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Lion Fight 56 Results

June 9, 2019

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Lion Fight 56 Results

June 9, 2019

                                                                                  Amateur Bouts

Light Heavyweight 170lbs (3X2 Rounds)

Dominco Mcintosh (Washington D.C. vs. Rob Ovalle (Boston, MA)


Both fighters fought to the nail, the outcome was a split decision. Great amateur battle!


Rob Ovalle defeats Dominico Mcintosh by split decision to start off #LF56


Heavyweight 215lbs (3X2 Rounds)

Zeal McGrew (Holbrook, MA. vs. Chris Lapriore (Worcester, MA)


Again both fighters worked for all 3 rounds!


Chris Lapriore defeats Zeal Mcgrew by Split Decision at #LF56


Light Heavyweight 170lbs (3X2 Rounds)

Nahom Demissie (Washington D.C) vs. Flavio Brito (Boston, MA)


This fight was a very well matched Muay Thai bout by two very skilled high level amateur fighters!


Nahom Demissie Defeats Flavio Brito by Unanimous Decision at #LF56


Super Middleweight 167lbs (3X2 Rounds)

Elvin Johnson (Boston, MA) vs. Aaron Ortiz (Worcester, MA)


This fight was amazing, two New England USA Ranked Nak Muay battling to see who was he to dog! Both should be proud!


Aaron Ortiz defeats Elvin Johnson by Unanimous Decision at #LF56



                                                                                         Professional Bouts

Middleweight 157 lbs (5X3 Rounds)

Cody Laskar 2-0 (Ottawa, Canada). vs. Chase Walden 3-2 (Virginia Beach, VA)


Both Professional fighters came in with a game plan and it was Cody that utilizes his clinch game to seal the deal in this action packed Pro Prelim bout! Cody walked forward with strong hands and knees to unarm the much taller opponent.  


Cody Laskar 3-0 defeats Chase Walden by Unanimous Decision at #LF56


Televised on CBS SPORTS 8pm ET 


Super Cruiserweight 210 lbs (5X3 Rounds)

Tafon Nchukwi Pro Debut (Hyattsville, MD). vs. Doug Holland 2-0 (Providence, RI)


The heavy handed Tafon Nchukwi sure made this bout a interesting one. Tafon was the larger man however Doug was able to use his kickboxing pedigree to just stay out of harms way of the heavy slugging opponent from Maryland. It was Tafon however who scored nice sweeps and landed the more damaging blows that scored him the victory.  This was a very close bout in could have been even numerous rounds



48-47 49-49 50-45 Winner by Unanimous Decision Tafon Nchukwi (1-0)


Super Featherweight 130lbs (5X3 Rounds)

Joseph Mueller 6-2 (West Palm Beach, FL) vs. Michael Triana 5-1 (Worcester, MA)


Michael Triana started slow but once he found his range he began to punish his opponent in the later rounds. Round 4 specifically was a onslaught of elbows, sweeps, and knockdowns. Much credit to Joesph, he is a tough fighter with a amazing heart, good skill and would not be finished. But it was the Iron Boy that landed the hammer. Great display of Professional Muay Thai here in the North East!


48-45 Winner by Unanimous Decision Michael Triana (6-1)


                                                 Co-Main Event- Lion Fight North American Lightweight Title 135lbs 

Ricardo Cruz 42-11-1 (Mexico City, Mexico)  vs. (C) Amine Bellafrikh 11-3 (Sterling, VA)


The fast hand and explosive Amine Bellafrikh pushed a good pace against his more experienced and taller opponent hailing from Mexico City.  Both fighters worked hard in key areas. In the 3rd round  Ricardo Cruz opened a nice cut with a elbow strike and continued to work that cut the remaining round. The heart of the champion showed in round 4 has Amine came back out and pushed the pace with great body kicks and a mixture of good Muay Thai skill. The last round again it was the champions kicking attack mixed with good hands that kept Ricardo on his back foot.



 49-46, 50-45 Winner by Unanimous Decision (C) Amine Bellafrikh (12-3)



                                                 Main Event- Lion Fight World Cruiserweight Title 185lbs 

Kongjak Po Baoin 160-72-8 (Bangkok, Thailand) vs. (C) Chip Moraza-Pollard 10-0 (Plymouth, MA)


Here we go!!! This is the big one!! Can our New England undefeated champion keep his belt by beating a Muay Thai Multiple Thailand Stadium Champion? 


Round one Chip does a great job evading, jabbing and making the Champion Thai fighter miss with his attacks. This was a very impressive round 1 for the champion.  The western boxing has the Thai champion on his toes in the early rounds, however Kongjak is landing good body kicks and has won the first clinch exchange. After round 2 our champion is ahead. Round 3 Kongjak begins to push the pace and land some very nice elbows and crafty knees in the clinch. The champion ends the round on a good note by finishing it with a head kick that lands nicely across the skull of Kongjak. Chip controls round 4 with his jab and elusive movement. Round 5 the champion takes some punishment but regains control to end the round.


The Surgeon has done it !!!  This is a amazing accomplishment #andstill Lion Fight World Cruiserweight Champion!!! Congratulations Champ!!! We have one of the soon to be greatest living American Muay Thai champion here in New England! 


 50-45, 48-47, 49-46 Winner by Split Decision (C) Chip Moraza-Pollard (11-0)













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