a quick takedown...Harvey sends a flurry of punches that don't effect Fagan, yet Fagan is bleeding under and around his right eye. Harvey takes Fagan down via double leg. Harvey is in half guard and hits Fagan with a flurry of left handed strikes, and pushes down on the neck of Fagan with his forearm. Round 1 ends with Harvey continuing to exploit Fagan with left hooks to the ribs!

Round 2 starts with yet again a plethora of strikes by each fighter. Harvey takes down Fagan in a rather lack luster takedown ending up in Fagan’s guard. A minute goes by with Harvey in Fagan’s guard. Harvey body slams Fagan with two short bursts from about a foot off the ground Both fighters end up on their feet as the round ends.

Round 3.

Harvey is clearly the fresher fighter. As some loose leg kicks are missed by both fighters, Harvey takes down Fagan and ends up in his guard, again, and a guard stall is occurring against the cage, the ref warns them once. Harvey is stacking Fagan up in the guard, but Fagan won't relinquish the guard. The round is half over and the fighters remain in the same position. Harvey sits up and finally starts to drop bombs as the fight ends. A decision win for Josh Harvey. All judges 30-27 unanimous decision! due to the great amount of takedowns Josh Harvey’s part.

145 lbs. Featherweight

Aaron Lacey, Young’s MMA, 3-0, versus Matt Tullos of Connors MMA, 5-0 Aaron Lacey comes here tonight out of Bangor, Maine, and someone's perfect record WILL BE tarnished tonight, as both fighters look to be in great spirits and hyped to fight at CZ48. Lacey is the larger of the 145 lb. fighters tonight not so much in size as length, super long legs and arms. Tullos is the obvious crowd favorite.

Round 1

Both fighters engage to take one another down quickly, jockeying for dominant position. Matt succeeds with a single leg sweep that puts him in side control and then transitions perfectly to rear mount with some sick hooks. Lacey evades and both stand up against the cage, Tullos again looking for the single leg takedown. Tullos finally let’s go and continues to hand battle for dominant position on the feet. While hand fighting for position, Lacey falls down in an apparent trip from Tullos, and takes a few quick hammer fists as the bell rings in the end of round 1.

Round 2

Tullos takes down Lacey almost immediately and ends up in Lacey’s open guard. Tullos pushes them both away from the cage towards the center. Lacey attempts and successfully fights to his feet as Tullos takes a body lock from the back and now from the side. In the standing position and AGAIN, Tullos takes Lacey down into side control and then to mount which Lacey quickly slides his leg back into half guard from the bottom. With: 30 seconds to go. Tullos looks for an arm in guillotine in the final seconds, to no avail.

Round 3.

Both fighters come out swinging, as Tullos continues to go for the single leg takedown, succeeding and then falling into half guard. Tullos drops a quick elbow to Lacey’s body that resonates a thunderous sound into the crowd. Tullos jumps a quick guard pass to go to Laceys' side control, in which both fighters stand up. Lacey again gets taken down by Tullos who ends up in side control to half guard thanks to the fast legs of Lacey. Lacey will not relinquish the half guard as the final 10 seconds come to a close on this fight, where Matt Tullos raises his hands in victory, if only for accomplishing the most takedowns. This very non dramatic matchup sees the Judge’s decision 30-27 across the board for Matt Tullos.

170 lbs Welterweight

JT Harold, 170 Team Pitbull, 3-1, Brett Trehan, BTMMA, 9-2 Even though the lopsided records favor the quick handed Trehan, JT Harold, Is an all-out BEAST! JT, is an obvious crowd favorite.

Round 1.The fight starts with some stalking and then to Brett taking a mean single leg takedown., JT reverses with a hip escape to Trehan’s half guard, Brett returns the favor with a sweep to get into JT's half guard control and then to full mount, where JT reverses and rolls to mount and starts dropping bombs on Brett JT then stacks Trehan in a tangled array of each other’s legs.. JT has the clear position for strikes and settles on top in a great base from Trehans' half guard and delivers 6 straight bombs to Trehans head, encouraging the referee to put a halt to the fight. The sweeps in this match were technical and involved some of the fastest position passing I’ve ever witnessed in an amateur matchup. JT Harold gets the win

