Mike Scaramuzzo

Excutive Vice President of Media Operations   


Mike Scaramuzzo has been involved in martial arts for the past 28 years.  He has obtained his black belt in Nick Cerio's Kenpo Karate.  Mike has competed in several martial arts tournaments and venues not only as a competitor but as a judge.


Mike is a 14 year veteran of the North Providence Police Department holding the rank of Lieutenant. He is also one of the Use of Force instructors for the Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy.  Mike holds a BS in Kinesiology with a MS in Sports Medicine.  Mike is currently enrolled at Roger Williams University in hopes to obtain his Bachelor's in Administrative Justice.  However Mike's greatest accomplishments are his two little girls which he is so proud of , Isabella Marie and Luica Assunta.


Mike is still currently very involved with Martial arts and MMA.  Mike has worked with the likes of several well known martial artists ranging from Peter Manfredo Sr. to the CES heavy weight champ Greg Rebello.  Mike likes to stay involved and active working at well known gyms like Tri Force MMA and Team United.  Mike has a passion for commentating and loves to call the fights as he sees them.  He loves to bring the fans live, raw, uncut  exciting action.    

Steven Domenico 

Senior Media Director 


For simply the passion that I have for all category of fighters, I do a lot of writing, blogging, posting, commenting, liking, sharing, and all other ways I can give some extra shine to fighters and organizations.

I am someone who can help guide you in finding the right gym to train at, promotion to fight for, or restaurant to eat at in the New England area.

I’ll get to know you by taking a good look at not only your fighting achievements but by learning who you are when you take the gloves off. To help fans & sponsors further understand the struggle outside on the journey to the fight.

I am making the most of all of my opportunities as I travel my ambitious journey to help the fighters who step in the ring, on the mat or within a cage get the exposure and notoriety they deserve.

Thank you to all who have joined the Domenico101MMA group on FaceBook, continue to contribute with your shares so we can get as much buzz of the New England fight community going as well as show love to our national, and international fight superstars.

Please feel free to friend me on Facebook so we can chat! Peace my friends and stay tuned for more to come soon from Domenico101MMA and “Ambassador to Fighters”



 Student Interns

Students can use our organization as a subject to a Senior Seminar

(a rigorous and professionally minded class necessary for graduation).


Aleta Thomas
Muay Thai Division

School: Lesley University 

Major: African American History 


Martial Arts Blurb:

I never intended to be a fighter I just walked into the gym and I just fell in love with the challenge and the process of refining my art that I can call my own. 


550 Branch Ave, Providence, RI 02904 E-mail: scholar@rfscholarships.org Tel: 401-749-8248