PRO 185 lbs Middleweight

Cheyenne Vasquez, IntenZe MMA 2-0, Eddie Brito, Team Fury, 3-5

Cheyenne is now fighting out of Sityondong in Boston as Mark Delagrotte walks out with him. Cheyenne’s eyes almost clear the top of the cage, standing close to 6'4", whereas Eddie stands close to 5'8". Cheyenne starts with some quick front kicks as Brito goes in for a double leg takedown that crush the two into the cage. Brito looks for that single leg while Cheyenne sinks in a guillotine from his feet. Brito escapes, body locking Cheyenne into the cage. Cheyenne reverses and gets Brito into a double leg takedown, where both fall to the canvas with Cheyenne in side control. Cheyenne is smothering Brito with massive amounts of punches and elbows. The constant fury is only defended briefly as the ref comes in quickly to stop Cheyenne from completely ruining Brito's night. TKO via Strikes in 2:10. Cheyenne Vasquez

145 lbs. Featherweight Title Fight

Jake Pilla, fighting out of Wai Kru, 2-0, vs. Paulo Alves De Sousa, BMAC, 2-0

Jake Pilla comes out to a huge ovation from the Wai Kru heavy crowd, nicknamed the Gorilla, at 145 lbs you may think it's an oxymoron, but to watch this young fighter move, if he's as strong as he is mobile, this is going to be an intense fight. Sousa is no slouch either. Anyone coming out of BMAC comes with the highest conditioning and attitude for victory. This is for the first ever combat zone featherweight championship.

Round 1

Pilla gets a quick front kick to the stomach of De Sousa and a takedown not once but TWICE in the initial 15 seconds of the match. De Sousa stands up from these takedowns rather easily and Pilla decides he’s already had enough and quickly throws on the “arm in” guillotine submission, which after fully locking in the submission, CHOKES OUT De Sousa in rapid fashion. WOW. Submission of the night nominee for sure as the entire Rockingham Park crowd goes insane with applause!!!! All it took was: 43 seconds to go from a 2-0 ranked fighter to 3-0 Combat Zones first featherweight champion, Jake "The Gorilla" Pilla!

Pro 155lb

Mervin Rodriguez, Renzo Gracie, 155, 5-7, Brent Kinberger, Team Link,

5-3. The final fight of the night is the Pro fight main event.

Round 1.

A short feel out process in the middle of the cage finds Mervin throwing strikes that aren’t' landing. Mervin begins bobbing and moving in a rather odd set of positions, with his head low to the ground. Brent sticks Mervin in the cage and delivers some good knees to the body, which are partially blocked as they scramble around the cage with Brent having Mervin in a front body lock. Brent breaks off out of the body lock as they both continue to gain the close ranged striking advantage. A perfectly timed OSOTO GARI (hip throw) by Kinberger lands Mervin harshly onto his side on the cage floor, and putting Brent in dominant back mount position. Mervin rolls out only to be put into a triangle submission by Brent. They dog fight for position with Mervin escaping the not so tight triangle attempt and Brent settles into the back mount position behind Mervin, consistently working for the body triangle and rear naked choke. Brent locks in a rear naked choke, only to be denied by the heart of Mervin. Mervin barrel rolls defensively from being back mounted to Brent’s guard to finish the round. Mervin appears comfortable in between this round, as Brent is breathing heavy and covered in sweat early.

Round 2.

Starts with Mervin landing 3 straight kicks to the left ribs, right leg and top of the right side of the head of Brent, without Brent countering in any way. Brent may have exhausted himself in the earlier round as Mervin lands another head kick that is partially blocked. 2:33 into the round and Brent finally engages. Mervin botches a hip throw to end up on the cage floor in the bottom position and in half guard with Brent on top, attempting to gain space for elbow strikes. Brent gets full back mount with hooks set in deep and transitions into a body triangle to finish a short choke after a denied rear naked choke. Mervin has great submission defense. : 90 seconds left and Kinberger remains with the back of Mervin, with no submission in sight due to Mervin’s defensive positioning. The bell rings the end of round 2 with Mervin successfully fighting off a barrage of submission attempts from Brent.

Round 3.

This final round finds both fighters tired, yet throwing strikes in hopes of landing that shot that will send the other down to the canvas. Mervin’s continued attempts at jabbing the thigh of Brent throughout the fight have all ended unsuccessful.Brent again, crowds Mervin into the cage and engages in knee strikes to the legs and then again to a body lock that results in a takedown into full mount against Mervin. Brent can't seem to set his hooks and rolls into turtle control back to a half guard by Mervin. And then back to full mount then again back to half guard. This match is a Jiu Jitsu practitioners dream for sweeps and reversals! Mervin refuses to be submitted. Brent sinks in a head and arm choke from top position followed in by some heavy knees to the legs. The round ends with Brent on Mervin’s back throwing 8 straight right hands to the left side of Mervin’s face prior to the bell ringing. A great technical battle on both sides, however the Judges awarded this fight via unanimous decision 30-27 in favor of Kinberger!

Written By: Adam Sawyer

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